Utopia: Origin – How To Tame Blue Horse?

Utopia: Origin Tame Blue HorseBlue Horse is faster than the brown horse and helps you in exploring the long-distance areas. Check out Utopia: Origin Blue Horse Taming Guide

Many players are having trouble figuring out the blue horse tame aspect. So today’s Utopia: Origin Blue Horse Taming guide will help you in mounting the blue horse and crafting blue horse feed. It merely takes a few seconds if you have all the ingredients ready. So let’s learn how to tame a blue horse in Utopia: Origin game!

1.) Make Blue Horse Feed First

Blue Horse Feed is the recipe you need to tame blue horse. And, you can make it in a few minutes. All you need to do is gather wheat, corn, and blowfish. Then use the workbench to make corn feed, wheat feed. Then cook wheat feed+corn feed+blowfish in the cooking pot to get blue horse feed. Step-By-Step instructions: –

Wheat -> You can find wheat in greenfield locations. Make sure to gather at least 70-100. Utopia: Origin Tame Blue Horse

Wheat Feed -> Once you have enough wheat in the bag, go close to the workbench -> tap the hand icon -> make -> go to items tab -> find and select wheat feed -> make.

Corn -> Corn is another item you need as an ingredient to make blue horse feed. You can find it in desert zones. For example; Bone Mountains. It looks like this: –Utopia: Origin Tame Blue Horse

Corn Feed -> To make the corn feed, you have to follow the same process that you follow to make wheat feed. Go close to the workbench -> hand icon -> go to items tab -> corn feed -> make.

Blow Fish -> Blow Fish is the third ingredient you need to make blue horse feed. You can find this fish in springday coast location. If you don’t know how to fish in Utopia: Origin, you can read the guide here.

Blow Fish Picture – Utopia: Origin Tame Blue Horse

Cooking Pot

Utopia: Origin Tame Blue HorseOnce you have enough corn feed, blowfish, wheat feed(at least 15), cook these items in the cooking pot. Go close to the cooking pot -> tap the hand icon -> cook -> choose corn feed/wheat feed/blowfish -> make. In the output slot, you will get the blue horse feed. Tap it to collect. Now all things are ready. If you don’t have a cooking pot, you can build it with the workbench.

Setting Up Things

Now, the recipe is ready. But to capture the blue horse, you need a capturing item called saddle. Go to the crafting menu -> hand -> items -> there you will find saddle -> craft it. You can read the rookie taming guide here for more info.

Now, put all the two items in the shortcut bar. Tap the bag button -> blue horse feed -> shortcut bar. Saddle -> shortcut bar.

And, at last, equip wood club.

2.) Utopia: Origin Taming Blue Horse

Use the wood club and hit blue horse until it gets stunned. Once done, tap the blue horse feed in shortcut bar until it gets happy. After feeding a few numbers of times, you will be able to capture it. Tap the saddle to capture blue horse.

Once captured, tap the menu button near the mini-map -> pet -> mount -> select blue horse. Blue horse is faster than the brown horse.

So this is a short & simple Utopia: Origin Blue Horse taming guide for the beginners. Also, see –

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