Idle Factory Tycoon Cheats, Tips, Guide To Make Millions In Minutes

Idle Factory Tycoon Cheats TipsIdle Factory Tycoon is one of the best factory business simulation game for Android by Fluffy Fairy Games. And in comparison to other Idle games, Idle Factory Tycoon is really worth playing. Our Idle Factory Tycoon cheats tips and guide will help you to make millions in minutes

If you compare Idle Factory Tycoon game with other Idle games such as Idle Miner Tycoon, Make More, Adventure Capitalist, and more, then you will rate it better. The reason behind its popularity and ratings is its addictive gameplay. And it is not polluted with ad system; you don’t need to watch the ad every minute. In this post, we have covered some amazing Idle Factory Tycoon tips cheats and tricks and using these cheats & tips, you can easily earn a huge amount of Idle cash every minute. Before we move to Idle Factory Tycoon cheats tips, let’s start the Idle Factory Tycoon guide first.

Idle Factory Tycoon Guide – The Basic Cheats

In Idle Factory Tycoon game, you are the owner of the business which produces a variety of products and earns a decent profit every minute. At the beginning of the game, you have only three workers; one at the workshop, other two handles the market and warehouse. To run a successful business, a good workforce is required. If the owner of a business is intelligent and its workers are not well trained and experienced, then it is obvious that the business will suffer loss. So, you have to maintain all the things in order to run a successful business. Here’s the process you have to follow in the Idle Factory Tycoon game;

  1. Hire manager
  2. Upgrade workshop
  3. Upgrade Market and warehouse
  4. Build more workshops
  5. Use our Idle Factory Tycoon Cheats and Tips

As usual, Idle Factory Tycoon game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play, about workers, managers, and products. What’s your goal? Your goal is to unlock all production factories and workshop. To accomplish this task, you need a huge amount of Idle cash which you can easily earn by using our Idle Factory Tycoon cheats and tips.

Basic Cheat – The game progress depends on how you maintain the workflow of produced goods, the rate of goods, and upgrades. If you learn about these cheats, you can easily earn a huge amount of Idle cash every minute. Let’s start the Idle Factory Tycoon cheats and tips

Idle Factory Tycoon Cheats Tips

In this part, we will talk about the inflow and outflow of produced goods, how to increase the amount of Idle cash per minute, a better upgrading scheme, rate of the products, and how to use super cash like a pro!

1.) Inflow and outflow of produced goods

Idle Factory Tycoon Cheats TipsFirst of all, you should know about the inflow and outflow of goods produced at the workshop. There are five types of raw material featured in the Idle Factory Tycoon game;

  1. Iron Ore
  2. Copper
  3. Oil Barrel
  4. Electronic Component
  5. Aluminium Bar

These raw materials used in producing other goods such as steel bars, cans, batteries, MP 3 players, and much more. Workers at warehouse pick these raw materials and send to the workshop.

At the beginning of the game, only Iron Ore material is unlocked. You have to spend a huge amount of money to unlock new material.

The workers at warehouse send these raw materials to those workshops where the material is required to produce a specific product.

For instance, Iron Ore used in making steel bars, cans. Copper used in making batteries.

You have unlocked many types of the workshop at your factory.

For instance, at workshop 1, you are producing steel bars. The player can change the product anytime by taping on product producing at a workshop. After it, tap on the tick mark next to a product you want to produce.

Tip No. 1) Produce those goods which maximize your earnings. For instance, You earn 1 Idle cash per steel bar unit and 12 Idle cash per battery unit. So if you produce more batteries, you will earn more Idle cash.

Now learn the sides. There are two sides next to your workshop; these sides determines how the products are using; as a raw material or for the market. If you tap on the left side, then all the units will be treated as raw material and if you tap on the right side, all the units will be sold directly in the market.

For instance, you can sell steel bar directly in the market by keeping it on the right side or use it as raw material by keeping it to the left side. If you choose the left side, then workers of the warehouse will send the units to other workshops where steel bar is required to produce products. If you choose the right side, then all the workers at the market department will sell the units in the market.

Treated as raw material? The steel bar is required to produce toaster. So if you are selling steel bar units on the market then you can not produce toaster. So keep the steel bar unit at left side so that workers at warehouse send the units to the workshop where steel bar is required.

So you have to maintain the inflow and outflow of products. If I want to make more Idle Cash in the Idle Factory Tycoon game, then I will try my best to produce that product first from which I can earn more profit. You have to do same; make a chain of products to produce that product which maximizes your profit.

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2.) Miscellaneous Tips for Idle Factory Tycoon game;

  1. Earn Super Cash by watching a video ad
  2. Use super cash to increase the price of your most valuable product
  3. If you have unlocked more factories, then you will get boosters to speed up the production rate for a limited time. Try to unlock fast
  4. Buy new raw material
  5. Produce new goods
  6. Use boosters
  7. Always open it with an active internet connection to double the amount of Idle cash collected by your workers when you were offline

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So these are some Idle Factory Tycoon cheats and Tips for you to make million dollars in minutes. Download Idle Factory Tycoon – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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