Arcane Odyssey Magma Magic Guide [May 2024]

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Arcane Odyssey Magma Magic Guide

  • Status Effect: Melting

The Melting status effect in Arcane Odyssey is a detrimental effect that causes damage over time to the target. Interestingly, all strikes that hit a target suffering from Bleeding, Soaked, Freezing, or Frozen status effects dispel those effects. Magma Magic is classified as a heavy-high damage magic with the potential to deal a significant amount of damage. This magic type has excellent synergy with Fire, Acid, and Ash Magic. Additionally, it has good synergy with Poison, Glass, and Explosion Magic.

In terms of clash advantage, Magma Magic outperforms most other magic types. It has a staggering 13 advantages and only one disadvantage in clash battles. Specifically, Magma Magic has a 1.5x clash advantage against Glass Magic, Snow Magic, Ice Magic, and Wood Magic. It also has a 1.4x clash advantage against Wind Magic and Sand Magic. Against Light Magic and Plasma Magic, Magma Magic has a 1.3x clash advantage. It has a 1.2x clash advantage against Fire Magic, Shadow Magic, Earth Magic, and Poison Magic, and a 1.1x clash advantage against Metal Magic.

Magma Magic has a neutral clash status against Acid Magic, Ash Magic, Explosion Magic, Lightning Magic, and Crystal Magic. However, it has a 0.8x clash disadvantage against Water Magic. Therefore, users of Magma Magic must be mindful of their opponents’ magic type in battle to maximize their advantage and minimize the risk of disadvantage.

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