Light A Way, A New Idle Game Overview, Guide, Tips & Cheats

light a way game guide tips cheats Appxplore’s Light A Way game has been just released for Android devices on Google Play Store. Here’s all you need to know about this beautiful game; Light A Way tips & cheats, guide, and overview

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Light A Way game was available for pre-register for a long time and over 5,00,000 players registered it on Google Play Store. The developer has released the light a way game yesterday, and you will be surprised to know it’s an Idle game. For those who don’t know about Idle games; In this type of games, you just tap, tap, and tap on the screen, upgrade resources, hero, and continue the process. Light A Way game features the same Idle gameplay. Let’s take a look at all the things of this beautiful game.

Light A Way – Get Started

light a way game guide tips cheats The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the game; what you have to do, how to level-up, and much more. Once the tutorial ends, you manually take care of all the things; upgrading, level-up, game currency, and more. It’s quite easy, you just have to tap on the screen and earn stardust, you use stardust for upgrading.

After it, you unlock spells, lumis to slay down monsters faster than ever.

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Light A Way game guide

  • Fairy

In Light A Way game, you play as Fairy and your goal is to clean the darkness. The goal can be achieved by upgrading fairies, lumis, and using spells.

  • Darkness/Fights

Light A Way game features tons of levels, at each level of the game, you fight against 9 monsters & 1 boss. The boss fight would not be easy after a certain level of the game, there is a fixed time duration, within this time limit, you need to slay down the boss.

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  • Game Process

You slay down monsters, earn stardust and do the following tasks: –

  1. Level-Up you Fairy
  2. Unlock Lumis
  3. Upgrade the level of Lumis
  4. Unlock spells
  5. Upgrade the level of spells
  6. Discover Rune
  7. Collect Staffs
  8. Collect Lightstones
  9. Evolve your character or complete cottage
  10. Repeat

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  • Gameplay

In Light A Way game, the player just taps on the screen and manages all types of upgrade. Level up your profile and unlock all the lumis, spells, gain aerolites, and also upgrade the level of spells & lumis.

  • Spells

The game features 6 powerful spells, these spells can be unlocked after you level-up your profile. You use these spells to slay down monsters. After one time usage, it takes few minutes to restore. Tap on them to cast.

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  • Lumis

Lumis help you to slay down enemies, you don’t need to tap on the screen, your lumis will automate the things for you. But to slay down enemies fast, you need to tap on the screen.

  • Rune

In Light A Way game, the rune is one of the rare resources, you use your aerolites to summon up to 36 powerful runes. Each rune has powerful special abilities that can be further upgraded by spending aerolites.

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  • How to obtain Aerolites in Light A Way game?

You can get aerolites by performing light up or forming fairy bonds after level 470. In short, level-up your profile and unlock light-up. Aerolites can be used for runes.

  • Staff Of Falre

Staff Of Flare in light a way game increases the bonus by 5%. Complete the set of light stones for the staff of flare.

  • Diamonds usage

You can use diamonds to get stones. Tap on the home option on the left side of the screen, and from there you can purchase light stones; green spark, red spark, green omen, and many more.

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Light A Way Tips & Cheats

Light A Way is a wonderful Idle game for Android, if you are a beginner, let’s take a look at the tips & cheats for Light A Way game: –

  • Golden Fairy

After every few minutes of the game, a golden fairy passes, tap on the fairy and you may get various types of rewards; Stardust, diamonds, a free spell, and much more.

  • Increase Stardust

Tap on the Beacon of Light option(at top right), watch an ad and boost Fey stardust by 50 % for one hour.

  • How to win the boss fight?

The boss fight is one of the toughest fights in Light A Way game, level-up your profile, unlock lumis & spells. Use spells at the time of boss fight.

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Quick Tips: –

  • Level-Up your profile, spells & lumis.
  • Summon runes by obtaining aerolites
  • Complete missions. Just below of the Stardust stats, you can see the mission status
  • Tap on the achievement option and claim your reward.
  • Open chests
  • Buy light stones using diamonds

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Closing words on Light A Way game

Light A Way game is a great Idle game for Android, it has outstanding graphics and gameplay. If you like Idle games, then you should give it a try. Download Light A Way game – here(Google Play Store).

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