Sea Piece 2 Tier List: Best Fruits

Read on for the Sea Piece 2 tier list. An updated Sea Piece 2 tier list ranking the best fruits.

Sea Piece 2 Tier List Best Fruits

Sea Piece 2 Tier List: Best Fruits

The following Sea Piece 2 tier list ranks the fruits available in the game. 

Sea Piece 2 Tier List: Common Grade

The only common-grade fruit available as of now is the Invisibility fruit. The only good thing about this fruit is its ability to make the character invisible for a few seconds. Its DMG is not good. 

Sea Piece 2 Tier List: Uncommon Grade

One uncommon grade fruit in the game is “Spin”. It’s a useless fruit. It does not grant any good DMG power to the character.

Sea Piece 2 Tier List: Rare Grade

The barrier is a rare-grade fruit in the game that allows you to inflict a decent amount of DMG. It’s a decent fruit, but there are better ones. 

Sea Piece 2 Tier List: Legendary Grade

Flame, Ice, Light, Magma, and Rumble are legendary-grade fruits. All these fruits grant a good amount of DMG power. Some of these have special knacks other than causing DMG on the enemies. Rumble has teleportation. Magma has Magam Flight that allows you to fly. Light fruit too also grants you the ability to fly. Ice one lets you skate. Flame one allows you to take a flight. Based on our experience, we have ranked these fruits by the DMG power;

  • Flame – High DMG
  • Ice – Medium DMG
  • Light – High DMG
  • Magma – Medium DMG
  • Rumble – High DMG

Sea Piece 2 Tier List: Mythic Grade

Dark is a mythical-grade fruit; it has high DMG. 

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