Street Fighter Duel Reroll Guide

Read on for Street Fighter Duel reroll guide.

Street Fighter Duel Reroll Guide

Street Fighter Duel Reroll Guide

The following Street Fighter Duel reroll guide is based on the English version of the game.

Reroll Guide: Part I

  • Launch Street Fighter Duel on your mobile devices
  • Sign in as a guest account

Reroll Guide: Part II

  • Go through the tutorial and claim the pre-registration and other rewards from the in-game mailbox. Tap on the mailbox icon on the lobby(right side of the screen). 
  • Complete chapter 1, and the game will initiate the tutorial gacha. During the tutorial gacha, the game will take you to the gacha/draw section of the game. And you will be rewarded with X10 fighters. You will get your first A-grade character from the tutorial gacha. Aim for a good one. You can promote the character’s grade through leveling, awakening, and other upgrades. For instance: A to A+,  A+ to S+, SS+, SS+ to SSS.
  • Redeem Street Fighter Duel codes for freebies if available

Reroll Guide: Part III

  • If you get your favorite character from the gacha, link the game by going to the game settings(tap the fighter avatar icon in the top-left) -> account -> link.
  • If you didn’t get the character your favorite character, close the game. Clear its data by going to the settings -> apps -> Street Fighter Duel. Restart the game to start the game from scratch. Or you can switch to another account that you have not linked already. Go to the game settings -> log out -> log in with a new account.

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