State of Survival Troops Guide For Beginners

In the State of Survival game, troops help you in plundering the resources, attacking the infected and dev camps. Read on for State of Survival troops guide for beginnersState of Survival Troops Guide

Barracks, Range, and Garage are the three facilities where the player train infantry, hunters, and riders. All these three types of troops are classified in tiers; tier I, II, III, IV, and so on. High-tier troops have more battle power, speed, and load capacity. Also, they have sub-types. For example – Infantry units are of two types; shield and shotguns. Shotguns-type infantry units have increased defense against the Riders. Shield-type infantry units have increased defense against Bows(Hunters). Let’s learn everything in detail in this State of Survival Troops guide for beginners!

State of Survival Troops Guide: –

The three main types of troops are infantry, hunters, and riders. Infantry-type troops are the melee units with shield and shotguns weapon. These units attack from the front-line. Hunters-type troops are the ranged-units with long-ranged attack abilities. These troops stand in the backline in the troop formation and attack from a distance. Riders are the mid-range troops and stand in the middle of the troop formation.

Types of Infantry: –

  • Shields – High DEF against Bows
  • Shotguns – High DEF against Riders

Types of Hunters: –

  • Bows – High DMG against infantry
  • Snipers – High DMG against Riders

Snipers can sometimes bypass infantry to cause DMG against Riders.

Types of Riders: –

  • Bikers – High DMG against Hunters
  • ATVs – High DMG against Infantry

Tips To Get The Most Out Of The Troops: –

When you reach the lookout tower level 10, you can discover the types of troops the target has. For example – if the enemy has more Infantry units, you can march with ATVs or Bows – because they have high damage against the infantry units.

Also, use the hero that can buff the ATVs/Riders or Hunters/Bows.

Training The Troops In State of Survival: –

  • Barracks – Here you can train the Infantry units
  • Range – Here you can train the Hunter troops
  • Garage – Here you can train the Riders

How To Train More Troops At A Time?

If you want to increase the training capacity or increase the max number of troops that you can train per batch, then build/upgrade the training camps. The training camp building-level impacts training capacity and training speed. So build it and upgrade. Also, there are some researches that you can complete to increase training speed and capacity.

For example – Training Yard, Training Routines. (Research -> Development).

How To Unlock High-Tier Troops?

As mentioned above, the troops’ stats such as battle power, load, health, defense, etc. increase per tier. So as you progress through the game, you will need to have the army full of high-tier troops. Upgrade the barrack to unlock high-tier infantry troops, range to unlock high-tier hunters, garage to unlock high-tier riders.

How To Upgrade Troops?State of Survival Troops Guide

If you have unlocked high-tier troops, then you don’t need to train the low-tier troops anymore. But what to do with the low-tier troops that you trained earlier? Well, upgrade them! Tap the barrack/range/garage -> train -> select the low-tier troop -> tap the upgrade button on the left side of the screen -> upgrade.

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So this would be all in this post on State of Survival Troops guide for beginners.

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