Arcane Odyssey Lightning Magic Guide [May 2024]

Read on for Arcane Odyssey Lightning Magic Guide.

Arcane Odyssey Lightning Magic Guide
Arcane Odyssey Lightning Magic Guide

Arcane Odyssey Lightning Magic Guide

In our Arcane Odyssey tier list, Lightning Magic is ranked as having below-average damage potential, meaning it may not be the most effective option in terms of causing damage. However, Lightning Magic has several unique abilities, including the ability to remove the “Bleeding” and “Frozen” status effects and to paralyze the target, making it an effective tool for control and support.

In terms of synergy, Lightning Magic works best with Water and Sand Magic, with Acid, Magma, and Plasma Magic providing good synergy as well.

In terms of clashing power, Lightning Magic has several advantages and a few disadvantages when pitted against other magical disciplines. Against Shadow Magic and Sand Magic, Lightning Magic has a significant 1.3x clash advantage, while against Ice, Light, Plasma, Explosion, and Wood Magic, it has a 1.2x clash advantage. Against Acid Magic, Lightning Magic has a 0.9x clash disadvantage, which can weaken its effectiveness.

Lightning Magic is neutral against several elements, including Ash, Fire, Magma, Poison, Glass, Crystal, Snow, and Earth Magic, meaning it has neither an advantage nor disadvantage in clashes with these elements. Against Wind, Water, and Metal Magic, Lightning Magic has a 0.7x clash disadvantage, which can make it a less effective option against these elements.

In summary, while Lightning Magic may not be the most potent damage-dealing option, its unique abilities to remove status effects and paralyze targets, as well as its advantages against certain elements, make it a valuable tool in battle. Its synergy with Water and Sand Magic, and to a lesser extent Acid, Magma, and Plasma Magic, can further enhance its effectiveness.

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