Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide

Read on for Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide.

Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide
Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide

Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide

Below we shared a complete Soul Reaper progression guide for the Roblox game Peroxide.

Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide: Part I

The first step to becoming a soul reaper in Peroxide is by transforming into a lost soul, which you can achieve by eliminating your human character by engaging in battles. You begin as a human character and get eliminated by any means to become a lost soul. Once you have become a lost soul, visit the Kisuke NPC and choose to become a soul reaper. 

Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide: Part II

Once you have become a soul reaper, it’s time to meditate by pressing the N key and collecting the orbs. The Orb mini-game is unlocked after you start meditating. 

Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide: Part III

Collect 160 orbs. While you are collecting the orbs, a mysterious quest will be given to you by your inner spirit to prove yourself. It could be eliminating Adjuchas to eliminating a Rogue Shinigami[check Rogue Shinigami location guide here] or Rogue Soul Reaper, which you will find in Soul Society. Make sure to increase your stats[check stat guide here] to improve combat performance. When you are at this point, a message pops up on your screen that says you are now ready. 

Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide: Part IV[Obtain Shikai]

Reach level 15+.[complete quests, defeat enemies to level up, read leveling guide here]. Raise stats[visit the dojo and do activities to raise stats, check the dojo location guide here]. Press the N key to start meditation. Collect 160 ~ 180 orbs. And then fight the shikai[beat inner spirit]. That’s how you obtain Shikai in the Peroxide. You activate your Shikai by pressing G after filling up the bar on the right to at least 20%. You can use the transformation infinitely after reaching rank B and the Bar passively drains when you are outside of combat. You also get to use this transformation even when the Bar is at 0% after you unlock Bankai.

Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide: Part V[Bankai]

You need to defeat your inner spirit again to become the bankai. You must meet the requirement to fight the inner spirit again; level 85 and obtain 420 points. 

  • Successfully completing a Time gate gives 75 points.
  • Time Bubbles (Bosses) gives 1 point per % of bosses hp dealt.
  • Each Storm vastocar gives 10 points if you did the majority of the damage(at least 60%, an effect plays if u got the credit)

Once you have achieved these requirements, press the N key and meditate and talk to your inner spirit and fight and defeat him[Bankai Boss].

Players can activate their Bankai by pressing the G key with Shikai equipped and when the Bar to the right is filled fully. It has a time limit which is X33 seconds at the base and X190 seconds at the maximum. (Training takes a long time, and you train it by using it or sparring with your Bankai spirit in your Inner World). You get Bankai moves immediately after beating the boss. You can upgrade them by using your bankai a lot or by sparing with your Inner Spirit.

Bankai mode’s buffs to the Player’s base stats:

  • Buffs Strength by 20% (1.2x)
  • Buffs Spirit by 30% (1.3x)
  • Buffs Vitality by 25% (1.25x)

Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide: Part VII[Bankai Boss]

Upon reaching level 85 and triggering it by pressing the ‘N’ key, the player gains access to their Inner World, a space within themselves where they can communicate directly with their Zanpakuto. The Zanpakuto will convey its readiness and signal that the player can finally unveil his true identity. This revelation leads to the initiation of a boss battle.

In Phase 1, an interesting sequence unfolds as the player’s sword is temporarily confiscated, and an assortment of swords descends from the sky. In a desperate attempt to locate their authentic sword, the player inadvertently shatters seven imitation swords before eventually identifying the genuine one. This accomplishment signifies the commencement of Phase 2.

Phase 2 constitutes an intense showdown between the player and their Inner Spirit. The Inner Spirit unleashes its Bankai, unleashing a barrage of devastating attacks. Brace yourself, for this encounter might prove to be one of the most challenging battles you’ve ever faced.

You unlock Shikai moves the same way you unlock any other move

So that covers Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression Guide. 

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