untitled boxing game Tier List [April 2024]

Read on for untitled boxing game Tier List ranking the best fighting styles.

untitled boxing game Tier List
untitled boxing game Tier List

untitled boxing game Tier List

The following untitled boxing game Tier List ranks the currently available fighting styles into four tiers;

  • Tier 1: OP[Overpowered]
  • Tier 2: Best[Very Strong]
  • Tier 3: Good[Not very strong, but not weak either]
  • Tier 4: Weak
  • Tier N/A: Tier ratings not available, yet to be ranked

untitled boxing game Tier List: Tier 1

  • Hitman: Tier 1
  • Slugger: Tier 1
  • Hawk – Tier 1
  • Ghost – Tier 1


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 1
  • Legendary
  • Inflicts punishment upon others through powerful rapid jabs and forceful chopping strikes. Possesses swift initiation, considerable reach, and significant offensive potential, although exhibiting limited agility in terms of dashing.


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 1
  • Legendary
  • A boxing prodigy showcasing unrivaled strength, delivering every punch with utmost intensity. Although lacking in agility while dashing and blocking, this exceptional fighter possesses astonishing punching power and possesses a remarkable skill: the capability to charge up mighty heavy attacks.


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 1
  • Hawk, an untamed and erratic fighting style, unleashes punches from unpredictable angles, excelling in counters and delivering potent damage. Its distinctive ability, Sway Back, allows perfect dodges against all punches while restricting backward movement, emphasizing agility over blocking.


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 1
  • Mastering the left is mastery over all. The renowned Ghost Jab, the swiftest punch ever, embodies legendary speed in the world of combat, symbolizing dominance for those who wield its unparalleled velocity.

untitled boxing game Tier List: Tier 2

  • IPPO: Tier 2
  • Hands Low: Tier 2
  • Wolf: Tier 2
  • Bullet: Tier 2


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Mythic
  • Employing a modified rendition of the Peek-a-boo boxing style, Ippo is a formidable in-fighter who unleashes a relentless series of hooks targeting both the head and body, accompanied by bone-crushing uppercuts that can shatter ribs and jaws. With commendable offensive potency and decent agility in dashing, this fighter’s techniques have a slightly slower startup time.

Hands Low

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • Swift, precise, and technical, the Hands Low style boasts excellent dash and initial speed, along with a subtle counter advantage. However, the inherent risk lies in lowered defenses, leading to increased vulnerability to counterattacks.


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • The Wolf style, a textbook approach with no significant drawbacks, introduces a distinctive ability. By doubling up on M2, practitioners unleash the formidable White Fang, delivering heightened damage and breaking through blocks with exceptional prowess.


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 2
  • BULLET, a blend of extraordinary talent, arrogance, and lethal instinct. While heavy Thunderbolt strikes yield potent counter damage, base damage and dash capabilities are modest. Special Ability: Instant bullet jabs follow an opponent’s dash, offering a rapid and strategic advantage.

untitled boxing game Tier List: Tier 3

  • Trickster: Tier 3
  • Counter: Tier 3
  • Corkscrew: Tier 3
  • Kimura: Tier 3


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Rare
  • Despite your comical appearance, you possess an enigmatic aura that makes it challenging for opponents to anticipate your moves. Your unorthodox punching style and exceptionally swift dash cancel render you a difficult target to strike. While your attacks yield respectable damage and your mobility is outstanding, your stamina recovery is relatively weak.


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Rare
  • In the realm of combat, precision triumphs over raw power, and impeccable timing prevails over sheer speed. While your punches may inflict less damage initially, you possess a significant damage boost when countering opponents, delivering three times the usual impact. Additionally, your dash is commendable, allowing for swift movement and evasion. It’s worth noting that among all the fighters, you have the lowest base damage for regular punches, but your prowess lies in capitalizing on well-timed counters.


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Rare
  • In the realm of champions, the weight of responsibility eclipses the impact of any punch. However, you possess the advantage of swift health recovery, allowing you to bounce back more quickly from damage. Furthermore, you boast a formidable heavy attack, the Corkscrew punch, which inflicts significant damage. Although it has a slower start-up time, its potency is not to be underestimated.


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 3
  • Embodying simplicity and unmatched determination, the Kimura style may lack innate talent but compensates with unwavering resolve. Specializing in body shots that decelerate opponents, it strategically sets the stage for a decisive finishing move.

untitled boxing game Tier List: Tier 4

  • Smash: Tier 4
  • LONG Guard: Tier 4
  • Basic: Tier 4


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Uncommon
  • Resilient, tenacious, and unrefined, your fighting style embodies a rough and rugged approach. Your signature move, the Smash Punch, combines elements of a half-hook and an uppercut, delivering substantial damage, particularly against opponents who are blocking. However, this attack proves challenging to successfully land and capitalize on for further strikes.

Long Guard

  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Uncommon
  • Considering the extended position of your lead hand, it’s highly likely that your jab will reach its target before other strikes. This is due to its faster start-up time, enabling swift and immediate engagement. In exchange for this advantage, your light punches and dash may be slightly less powerful compared to other techniques.


  • Tier List Rank: Tier 4
  • Uncommon
  • Being basic doesn’t imply inferiority. While your style may appear rough around the edges, it can be equally effective when compared to other more intricate techniques. Your approach boasts balanced statistics, ensuring a well-rounded performance in various aspects of combat.

Disclaimer: We would like to inform you that the untitled boxing game tier list we are creating for the game is subjective and may change over time with updates. It is important to note that this untitled boxing game tier list is based on our own opinions and experiences with the game and, therefore, should not be taken as an absolute truth or an objective measure of the game’s content.

We acknowledge that there are many different play styles and strategies that can be employed in the game and that different players may have varying levels of success with different characters or items. As such, we encourage you to take our tier list with a grain of salt and use it as a starting point for your own exploration of the game’s content.

We also want to emphasize that the untitled boxing game tier list is subject to change over time, as the game developers may introduce new characters, items, or mechanics that could significantly impact the game’s balance. We will do our best to update the tier list as necessary to reflect these changes, but we cannot guarantee that our opinions will always align with those of the broader community.

In conclusion, we hope that our untitled boxing game tier list will be a helpful resource for you as you navigate the game’s content. However, we want to remind you that it is ultimately up to you to decide which characters, items, or strategies work best for your play style. Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you the best of luck in your gaming endeavors.

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