LifeAfter Chapter 3 Walkthrough:(New Journey) Full Walkthrough

LifeAfter Chapter 3 New Area WalkthroughLifeAfter: Newbie Quests Chapter 3(New Journey) Walkthrough to all the quests; Mystic Creature, Rebel Mercenaries, Miska University, and more

In today’s post, we have shared the Walkthrough to all the quests featured in LifeAfter Chapter 3: Newbie Quests Chapter 3(New Journey). We’ve already shared the tutorial and first two chapters(complete walkthrough in our old posts). Here are the links to those posts: –

LifeAfter Chapter 3 Walkthrough⇓

  1. Reinforce Manor
  2. New Area
  3. Upgrade Weapons
  4. Battle Upgrade
  5. Stronghold

LifeAfter Chapter 3 Walkthrough: Part 1 – Reinforce Manor

Quest 1.) Upgrade your talents to improve your abilities in all ways!(Reach level 10 in all the abilities). 

⇒In this quest, you have to reach level 10 in all the character abilities; gathering, crafting, and combat. We would recommend you to complete the autumn forest quests and participate in the events to reach this target quickly. Events – You can check the events by tapping the daily option at the top-right side of the game screen. Other than events, quests, you can earn gathering points by farming resources(gather wood, stone, hemp, plant root, vines, and more). Combat Points – Earn by killing high-level zombies. Tap the mini-map and find difficulty area. There you will find high-level zombies. Crafting – For crafting, we would not recommend you anything except completing the quests, events, and general training/cohabitation.

Quest 2.) Reach Manor Level 3

To reach manor level 2, you need wooden boards, brick, and pig iron. Wooden Board – You can craft this item using the material bench(material bench -> craft -> workable). Brick – You can craft brick using the same facility(material bench). For brick, you need stones, bones, and lime. Bones can be obtained by killing infected backpackers, normal zombies, and by hunting animals. We have created a separate post to get the lime. You can read it here. Or buy lime from the furniture store. Pig Iron – Craft it using the gear workstation.

Quest 3.) Make Livestock Pen

Using the material bench, the player can craft this livestock pen. It is used to raise animals in the farmland. You can buy pig, cow, ship, and more animals from the merchant. By default, after completing the last quest in chapter 2 of LifeAfter, you get a Pig.

Quest 4.) Place The Livestock Pen and Raise 1 Piglet

Once the Livestock Pen is ready, claim it from the material bench slot. After that, visit your farmland(explore near your manor, you will find it). If there are some stones or bushes, remove them by spending gold bars. Once you are in farmland, tap the build option -> rear -> livestock pen. Go close to the livestock pen -> raise. Pig produces meat, the cow produces milk. And, sheep! Wait, we have not raised this animal yet! Sorry!

Quest 5.) Find Jessica, Choose A Cert

Visit 101 and enter the commerce bureau(tap the mini-map -> go to (i) mark location). Go upstairs and in one of the rooms, you will find her. If you are in a camp, you can interact with her in the camp hall. Talk to her and there you will have to choose a cert. LifeAfter game features nine certs and allows you to select one of these nine certs.

  1. Lumberjack
  2. Miner
  3. Hemp Picker
  4. Firearms Maker
  5. Armorer
  6. Furniture Maker
  7. Rifleman
  8. Sniper
  9. Warrior

Best Cert In LifeAfter Game?

First, let’s learn about all: –

Lumberjack -> If you choose this cert, your logging speed, critical hit chances, and secondary resources drop rate will increase. Also, you will be able to cut the stumps and olives. Exclusive Resource – Broadleaf.

Miner -> If you choose this cert, you will get benefit in gathering iron ore, tin ore, aluminum ore, and copper ore. Also, the critical hit chances, secondary resources drop rate from the rocks will increase. Exclusive Resource – Silicon.

Hemp Picker -> Hemp Picker is another one of the nine certs in LifeAfter game. If you choose this, you will be able to gather mutant hemp. Also, the chances of getting secondary resources from the hemp will increase. Secondary resources include hemp bast, plant root, and more. Exclusive Resource – Jute Stem

Firearms Maker -> Firearms maker is one of the best certs in LifeAfter game. Also, known as Gun Maker, it grants a special buff that reduces the sturdiness loss. Additionally, it also unlocks Molotov formula, UMP9 skin(collector) + Ammo will increase.

