LifeAfter: UZI SMG Crafting – Tips, Skin, And More

UZI SMG is the first SMG that you can craft in the early stage in LifeAfter game. Check out the complete LifeAfter UZI SMG FAQ – Tips, Strategies

You start the game with Mondragon Rifle, which is a good long-range weapon. But its attack power, fire rate is quite low. As you progress a bit in newbie quests, you will have to craft a UZI SMG. The Mondragon Rifle attack power is 27.0, while UZI’s attack power is 35.0. Additionally, UZI’s fire rate is also better than the Mondragon Rifle. LifeAfter game also features more SMGs; UMP9, Thompson SMG, MP5 SMG, AR; Mondragon Rifle, AK47, Sniper Rifles; Mosin-Nagant SR, M24, Shot Guns; Remington M870, 590M. The very first step is to unlock the formula by fusing shards in formula research(R&D) facility. It randomly extracts the formula. Additionally, your combat mastery level must meet the requirement. In today’s post, we’ve shared the UZI crafting walkthrough guide and some tips & strategies!

LifeAfter UZI – Requirements, Formula

LifeAfter UZIAs soon as you upgrade the manor to level 3, UZI formula will get unlocked. And, you must be on combat mastery level 10 or higher to use it.

To craft the UZI weapon in LifeAfter, you need these ingredients: –

  • 10* Iron Casting
  • 10* Hexagon Nail
  • 20* Claw

Iron Casting – Gathering Tips

LifeAfter UZITo craft (1) Iron Casting, you need Tin Ore, Iron Ore, and Wood Core. All these items are secondary resources. Tin Ore and Wood Ore can be farmed in the Sandcastle, while Iron Ore can be farmed in Autumn Forest. Tin Ore – Break the rocks in Sandcastle. Wood Core – Chop the trees in Sandcastle. Iron Ore – Break the rocks in Autumn Forest.

Since all these items are secondary resources, you may not get them every hit. The drop rate is quite low. So we would recommend you to use the power-hit feature. There would be a small icon next to the weapon; hold down it and release at the right time. Don’t forget to aim over the target. You can use this power-hit function to strike heavily. This might help you in gathering Tin Ore and Wood Core(In Sandcastle).

Hexagon Nail 

Hexagon Nail is another ingredient that you need to craft UZI in LifeAfter game. To craft Hexagon Nail, you need Pig Iron, Hardwood Vine, and Bones. Pig Iron – For Pig Iron, you need Iron Ore and Twig. For twig, visit the autumn forest and chop the trees. And, For Iron Ore, break the rocks in Autumn Forest.

Hardwood Vines – Chop the trees when its raining in autumn forest. Bones – Hunt animals or zombies in the autumn forest.


You can get claw by killing animals, infected zombies in Sandcastle or Charles Town. In these locations, you will face level 13 or higher infected/animals. So we would recommend you to team up with your friend or camp member.

Tips: – 

1.) The very first we would like to share is to focus on one ingredient at a time. For example; you need (10) units of Iron Casting. So focus on gathering tin ore, iron ore, wood core. Complete one ingredient, then focus on another one. In short, gather in an organized way rather than mixing up items and visiting multiple places over and over again for multiple items. This will help you in crafting UZI fast.

2.) The second tip is to trade. If you are having trouble gathering a specific ingredient, you can buy it from the trade stall(in the central market, 101). For example; claw. Do it only when you are fed up.

3.) Team Up – Team up with friends or camp members and help each other. For example; Claw is the item that you get by killing infected and animals in Sandcastle. In this case, you should team up with friends to kill those zombies and crazy animals.

LifeAfter UZI – Skin Guide

Skins are not only for decoration. Different skins provide extra bonuses to the player. As of know, LifeAfter game features three skins for UZI SMG; Rainy Day Vanguard, Snow Elite, and Collector’s Edition.

⇒Rainy Day Vanguard

  • Damage increased by 6% on rainy days
  • Increases attack power by 2

⇒Snow Elite

  • Increases attack power by 2
  • Increases movement speed by 5%, damage to infected zombies increased by 12% in snowfields

⇒Collector’s Edition

  • Increases attack power by 3
  • Increases movement speed by 20% when firing
  • And, Increases ammo capacity; carry more ammo

Fuse shards(Intermediate formula; Fusion II) – you can get these skins from the formula research facility(random drop).


1.) Make sure to repair the UZI over time.

2.) Always carry a crude ammo box to replenish ammo

3.) Repairing UZI decreases Sturdiness attribute; when it reaches 0, you can not repair it.

4.) You can increase the UZI’s damage by empowering it.

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  1. For items cannot be traded after crafting have 4 reasons.

    1)It’s not rare status
    2)You used material of (non tradable) to craft
    3)You used your partner’s material to craft.
    4)You broke the seal.

  2. There are 3 dogs that you can choose in early games…what i found out is you have 14 slots for Labrador but only 10 with the german shepherd and other question is can you increase your slot if you didnt take labrador? or players that didn’t choose labrador but assigned their dogs as pack dogs are screwed for life?

  3. Everytime I craft a Uzi ( Blue vanguard) and it puts it in my hand everytime I grad it out the que when it’s done crafting and it always says THIS ITEM CANNOT BE TRADED how to I sell guns I don’t why it’s not letting me I even tried it when regular uzis still won’t let me trade it

    • @Rakan Visit 101, enter central market then aim to the table -> trade -> sell ->sell gun. You can not sell non-rare guns such as the Mondragon rifle. Also, don’t use the gun that you want to sell.