Epic Seven Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Epic Seven is a brand new RPG for mobile, published by Smilegate Megaport. Check out our Epic Seven guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Smilegate Megaport released the Epic Seven game worldwide in November 2018. It is a turn-based RPG in which the player assembles a team of heroes and explore the beautiful world in story mode and battle against other players’ team in the arena. Epic Seven game features over 100 heroes, over 200 monsters, three guardians, and over 60 artifacts(equip to the heroes to activate passive skills). In addition to the adventure and arena mode, Epic Seven game also features item farming game modes such as Labyrinth, spirit altar, challenge, abyss, hunt, and much more. If you are having trouble understanding the game’s mechanics or looking for tips, cheats, strategies, then our Epic Seven guide and Epic Seven tips, cheats & strategies will help you.

Get Started – Things To Know In Epic Seven Game! 

Epic SevenYou should not have any problem with the battle mechanics as its pretty simple and easy to understand. The player can opt up to four heroes in the team for the battle and defense. In the battle, heroes in the team unleash their skill to slay down the enemies. You can use basic skill anytime. But to use the special skills, you will have to wait a certain number of turns.

As you use these skills, you will acquire the souls. These souls are required to summon the guardian in the team. At the bottom of the battle screen, you can check the soul bar. Once you have enough souls, tap the guardian icon to summon. The guardian in Epic Seven game helps you in the battle by dealing damage to the enemies. You can equip the guardian in the team settings.Epic Seven

Soul Burn Effect – In the battle, you will often see a burn button when you have enough souls. Head to the hero profile page -> long press the skill icon -> there you can check the soul burn effect. It consumes souls and activates soul burn effect. For example; Mercedes’ soul burn effect increases damage dealt.

So you can either save souls to summon guardian or in unleashing the soul burn effect.  

As you progress through the game, you will be facing epic monsters in the battle. And here comes the upgrading part. To increase the hero’s power, you will have to enhance them, their skills, promote them, awaken them, and equip the upgraded equipment. Let’s learn step-by-step: –


There are a number of ways to obtain heroes in Epic Seven game; from the adventure mode, by completing chapters. By completing the connections. Via summoning. Summoning is the main method though. In the lobby, on the left side, tap the table to enter the connections menu. Complete the connection progress to acquire a hero. Head to the summoning menu -> use bookmarks to summon. At the beginning of the game, you have Covenant Summon, Friendship Summon options. In the Covenant Summon, use Covenant Bookmarks. These bookmarks can be obtained by completing the quests or as a reward from the shop, from the secret shop.

In the friendship summon, you use friendship bookmarks. Head to the shop menu -> friendship -> there you can spend friendship points for these bookmarks or obtain from the secret shop. The player earns these points by using a friend’s hero as a supporter in the team. So don’t forget to add friends. You can also summon for free every certain hours.

Heroes – Transmission – Silver Transmit Stone

By transmitting a hero, you can acquire transmit stones and gold. However, to get transmit stone, you must transmit grade 3 or higher hero(3-stars or higher). Tap the hero button -> transmission -> select the hero you want to sacrifice -> confirm. You can use this stone in the shop for skill enhancing material named MolaGora.

Summon Mileage – Gold Transmit Stone

As you summon the heroes over and over again, summoning mileage meter will reach the maximum point and you will obtain a gold transmit stone. Head to the summon menu -> at the bottom-left corner, you can check the progress. You may use it in moonlight stone.

All The Ways To Increase The Power Of Heroes In Epic Seven!

  1. Leveling Up
  2. Promoting
  3. Awakening
  4. Gears Upgrading
  5. Skill Enhancing
  6. Equip Artifact
  7. Upgrade Artifact

Leveling Up – By leveling up or enhancing a hero, we can increase its stats such as attack, defense, health, speed, dual attack chance, critical hit chance, and more. To level up a hero, head to the hero menu. Hit the enhance button and choose an ingredient. As an ingredient, you can use creatures; penguins or low-level heroes(2* or below). However, creatures/penguins grant more XP than these heroes. If you want to level up the character fast, then choose creatures; penguins. In the Sanctuary, head to the Forest of Souls. There you can hatch the creature eggs for free(takes time) or use stigma to summon directly. Stigma can be obtained by completing the quests.