Armorer -> As firearms maker cert reduces the sturdiness loss on the gun, this one reduces the sturdiness loss on armor. Exclusive Stuff – Level 4 backpack, leather, punk jacket.

Furniture Maker -> If you choose this cert, you will get buffs such as extra production on some items, +5% chances to get the new dollar from the wilderness chests.

Rifleman -> It increases the damage when using AR, SMG, Shotgun. Other benefits – Extra loot by killing enemies, slows down the enemy upon AR/SMG/SG shot.

Sniper -> Choose this if you use snipers. If you use the snipers, it will increase the damage and provide many buffs; extra loot, debuffs on enemies.

Warrior -> If you choose this cert, you will get 0-3 extra slots in the bag upon killing an enemy player and many benefits; energy efficient, reduction in damage taken, HP up upon consuming meat.

These are the nine certs in LifeAfter that you can choose to get special benefits. You have to choose it wisely. You can reset it, but it will cost you the premium in-game currency; FED credits.

What’s the best cert? Well, every cert offers special benefits and exclusive items. We have explained the benefits of each cert above. Or you can read them in the game. After comparing, pick according to your need. We would recommend you to go for the gun maker or any one of the first two certs. If you go for the gun maker, you will be able to use the guns for more time. And, if you go for the gathering certs, you will get perks in gathering speed, exclusive items.

LifeAfter Chapter 3: New Area – Part 2 Walkthrough of New Journey

Quest 1.) Make Iron Axe, Pickaxe

Tap the make option -> scroll down -> choose iron AXE and Pickaxe -> craft. These two items are better than the old ones; stone AXE and Stone Pickaxe. You will get more secondary resources from the wilderness as compared to the stone tools.

Quest 2.) Visit Sandcastle

Sandcastle is another place in LifeAfter game. There you can get tin ore, wood core, hemp bast, hemp stem, and many other resources. Also, the difficulty level is high in this zone. There are some mercenaries who can kill you, high-level zombies, Jackal(desert animal), and robots. If you explore a bit, you will find many chests. Tap the mini-map -> visit red color exit location -> open -> zones -> sandcastle.

Quest 3.) Gather Tin Ore, Resin, Hemp Stem

You get all these items in Sandcastle. Tin Ore – Use the iron pickaxe and break the rock. You will get it eventually. Resin – Chop the trees using Iron AXE. Hemp Stem – Gather hemp in the Sandcastle and you get hemp stems randomly.

Quest 4.) Hunt Three Animals

Use any weapon and hunt three animals. If you are having trouble finding animals, visit the river bank(open mini-map and visit river places). There you will find some wild animals.

Quest 5.) Unlock Chest

Sandcastle is full of chests. Open the mini-map -> find castle area -> around the castle area, there are many abandoned houses full of zombies. You will get the chest from these houses. Keep in mind that you don’t have to enter the castle. If you go inside the castle, mercenaries will kill you.

LifeAfter Chapter 3: New Journey – Upgrade Weapons(Part 3) Walkthrough

Quest 1.) Make Enhancement(Level 2)

In level 2 enhancement, you need cement, brick, and wooden board. You can craft this enhancement using the material bench. Brick, Cement -> Also, in the material bench -> craft -> workable. Also, see -> How to get sandstone.

Quest 2.) Make Wine Cabinet

Use the material bench to craft wine cabinet. Material Bench -> craft -> furniture -> wine cabinet.

Quest 3.) Make Plastic, Iron Casting

We have already shared a complete walkthrough to make plastic. Read -> Here. Ingredients for plastic – Resin, Potassium Nitrate, Cloth, and Hemp Step. Resin – Chop the trees in the sandcastle. Hemp step -> Gather hemp in sandcastle to get hemp step. Potassium Nitrate -> Read here. Cloth -> Rag+Hemp Bast. Rag -> Hemp+Plant Root(autumn forest, farstar city). Hemp Bast – Gather hemp in the Sandcastle.

