Panilla Saga Brings New Hero Kolokola

Kolokola has been added to Panilla Saga.

Panilla Saga Brings New Hero Kolokola

Panilla Saga Brings New Hero Kolokola

Kolokola is a ranged DPS summoner in a bunny outfit that uses the gun to strike enemies. She summons her shadow clones to the battlefield, who assist her in fighting the enemies. The shadow clones take DMG from the enemies and have healthy attributes that sustain them during the fierce battle. And, also strike the enemies. Let’s have a look at the skill kit of this unit: 

-Super: Mass Effect

Summon one shadow clone to assist the caster. The clone has some of the attributes and takes DMG.

-Artifact: Metal Gear

Change the magazine every 6 shots during the battle, with 50% filling G bullets and 50% T bullets.

-Ninjutsu: Elder Scroll

When affected by a crowd control effect, the caster uses ancient ninjutsu to evade it and cannot be targeted.

-Energy Skill: Cell Division

Summon 3 ultimate shadow clones to assist the caster. Each clone has 120% attributes and takes 200% damage.

Prelude Trial for her will be available on Jan. 12. 

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