Evil Hunter Tycoon Pet Guide – Pets & Fairy

Started playing Evil Hunter Tycoon and wondering what are the pets and how can they be useful? Read on for Evil Hunter Tycoon Pet guide for beginners

Evil Hunter Tycoon Pets GuideThe pets in Evil Hunter Tycoon help you gather the stuff and grant bonuses. Several pets follow the hunters, while some pets roam the town and give you a permanent bonus. In today’s post, we will talk about the pets; should you buy them or not? If you are new to the game, we would recommend checking the Evil Hunter Tycoon guide for beginners. Also, tips & tricks. Now, let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Evil Hunter Tycoon Pets: –

  • Baby Dragon
  • Dark Fox
  • Looting/Fairy Pig
  • Vampire Bat
  • Looting/Fairy Kitty

Looting Dragon/Baby Dragon

Looting Dragon or Baby Dragon is one of the Evil Hunter Tycoon pets that you can buy with the Gladiator Seals or with the gems in the shop. This pet follows the hunter and gathers the materials. Also, this pet increases the hunter’s attack and defense stats by 2%. Head to the shop -> gladiator -> there you can buy this pet with the x30 Gladiator’s Seals. Or head to the gem tab -> fairy & pet -> there you can buy its adoption paper with x360 gems. Once bought, go to the town storage and use the adoption paper to summon this pet. 

Dark Fox

Dark Fox is another pet in the game; unlike Dragon pet, the dark fox does not follow the hunter. Instead, he provides the buff passively; all hunters gain the defense. 

Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat is like Dark Fox. He does not follow the hunters – but provide the buff passively. He gives all hunters lifesteal effect; all hunters gain 5% lifesteal of their damage. Buy his adoption paper from the fairy & pet shop – using gems and summon him. Once done, in the upper-right corner, tap the buff icons on to check the buff. 

Fairy Pig

The fair pig follows the hunter and gathers materials. Also, hunters receive more gold. 

Fair Kitty

Fairy Kitty follows the hunter and gathers the materials. Also, the hunter gets more gold. 

The best pets?

We would recommend getting the pets; not fairy kitty or pig. Vampire Bat, Dragon Pet, and Dark Fox – these three pets grant buff to all hunters. So it’s better to invest in these pets. 

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So this would be all in this post on Evil Hunter Tycoon Pets. 

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