BitLife – Life Simulator – How To Become Forensic Scientist?

Wondering how to become a Forensic Scientist in Bitlife? Read on and check out this BitLife – Life Simulator walkthrough guide to become Forensic ScientistBitLife - Life Simulator Forensic Scientist

To become a Forensic Scientist in BitLife, the player needs to apply and get approved for a Crime Scene Technician or Crime Scene Analyst job in the police department. For the Crime Scene Analyst job, you must have a driving license and a car. However, for the Crime Scene Technician job, you don’t need a car or driving license. As you work hard as a Crime Scene Technician or Crime Scene Analyst, the police department will promote you to the upper-level position; Forensic Investigator, Forensic Scientist. Keep working at this position for 20 years to unlock Forensic Scientist career. This is the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail; how to become a forensic scientist in BitLife – Life Simulator game.

Stats Requirement

The jobs that you need to do to become a Forensic Scientist in BitLife pops out after graduating from law school. So you must be smart enough to get into law school. We would recommend starting the life of character having decent smart stats; +85 would be a good figure. Start a new life if you don’t have enough smart stats.

Education Qualifications To Become A Forensic Scientist: –

  • High School
  • Graduate with a Political Degree from the University
  • Graduate from Law School

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Requirements To Get Approved For Crime Scene Analyst Job: –

  • Car
  • Driving License

Look For One Of These Two Jobs: –BitLife - Life Simulator Forensic Scientist

Crime Scene Analyst and Crime Scene Technician are the main two jobs that can help you become a Forensic Scientist. These two jobs often appear in Job Listings after you graduate from law school. Apply for one of these two jobs once you meet the requirements and pass the interview.

Keep working hard and get promoted by the police department to an upper-level job; eventually, you will become a Forensic Scientist.

Shuffle The Jobs If These Jobs Are Not Listed: –

One of the main problems in this scenario is that BitLife events are completely random – so are the job listings. And, chances are you may not find the job that you are looking for. But there is a way to shuffle the jobs: – all you have to do is restart the game every time you want to shuffle the jobs deck. (Close the app and Open again to shuffle the job listings). Keep doing this until you see the Crime Scene Analyst/Technician Job.

Avoid Getting Fired By The Boss: –

  • Make sure to work hard every year
  • If the supervisor asks you to do overtime, then do it
  • Don’t mess with co-workers
  • Avoid illegal activities
  • If there is a team-building tour, go for it

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So this would be all in this BitLife – Life Simulator Walkthrough Guide to become a Forensic Scientist. If you know any other method, share it in the comment section below.

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  1. Also it doesn’t usually appear afternoon you graduate law school, I tried and after I did, the screen was filled with the lawyer careers, I shuffled six times and it’s still not there ?

  2. You know what you said is absolutely wrong. You can clearly see when you click on the job that’s the only education level needed is university. You have to study chemistry for computer science. And also both jobs requires a car, and the technician has more salary’s than the analyst.