Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide [April 2024]

Read on for Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide.

Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide
Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide

Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide

Below we have shared a complete Peroxide Hollow progression guide if you have chosen to progress as a hollow. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide: Part I[Becoming Hollow]

How To Become Hollow In Peroxide (1)
How To Become Hollow In Peroxide (1)

In order to become hollow, you have to become a Soul by dying as a Human and then pull your soul chain out by pressing G. You can engage in battle with others as a human to eliminate your human character and turn it into a soul. Once you are done, pull the chain out by pressing the G key. You will need to keep pressing the G key and pull out the chain until you have turned into a hollow from a lost soul. Once you have become hollow, you will gain Garganta, an ability that will take you to the Hueco Mundo if you select it and trigger M1/Left Click. For the Menos Forest portal, select the ability and trigger the right/M2 Key. Head to the hueco mundo, a great spot to find out the ghosts or hollows that you can defeat and level up as a hollow. 

Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide
Peroxide Hollow Progression Guide

Part II[Red Eye Hollow]

The second step after becoming a hollow in Peroxide is leveling up, which you can do by beating other hollows. You can find hollows in hueco mundo[After you become a hollow in Peroxide, you will get an ability that should appear in the skill slot next to Reiatsu. Use it to visit hueco mundo; you can learn about teleportation here and check all hollow abilities here]. When you reach level 20 as a hollow, you get red eyes or become a red eyes hollow. If you die after this stage, you lose red eyes. To get the red eyes back, you will need to steal them from the hollows who have red eyes. Or wait for 30 minutes to get the red eyes automatically. The cooldown period may vary; updates can change it. Vasto Progression: 3 Kill Count. 

Part III[Gillian/Menos]

The third step after becoming a red eye hollow is to eliminate another red eyes hollow and obtain Gillian. 

Part IV[The Menoscar]

As a Gillian/Menos, you can pull the mask off with G and evolve into the weakest arrancar. It is not recommended to go with this approach as you will be the weakest one. Instead, go further and become Adjuchas, Vasto Progression: 5 Kill Count. Ancient Menos are worth 12 Kills toward Vasto Progression. 

Part V[Adjuchas]

Players can obtain Adjuchas form by eliminating 30 hollows as a menos and survive for 30 minutes. If you pull your mask off as an Adjuchas, you will become an Adjucar. Vasto Progression: 1 0 Kill Count. Ancient Adjuchas are worth 25 kills toward Vasto progression. NPC Adjuchas have a chance to spawn with the “Ancient” title, which does not change their looks but makes them a lot tougher and stronger. “Ancient” Adjuchas also give more kills towards Vasto prog than regular Adjuchas.

Part VI[Vasto Lorde]

Vasto Lorde form can be obtained by eliminating 1.7K Hollows. You lose count if you lose in the battle; 60 kills lose count per defeat. Eliminate 1 hollow for 1 kill count, red eye for 3, Menos for 5, Ancient Menos for 12, Adjucas for 10, Ancient Adjuchas for 25, Vasto Lorde for 50, Ancient Vasto Lorde for 75, Storm Arrancars for 100. Devouring eliminated hollows give 1 count. To check progress, interact with the Shady Arrancar NPC[Check Shady Arrancar location guide here].

Part VII[The Vastocar]

Once you have become Vasto Lorde, you can pull your mask off and become The Vastocar. Read Vastocar & Vasto Lorde guide here

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