Peroxide Stats & Rank Up Guide

Read on for Peroxide Stats & Rank Up Guide.

Peroxide Stats & Rank Up Guide
Peroxide Stats & Rank Up Guide

Peroxide Stats List

The four main stats in the Roblox Peroxide game are:

  • Spirit
  • Vitality
  • Agility
  • Reiatsu

Peroxide Stats Guide

  • Spirit: Raise spirit to buff Shikai/Bankai/Res, and Kido moves DMG
  • Strength: Raise it to increase M1 DMG
  • Vitality: Raise it to increase health
  • Agility: Raise it to improve flash step speed – unlocks flash step and other abilities. Makes flesh step faster than before.
  • Reiatsu: You get more Reiatsu (which acts like a stamina bar in this game)

How To Train Stats In Peroxide?

You need training equipment to train stats:

  • Use Spirit Mat to raise Spirit stats
  • Use Training Dummies to raise Strength stats
  • Use Bench Press to raise Vitality stats
  • Use Treadmill to raise Agility stats
  • Use Reiatsu Mat to raise Reiatsu stats

Other than these, you can also gain stats through quests or soul grounds. 

Peroxide Training Equipment Guide

Spirit Mat: Found in any Dojo. [The Player has to click the Letters that appear on top of the dummies then they explode. This trains Spirit up to 30 and gives Stat Stars]

Training Dummies: Found in Djo or Soul Society Dojo. [The Player has to click Space while the white line is in the red zone. This trains Strength up to 30 and gives Stat Stars]

Bench Press: Found in any Dojo. [The Player has to click Space in order to raise the Orange Bar and make it cover the Orange Dot. This trains Vitality up to 30 and gives Stat Stars.]

Treadmill: Found in any Dojo. [The Player has to use the WASD keys in order to make the Big Gray Gear cover (Or at least touch) the Small Orange Gear. This trains Agility up to 30 and gives Stat Stars.]

Reiatsu Mat: Found in any Dojo. [The Player has to use WASD to hit the bars that are coming from the sides. This trains Reiatsu up to 30 and gives Stat Stars]

Peroxide Rank Up and Limit Break Guide

When you begin, you’re at rank F. For every 46 stat levels you achieve, you’ll need to perform a Limit Break to move up to the next rank and gain additional stats. To initiate a Limit Break, you must first maximize your current stats. If you haven’t yet unlocked Shikai/Schrift, your rank will be capped at C- until you do so. (Arrancars are exempt from this cap.) After achieving Bankai/Segunda, the highest rank you can reach is S. You can increase your Limit Break bar by engaging in activities such as hollow murder, konso, soul elimination (for arrancars), defeating storm vastocars, overcoming raid bosses, submitting soul gourds, and participating in incursions and other events.

Scaling of Stats

As your level increases, your stats will scale more effectively. For instance, at level 10, Vitality adds 2 health points, while at level 30, it contributes around 3 health points. When you reach level 60, it provides 4 health points. (These values are approximate.) This scaling applies to all stats. Additionally, each level gained grants +1 health, regardless of your vitality bonuses. This means that at level 100, you’ll have an extra 100 health on top of what you get from your vitality.

Spirit Scaling

Spirit scaling operates somewhat differently. Spirit-based builds receive 40% of M1 scaling from their spirit stat. Hybrid builds receive 75% of M1 scaling from the stat in which they have the higher value. A build is considered hybrid if the two relevant stats have a maximum difference of 20 points. For instance, having 100 Strength and 120 Spirit constitutes a hybrid build. Strength builds receive the full 100% M1 scaling from their Strength stat.

Stat Stars

Stat Stars are enhancements you earn by defeating Duelists like Kisuke, Ken, Laqura, or by training in the Dojos. The Karakura Dojo/Kisuke can grant up to 3 Stars, while other duelists/dojos can provide up to 5 Stars. Each Star you acquire boosts your experience gain in the corresponding stat by 33%.


Your potential is the average of all your stats. To calculate it, divide the sum of all your stats by 5. For example, if all your stats are at 20, your potential is 20. Your maximum level is determined by adding 5 to your potential. If your potential is 5, your maximum level will be 10.

Flashstep Cap

During combat, excessive use of flashstep incurs a significant reiatsu cost. Overusing Flashstep creates an effect around the user, signaling that a substantial amount of reiatsu is about to be consumed.

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