In the adventure menu screen, on the right side, tap the quest option to see all the quests.

Way 2: – If you have no heroes or creatures to use as an ingredient, then another way to level up heroes in Epic Seven game is by repeating the stages. In the battle, heroes earn EXP by killing the monsters. Repeat the stages to earn more EXP.

Way 3: – In the sanctuary, send the heroes on missions. Heroes, dispatched by you will earn EXP.

When enhancing or promoting, if you use the same hero(duplicate hero), you will obtain its memories; memory imprint. And it unlocks a new skill named devotion skill. The hero having devotion skill provides you special buff in the battle when assigned to the team.

Promoting – Once the hero reaches its maximum level, you will have to promote it. Promoting a hero increases its maximum level, boosts the stats, and increases the star-level. Use same grade heroes as an ingredient.

Awakening – By awakening a hero, you can increase its attributes such as health, attack, defense, and more. You can also increase the hero’s skill performance in the battle via awakening. You need runes to awaken the hero. Play the spirit altar mode to acquire runes in Epic Seven.

Gears Upgrading – You can obtain gears or equipment from the chapter mode, labyrinth or craft in Steel workshop in the sanctuary. Since there is no auto-equip feature available, you will have to equip these gears to the hero manually. Go to the hero menu -> select a hero -> tap the gear slot -> choose a gear -> equip. Once done, tap the gear again -> enhance. Or tap the bag icon on the main screen of the game, at the top-right -> tap the gear -> enhance. To enhance a gear, you can use lesser weapon charm item(complete the quests to obtain or from the shop). You can also use low-rank(normal) gears in the upgrading process; to upgrade high-rank gears; rare, heroic, good.

Skill Enhancing – To enhance the skills of heroes in Epic Seven, you need MolaGora. You can obtain it from the shop in exchange for transmit stone or in the Sanctuary -> Forest of Souls -> use stigma to summon + use MolaGora Seed to start the production. You can obtain this seed from the shop menu in exchange for conquest points, earn from arena mode.

Artifact – You could obtain this item via summoning or as a reward. Head to the hero’s profile page -> tap the empty slot with bolt sign at the top-right -> equip artifact. You can upgrade it using other artifacts as a material.


In Sanctuary, you can unlock precious buildings in the Forest of Souls, Hearts Of Orbis, Steel Workshop, and more. You will unlock more as you play the game. Tap on any one -> at the bottom-left, tap improve building button -> there you can upgrade existing building or unlock more buildings using the breath of Orbis. This item is very rare. You must explore each area on the map to obtain it.

Example: In Forest of Souls, you have Soul Isle Extension, Time Blessing, and Probability Blessing buildings. In Soul Isle Extension, you can produce items; creatures, skill enhancement material, and more. Probability blessing building can increase the chances of obtaining high-rank creatures or penguins. You can further upgrade these buildings using the Breath of Orbis.


  1. Transmit Stones – earn via summon mileage or hero transmission
  2. Stigma – From Quest, missions – use in the forest of souls
  3. Gold – Use in many tasks; hero upgrading
  4. Runes – Earn from Abyss mode, spirit altar, quests. Used in awakening
  5. Crafting material for steel workshop – Play Hunt mode to obtain
  6. Ancient Coins – Labyrinth mode, Missions
  7. Proof of Courage – Guild. Use in the captain shop. Obtain by completing the guild missions.
  8. Brave Crest – Guild. Use in the member shop. You can use it to buy catalyst chest to acquire catalyst items(gifts!) – check the list here
  9. Conquest Points – Arena, Missions – use in the shop
  10. Skystone – In the normal shop
  11. Leif – From Quests. Use it in the shop for labyrinth compass, items
  12. Flag – To play arena
  13. Energy – To play adventure mode
  14. Catalyst – From adventure mode stages, events, chests, quest reward
  • Epic Seven Phantasma Guide

