Peroxide Hollow Prince Battle

Read on for Peroxide Hollow Prince Battle.

Peroxide Hollow Prince Battle
Peroxide Hollow Prince Battle

Peroxide Hollow Prince Battle: Reward

Defeat Hollow Prince in Peroxide to obtain Segunda Etapa. First, reach level 90 and accumulate 420 points[only attainable after you reach level 85].

– Successfully completing a Time Gate rewards you with 75 points.
– Engaging in battles against Time Bubble bosses awards 1 point for each percentage of the boss’s health that you deplete.
– For each Storm Vastocar, you will earn 10 points if you contribute the majority of the damage (at least 60%); an indicator will appear if you receive credit for the damage.

Peroxide Hollow Prince Battle: Getting Started

Once you have 420 points and are at level 90, go to the Menos Forest and look around for a broken-down building. In the middle of it, you will find a hole that will take you to the hollow prince. 

Peroxide Hollow Prince Battle: Key Takeaways

Upon reaching level 90, players venture into the Menos Forest. There, they’ll spot a dilapidated building that holds a central hole. Upon entering, they’ll encounter the Hollow Prince himself, who offers a choice to engage in combat. Opting to fight grants the player the advantage of replenishing their hunger, eliminating the need for frequent trips for sustenance.

The battle unfolds in several phases:

**Phase 1:** The Hollow Prince lunges at the player, launching an assault. As the player chips away a portion of his health, the Hollow Prince retreats, deploying his minions for combat.

**Phase 2:** The Hollow Prince releases two ancient Adjuchas, more potent than their Hueco Mundo counterparts. Players won’t receive any health recovery until both Adjuchas are defeated.

**Phase 3:** The Hollow Prince returns, wielding a more extensive skill set. The player once again targets a fraction of his health, prompting his retreat as minions engage on his behalf.

**Phase 4:** An Arrancar, utilizing the “Manifest” resurrection, enters the fray under the Hollow Prince’s command. As the battle rages on, the Arrancar activates their Segunda, replenishing health when nearing half. Another challenger emerges.

**Phase 5:** Another Arrancar, this time embracing the “Acceleration” resurrection, steps up. The player replicates their previous strategy, contending with the Segunda-powered foe. Upon their defeat, the Hollow Prince resurfaces for the final confrontation.

**Phase 6:** The Hollow Prince’s ultimate return marks the climax. The player’s objective is to eliminate him, navigating through an array of his new moves. Triumph over the Hollow Prince concludes with a resounding victory, and as he falls, the player exits the Abyss, their power elevated and their quest fulfilled:

“The truth, revealed. Your strength, realized. Let the world tremble and quake. Boundless power, the hunt is conquered.”

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