Anime Dimensions Simulator Trello Link & Update Notes [May 2024]

Read on for Anime Dimensions Simulator Trello. 

Anime Dimensions Simulator Trello

Anime Dimensions Simulator, previously known as Anime Dimensions, is a Roblox game published by Albatross Games. It features a great collection of anime characters from a wide range of anime series such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, and more. In the game, the players fight enemies/opponents in the available game modes for rewards and resources – and use those resources to strengthen the characters through various upgrades.  

Anime Dimensions Simulator Trello

Most Roblox games have a Trello, an official one, made by developers to help the players understand the game’s basics and cover every aspect of the game; better than one could cover in a WIKI. Unfortunately, Anime Dimensions Simulator Trello is not available. Devs have not made any Trello for the game; they instead share the guides, tips, tier lists, and more info on their official Discord. [Also, see – Anime Dimensions Codes,].

Anime Dimensions Simulator Trello Link:

Anime Dimensions Trello is not available; please check Discord for guides, tips, and more details –

WIKI: Official WIKI is not available, but there is an unofficia one;

[Also, see – Anime Dimensions Codes,].

Anime Dimensions Simulator Trello: Updates

Gear 5 Update:

? LIMITED TIME Gear 5 Raid (Level 15+)
Raid Rewards: Gear 5 Luffy, Sun God’s Mantle, Gear 5 Cards

Gear 5 Pet Capsule

New Limited Characters: Gear 5 Luffy, Astolfo (Summer) :astolfo_cry: :astolfo_bean_dance: :AstolfoUgh:
New Limited Costumes: Gear 5 Luffy, Gear 5 Luffy(Alt), Kurumi (Summer), Aqua (Summer), Astolfo (Summer), Gojo (Summer), Luffy (Summer), Milim (Summer)

Summer Lobby
Shadow Attack Titan added to Speed Raid Shop
New Raid Title


Slime Dimensions Update;

Infinity Gojo Raid and Limited Characters/ Bunny Costumes will be removed on June 6
?Slime Dimension Easy (Level 106+)

New Characters: Diablo
New Costumes: Gaara, Hinata, Hisoka, Mitsuri

Card Level Up
– Max Upgraded Legendary and Mythic cards can be leveled up using raid tokens. The substats will carry to the latest level.

Raid Times changed to 8 minutes long. All reward tiers now take 80% the damage they used to take.
Gamepasses can be gifted
Gem Revive Feature in Hardcore mode
New Map for Titan Dimension Nightmare


Accelerator Update; 

? LIMITED TIME Accelerator Raid (Level 15+)
Raid Rewards: Accelerator, Black Wings(Mythic), Accelerator Cards

Shadow Pet Capsule: 7 New Pets – In Speed Raid Shop
Accelerator Pet Capsule

New Characters: Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, Shadow Rimuru
New Limited Costumes: Sung Jin Woo (Butler), Gilgamesh (Butler), Sasuke (Butler), Misaka (Maid), Megumin (Maid), Chika (Maid)
Attack Titan Raid added to Speed Raids

Raid Tokens are now obtainable from the AFK place – Click “Change Currency” button to switch between gems and raid tokens
Twitter Verification
Toaru Lobby


GOJO Raid Update; 

? LIMITED TIME Gojo Raid (Level 15+)
Raid Rewards: Infinity Gojo, Gojo Mask(Mythic), Gojo Cards (Legendary & Mythic)

New Characters: Sung Jin Woo, Infinity Gojo, Shadow Esdeath, Shadow Yoriichi
Limited Pet Capsule: Gojo Capsule
New Costumes: Gojo (Casual), Astolfo (Bunny) :astolfo_thonk: , Yumeko (Bunny), Saber (Bunny), Kanna (Bunny), Shadow Esdeath, Shadow Yoriichi, Shadow Rimuru

⚡ Speed Raid (Level 25+) ⚡
Clear a random old raid as fast as possible! Available every hour. Each character can be used once a week
Get Speed Raid Tokens from clearing Speed Raid a certain amount of times per week.
Tokens can be used on old limited raid characters.
These characters have 15% increased skill cooldowns compared to their normal versions so that there is a reason to get the original when their raid is around.

Collection Values for Pets
Starter Character Visual Revamp
Hide Other’s Effects setting hides all other player’s projectiles now

So that’s all we got in this post on Anime Dimensions Simulator Trello. 

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