Epic SevenPhantasms are of three types; mega phantasma(2*), Giga phantasma(3*), and terra phantasma(4*). Unlike other characters in Epic Seven, they all come with the maximum level; you don’t need to enhance them. You can use these phantasms in promoting the main heroes. For example; to promote a three-star hero, you will have to sacrifice other three-star heroes. And promoting will increase its star level – 3* to 4*.

Instead of sacrificing heroes in the promoting process, you can use these phantasms. For example – You want to promote a four-star hero. To promote, you need four-star characters. You have Giga-Phantasma(come with maximum level – 3-stars). First, promote it using three-star bad units. Then level up and reach the maximum. Promote it again to make it a 4-star. To level up these Phantasms(after limit-break), you can use penguins or add them to your team -> repeat the stages. If you have any question, ask in the comments.

  • How To Get Phantasms?

  1. Guild, Member Shop – Terra-Phantasma; In exchange for 900 Brave Crest
  2. From story mode missions
  3. Exchange event currency for Phantasma; participate in the events to earn event currency
  4. In the shop -> Transit Stone – Giga Phantasma – in exchange for transmit stones

So that’s all for now as Epic Seven guide. Let’s have a look at our top Epic Seven tips, cheats & strategies.

Epic Seven Tips, Cheats & Strategies

1.) Must Include A Hero Having Healing Skill

In Epic Seven game, all the heroes have unique abilities. Find a hero having healing skill and must include it. For example; Aither is a hero can use its skill; spirit’s call to restore the health of all the allies. You should use this skill when all the allies are low on HP. Invest some time in checking all the heroes’ skill and figure out the best healer character.

2.) Take Elemental Advantage When Enemy Is Too Strong

In Epic Seven, all the heroes belong to one of the five elements; fire, Ice, earth, light, and dark. Same applies to the monsters. Here’s how to take advantage: –

  1. Fire beats earth
  2. Earth beats water
  3. Water beats fire
  4. Light and Dark element characters do not have any bonus

Epic SevenBefore you hit the start button to start the battle, you can check the enemies. Tap on an enemy to know its element(top-left). And add strong element heroes in the team. For example; Enemy’s element is earth. Then fire type heroes will deal more damage to it. Go to the hero’s profile page -> at the top-left, you can check its element.

3.) Grow Creatures In Forest Of Souls

In Sanctuary, head to this building and start growing the creatures or items. You can further use these creatures in enhancing the heroes. Additionally, MolaGora is also a much-needed item.

4.) Complete The Quests, Repeat The Stages

You can earn almost every item from the quest. So complete them asap for precious items. Additionally, don’t forget to repeat the stages in chapter mode for free gears, material, and many more items or in-game currency.

5.) Join An Active Guild

Must join a guild, check-in daily, donate, aid to earn brave crest points. Spend these points in the member shop for items. And participate he guild missions to earn proof of courage. Spend these points in the captain shop.

6.) Upgrade Your Heroes Often

If you are having trouble winning a stage, then make sure your all heroes are upgraded. If not, then upgrade them; read all the ways in the guide part above. Additionally, don’t waste your in-game currency in developing useless heroes; 2* or below.

And at last, when moving in the battle, you will find the chests, statues. Make sure to tap them. So that’s all for now as Epic Seven tips, cheats & strategies.

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Updates to this post: –

19-11-2018 – Added soul burn effect detail, added level up details, phantasma guide, links to similar posts, and small changes.

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  1. You also neglected to factor that light is strong against dark and dark against light. They do countering damage to the other since they’re mutually opposing elements as opposed to a wheel like fire/water/earth. The advantage is that unless you’re up against light/dark you won’t have to worry as much about element types since they’re rarer.