Iron Casting – Tin Ore+ Iron Ore + Wood Core. Tin Ore – break the rocks in the sandcastle. Iron Ore – break the rocks in the autumn forest. Wood Core – Chop the trees in the sandcastle. Must use iron AXE and Iron Pickaxe.

Quest 5.) Make a UZI or Compound Bows. 

We have shared a separate post on crafting UZI. Read -> Here(Craft UZI in LifeAfter).

Quest 6.) Make Expedition Expert or Police Jacket. 

Using the gear workstation -> craft -> armor -> you can make expedition expert. If it is not showing the police jacket, it means you have not discovered it yet. You can get the police jacket blueprint/formula by fusing shards in the formula research facility.

Ingredients for Expedition Expert: –

  1. Cloth (9)
  2. Plastic (9)
  3. Hide(10)

You get hide from the animals.

Ingredients for Police Jacket: –

  1. Cloth(10)
  2. Plastic (10)
  3. Screw(10)

Screw Recipe: –

  1. Iron Casting
  2. Hemp Seed
  3. Sulfur
  4. Little Branch

Little Branch -> Plant OAK Seeds in the farmland.

Hemp Seed -> Plant castor seeds in the farmland.

Sulfur – Sandcastle, break the rocks.

You get OAK Seedling by completing the New area part quests.

LifeAfter Chapter 3: New Journey(part-4) Walkthrough

Quest 1.) Complete Sand Castle Resource Point

Once you are in Sand Castle Zone, open mini-map and find the house icon. It displays the shelter location. Go there and enter the shelter. There would be a quest board. Go close to it and check the quest. The first quest is to complete the resource points in Sand Castle. Accept that quest. Once accepted, tap the mini-map -> the game will scan for the resource points. Once scanned, these points will be displayed as target points(the yellow mark) and one (i) primary. In the (i) quest target point, you will have to kill a mercenary. Use your UZI and slay down him. After that, aim over to his dead body and search for the items.

LifeAfter Chapter 3 New Area WalkthroughBut make sure to do it at the right time. There might be some more mercenaries. Always keep a distance from these mercenaries and shoot from a long distance. If you are getting failed in this primary quest, wait for the war robots. Every now and then, war robots invade this mercenary group and kill these mercenaries. Once your quest target is killed, look into his dead body.

In other quests, you may have to kill an animal or gather hemp/stones. After killing the animal or gathering resources, scattered items will appear(a bag). Aim to these scattered items and look into them to complete the resource points quest.

Quest 2.) Defeat Rebel Mercenaries

Visit sandcastle. Open the mini-map and find mercenary quest area. Go there and you will find rebel mercenaries patrolling that abandoned area. Kill them with your UZI or any other weapon.

Quest 3.) Defeat the infected 

In Sandcastle, around the castle area, you will find many infected zombies. Use your UZI and slay down the 15 infected.

Quest 4.) Complete Miska University

In the Miska University mode, you have to team up with other players or camp members. Visit helicopter point -> open -> Miska -> create team or quick join. In this mode, you have to save some NPCs. Some are inside the house, locked behind the bookshelves, and more places. First, you kill some zombies and then enter Miska University. Then defeat the monster in the room(enter Miska -> take left turn -> enter room). Kill that elite infected and get the classroom key. Use that key to unlock the classroom in the monster spawn location and save the NPC. After that, you may not see the quests target points on the map. First, ignite the barrels. Then visit these quest target points and save NPCs. In the last, you will interact with a girl and exit the Miska. Prior to it, you will face many zombies. It would be better to go with many ammo boxes, food, bandages.

Quest 5.) Defeat the Mystic Creature in the Autumn Forest!

Mystic Creatures are spawned in the autumn forest as well as IN sandcastle. You have to defeat the mystic creature in Autumn forest. First, check whether the Mystic Creature has appeared or not. At the top of the screen, tap daily -> find the unknown creature(World boss) event. If it’s going on(in the autumn forest). Visit the autumn forest -> open mini-map -> move to the mystic creature point. There would be some other players too. Use Bow or UZI and deal some damage. Once the mystic creature is dead, go close to its dead body and claim the reward. Make sure to hit some shots. 

LifeAfter Chapter 3: New Journey – Part 5 Walkthrough

Quest 1.) Reach level 15 in all abilities

We’ve already discussed in the above quest.

