Cash, Inc. Tips, Cheats, And Guide To Become Rich In Minutes

Last updated on May 29th, 2018 at 04:58 am

Cash, Inc tips cheatsCash, Inc Fame & Fortune is an Idle clicker game for Android in which you build your business empire and become the billionaire. Here are Cash, Inc. tips cheats, and tricks to become rich in minutes

Cash Inc is one of the best Idle game for Android. Like other Idle games, in this game too, you just have to tap, collect, and upgrade to earn more. In Cash Inc, you compete with other players from all over the world. There is only one goal “become rich”. You have to take care of plenty of things at the beginning of the game; collecting cash, taping more and more. But as soon as you become rich, you can automate all the work and enjoy the luxurious life. Here are some Cash Inc tips, cheats, and a helpful guide to becoming rich in minutes.

Update -> We have recently shared a new post on Cash Inc tips, cheats & strategy guide, codes for long-term players. You can check it ⇒ HERE.

1.) Tasks in  Inc.

First of all, you should know about things you have to do in Cash Inc. game. If you ignore them, then you would not be able to become rich fast. You start the game by building a small comic store, the very first step is collect cash by taping more and more, then upgrade it and get more cash. After it, open media HQ, repeat the same tasks. In short: – build⇒ collect cash⇒upgrade⇒earn more.

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2.) Extra Benefits by Hiring VIPs

In Cash, Inc you can take your business to next level by hiring VIPs. These VIPs help you in a number of ways; manager in Cash Inc automate the things for you, VIPs double or triple your income. Hire them in exchange for cash and earn more. If you automate the collection, then you don’t need to tap on the screen. If you want to earn more cash in Cash Inc, then hire more VIPs, upgrade their levels, and repeat. It’s an investment.

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3.) Grab PIGGY Bank in Cash, Inc

After a few minutes of playing, you might see the piggy bank, UFO on your screen. These toys contain lots of coins and special offers. Tap on it and claim the free cash. Then invest it by upgrading your businesses. Don’t miss a single toy, grab them before they surpass the screen.

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4.) Reach The Milestones

Milestones in Cash Inc help you in a number of ways; increase the speed of profit, increase the profit amount. The player can easily upgrade the profit amount by upgrading the level of buildings. But to increase the speed of profit, you have to reach the milestone. These milestones can be achieved when you level-up your buildings to level 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400……..10,000. Reach these levels as fast as you can.

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5.) Get Free Crystals in Cash Inc

Crystal is one of the rare resources in Cash, Inc. There are many ways to get free crystals in Cash, Inc. At the beginning of the game, you have 100 crystals.

  1. Go to the inbox section, there you can claim 50 more crystals.
  2. Head to the statistics section of Cash, Inc and connect to FB to get free 100 crystals
  3. Go to the marketplace, share the game with your friends and you will get 75 crystals
  4. Tap on the settings icon at the top. Look at the bottom, under follow & talk to us label, tap on FB, Twitter, and Instagram icon to claim 30 crystals.[You just need to tap only, there is no need to follow].

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6.) Use Crystals

You can use your crystals in Cash, Inc to boost your income instantly. Just head to the booster section. There you can spend your crystals to earn billions instantly. You can also use crystals to double the profit.

7.) Grab Free Offers

In Cash, Inc game, you can boost your income by grabbing free offers; watch a video ad to boost revenue for 4 hours, double your profit by watching a video ad, participate in events to get special items.

8.) Fame In Cash, Inc

After crystal, fame is another one of the best worthy items in Cash Inc. If you have fame, you can use it for revenue boost and unlock profitable upgrades. To get fame, you sell your business and start over from 0. Head to the prestige section of the game and follow on-screen instructions. If this feature is not available, then it means your business is currently on low-level. Buy more buildings, upgrade them, reach milestones, sell the business, and get Fame points.

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Quick Tips For Cash Inc: –

  • Upgrade your buildings; store, bar, studio
  • Reach the milestones
  • Hire VIPs, managers to automate the work
  • Grab free offers
  • Use crystals to earn in bulk
  • Don’t forget to tap on toys; the piggy bank, UFO
  • Sell your business for fame points
  • Use fame points to unlock profitable upgrades

So these are the Cash, Inc tips, cheats, and tricks to become rich in minutes. If you grab offers, use crystals, and keep upgrading, then you can easily beat the rivals. Download Cash, Inc – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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