How To Get Cursed Fingers In Anime Champions Simulator

Read on for How To Get Cursed Fingers In Anime Champions Simulator.

How To Get Cursed Fingers In Anime Champions Simulator
How To Get Cursed Fingers In Anime Champions Simulator

How To Get Cursed Fingers In Anime Champions Simulator

Players can get Cursed Fingers in Roblox Anime Champions Simulator by defeating the Cursed Finger Boss who resides in the Cursed City. Head to the Cursed City and look for the Cursed Finger boss, who has one of the highest HP stats in the game, approximately 275 Million HP. The stat of the boss may change in future updates. Once you have defeated the Cursed Finger boss, you will get the Cursed Finger. 

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Unraveling the Mystery of Cursed Fingers in Anime Champions Simulator

If you find yourself entrapped in the expansive realm of Anime Champions Simulator on Roblox, you may have encountered the enigmatic quest offered by Kiyomi called “Shadow Hounds.” This quest demands the collection of 10 Cursed Fingers, and an earlier quest, “Cursed City,” requires just one. This guide will navigate you through the labyrinth of finding these elusive Cursed Fingers and unveil the rewards that await upon completing these quests.

How to Acquire Cursed Fingers

To embark on your quest for Cursed Fingers, venture into the eerie expanse of the Cursed City. Here, amidst a plethora of formidable mobs, your singular focus should be on a specific adversary—the Cursed Finger. Possessing a staggering 275 million HP, these adversaries are not to be taken lightly. Defeating them offers a chance to obtain the coveted Cursed Finger. While the drop is not guaranteed, the odds do seem to be in your favor.

Employ a straightforward strategy: patiently await the respawn of Cursed Fingers and persistently engage in battle until you’ve amassed the required count of 10. While the influence of the game’s luck mechanic on the drop rate remains unclear, unwavering perseverance is bound to pay dividends.

The Bounty of Completing the Cursed Finger Quest for Kiyomi

Upon triumphant collection of all 10 Cursed Fingers, return to Kiyomi and complete the quest to claim your rewards. The fruit of your labor is a distinguished prize—an Epic mount known as the White Hound. As you traverse the diverse worlds of the Anime Champions Simulator, it’s imperative to do so in style, and the White Hound mount, with its fiery red eyes, stands as a testament to your accomplishments.

In the realm of Anime Champions Simulator, where challenges are aplenty, and quests lead to untold rewards, the quest for Cursed Fingers adds a layer of mystique and adventure. As you ride atop the White Hound, let its fierce gaze symbolize your mastery over the Cursed City and your indomitable spirit in the face of challenges. The Anime Champions universe awaits—embrace the journey, claim the rewards, and let the legacy of the White Hound be a beacon of your triumphs.

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