Quest 2.) Reach Manor Level 4

We’ve already discussed in the above quest.

Quest 3.) Participate In The Stronghold Battles

Visit the autumn forest -> open mini-map and visit the stronghold battle location. Aim to the board -> start the battle -> create a team or join the team. In this quest, you have to escort the NPC at his destination. Kill zombies and protect him until you reach the destination.

Quest 4.) Defeat the elite infected 

You will find him in the autumn forest. Open mini-map and visit the Heavy Infected area. Make sure to team up; he is powerful. Once defeated, go close to his dead body and search.

Quest 5.) Complete Miska University Mission

We’ve already discussed in the above quest.

So this is the full LifeAfter walkthrough to chapter 3; New Journey – All the quests. If you have any question, comment below!

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  1. I’m in chapter 3 and I can’t do the “Armed force level” thing… I am actually paat level 5 manor and it seems I can’t match the armor level with armed force level, how can I do it?

  2. Hii
    Iam doing the mystic university mission. I saved 5 of 6 npc but for the last one which is beside the library iam unable to find the key for the gate.
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    i stuck on mission( What Happened? ) where they ask to find justin on the second floor of town hall at Hope 101. but every time i get to Hope 101, Justin is not there. what i have to do and please tell me what is the Light occupation meaning. tq

    • @Anonymous You need to wait for the right time. Tap the invasion button at the top of the screen and there you can check the status; light, complete, moderate. It changes over time. Keep an eye on it and visit 101 when there is a right time(check the occupation period in the quest).

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    Go to Hope 101 and find Rachel to learn about Caravan Quests
    – Wtf is she???
    Go find Billy on the 1st floor of the Hope 101 Commerce Bureau. Ask her about Private Camps.
    – I have already asked for Provate Camps but this quests dont disappear. How i can do?

    • @DarinoNCS 1.) Rachel is in commerce bureau. You talk to her and access to the caravan quests; Scientia, Fishing, etc. To do this quest, go to hope 101 using the helicopter and enter commerce bureau(there would be a quest board, Rachel is next to it).
      2.) Did you try all the options(when you talk to Billy)? or Maybe its because you have not joined a camp!

    • @DynastyQueen I guess, there is one in each pact zone map; Fall Forest, Snowhighlands, Sandcastle, and others(the new map justs come out today, I have not checked it yet).

    • @Anonymous You have to visit Jessica and get the promotion(Gun Maker I to Gun Maker II). Jessica would be in commerce bureau or in the city hall(if you are in a camp).

  7. How to make level 3 axe and pickaxe. I want to gather resources at snow highland but the level of my gathering tools is too low and I cant efficiently get secondary resources from tree and stone.

    • @Jahra It’s the premium currency. You will have to spend real money to get fed credits. You can convert these credits into gold and fed checks. You can get it through top ups or hope fund pack.

    • @Lu The drop rate is pretty low. Sometimes you get by gathering hemp in the sand castle or Charles town. Or In the mall, it will cost you 500 gold bars.

    • @Anonymous You can get hemp bast by gathering level 2 hemp. And, prior to it, make sure to upgrade the hemp stem & hemp bast gathering ability. After that, there would be 4% chances of getting hemp bast from level 2 hemp in zones. (Tap the home button at the upper-left corner -> gathering -> In the hemp column, that’s the third ability; Hemp bast and Hemp Stem.

  8. Im on chapter 3 when it ask me to create iron axe. But when i click make there is no iron axe. I went to sandcastle and back but still no option for it. Please help

    • @Kayla Hello, Did you upgrade the gathering ability? Iron AXE and Iron PICKAXE are the level 2 tools. To unlock these, you need to upgrade the basic logging and basic mining ability. To do that, tap the home icon at the top-left corner -> gather -> there are four rows; logging, mining, hemp, and adv. gathering. In the logging row, tap the first ability icon and upgrade it. This will unlock the level 2 AXE, which is Iron AXE. Similarly, In the mining row, tap the first ability icon and upgrade it. This will unlock the level 2 Pickaxe, which is Iron Pickaxe. As you progress further, you can unlock fire AXE, Fire Pickaxe.
      Let me know if you have any question!