State of Survival Chief Guide: Chief EXP, Talent, Gears

In this State of Survival Chief guide, you will learn how to raise the chief level, grind chief EXP and spend the talent points on war or economy buffs

In the State of Survival game, you play as a chief – although, you send the heroes and the troops on the march – as a chief, your talents, level, power, gears’ power matter a lot. If you have just started playing the game, then you should know about how to craft the hero gears, gears’ buff, chief’s talent, etc. This post covers everything about the State of Survival Chief Info. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content!

State of Survival: Chief Guide⇓

Chief Level – As you raise the chief level, you will get talent points that you can allocate on building chief’s war and economy abilities.

Cheif Gears – There are a variety of gears that you can craft and equip to the chief in the State of Survival game. Each gear provides a unqiue boost to the troops/army during the battle. For example – increase in defense, attack, etc. State of Survival Chief Talents Gears

How To Level Up Chief?

You need chief EXP medals to level up the chief. The player can earn chief EXP medals by completing the growth missions or rally intel mission. To use these chief EXP medals, tap the chief avatar in the top-left corner -> tap the + button next to the EXP bar -> use the chief EXP medals to grant EXP to the chief. State of Survival Chief Talents Gears

What Are The Talent Points?

Talent Points are given to the player when he/she raises the chief level. At each level, you will be rewarded with the talent points(2 points in the early game, 3 points after a certain level). Head to the chief profile menu and in the bottom menu, tap the talents button. This will take you to the talent screen where you can allocate the talent points on war and economy.

Where Should You Spend Talent Points?

Since the talent points are limited and talent reset costs 2000 Biocaps, one must spend the talent points wisely in the State of Survival game. You can buy the Talent Points reset token from the alliance store in exchnage for 40K alliance credits.

Now, where to invest the talent points?

We would recommend investing and focusing on the economic development in the early game and unlock special talents like Instant Collect(lets you collect x2 hours of production from all the resource buildings instantly), rapid development (reduces the time of new construction and research tasks by 20% – applies to the tasks started within 5 minutes).

And then start focusing on the war talents for march speed, march capacity like buffs.

Or you can balance the allocation of points; spend some talent points on the economy or some on war talents. Although, as said above, we recommend focusing on economic talents and boost construction speed, production rate, research speed, etc. to quickly grow the base.

How To Get Gears For The Chief?

Once the HQ reaches level 15, you can build a workshop building at the base and start crafting the gears. You will need gear crafting material items to craft the gear – these items can be obtained from the events, intel missions, by defeating high-level zombies on the map.

There are five types of gear set –

  • Rookie Set
  • Riot Set
  • Blast Set
  • Frontline Set
  • Tactical Set

A player can activate the gear set boost for additional bonus effects by equipping 3 or 6 pieces of the same set.

Types Of Gears: –

  • Helmet – Increases the Infantry ATK and DEF
  • Armor – Increases the Rider ATK and DEF
  • Pads – Increases the Hunter ATK and DEF
  • Boots – Increases the Infantry ATK and DEF
  • Assault Rifle/M60/Cleaver – Increases the Rider ATK and DEF
  • Radio/Transceiver – Increases Hunter ATK and DEF

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So this would be all in this post on State of Survival Chief Guide for beginners. Got more info on chief aspect? Comment below

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4 thoughts on “State of Survival Chief Guide: Chief EXP, Talent, Gears”

  1. How come the combat stats (kills) for my chief never seem to change, no matter how many infected battles I flight and kills I make? Only the number of healed wounded goes up.

    • That kills stats not for killing the infected. It is for killing other troops. Let say you attack other settement only that your kills stats will change

  2. My chief has changed to a different hero after playing the game to the 14th level. So now all the work I did improving him is a waste. Why did this happen?

    • it doesn’t matter, the chief picture has nothing to do with the heroes. your exp lvl and gear stays the same even when you change the representation of yourself.