Dragon Storm Tips, Cheats, Guide, And Overview

Dragon StormDragon Storm is a new Action RPG for Android by Springcomes, the creators of brick breaker game. Here’s all you need to know about Dragon Storm game; tips, cheats, guide, and overview of Dragon Storm

Springcomes has recently released a new action RPG for Android on Google Play Store “Dragon Storm”. In Dragon Storm, the player slays down the monsters, fight against the boss, summon guardian spirit and complete stages. It is a great new offline RPG for Android with lots of fun and challenging stages. Let’s take a look at Dragon Storm game.

Get Started – Dragon Storm

Dragon StormGenre; Offline, Action

This small size game is really addictive and challenging. In the game, you play as a warrior and complete the stages by defeating monsters, boss. But the task is not simple, you can not get the victory without summoning guardian, upgrading equipment, and armor. It features two game modes; story mode and tower mode. In Story Mode, you complete stages and in the tower mode, slay down the monsters as many as you can. Tower mode is one of the difficulty modes in Dragon Storm game. There is also a PVP mode featured in Dragon Storm. Let’s start and read Dragon Storm tips, cheats, and guide. Also, see – Top new best Action games for Android

Warriors in Dragon Storm

It features six characters and each character has own attributes; attack power, HP, skill attack. You start the game with Paul, the weak warrior.

  • Teresa, the swordmaster
  • Bombery, the dwarf
  • Elizabeth, the fighter
  • Flashare, the dragon
  • Warrior skeleton

In Dragon Storm, you can unlock these characters in exchange for diamonds, by completing missions or as a reward by the opening chest.

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  • Guardian

The initial levels of Dragon Storm are quite easy, but later it becomes too hard to clear stages. So you can not defeat the waves of enemies and monster alone, to get rid of this problem, you can summon a guardian. Head to the wing section and tap on summon option, continue the on-screen instructions and confirm a guardian purchase. It will cost you coins. After it, tap on the guardian and then equip(left or right). Also, see – Best Pokemon Games for Android

Dragon Storm Tips, Cheats

Dragon StormThe game features challenging missions and you have limited currency and lives. If you lose your all lives, then you have to wait for the respawn. These tips and cheats will help you to clear all the stages without being hurt: –

  • Increase the power of your hero-warrior

In the game, you play as a weak hero and it is your responsibility to increase the power of your hero. Without increasing the power, you would not be able to get three stars and you can not even clear the stage. How to increase power?

  1. Upgrade your equipment and armor
  2. Increase the ability points; 2* score, 2* attack, BERSERK, 2* DEF. Before you start the battle, tap on the ability and increase all the attributes

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  • How to get 3 stars?

In Dragon Storm, you will get three stars on the basis of damage you have done on the battleground. The best way to get three stars in each stage is to perform combos, use your warrior’s skill.

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  • Add-Ons

Before you start the battle, you can choose anyone of the add-ons; HP potion, shield burst, and destiny. You can get these add-ons in exchange for coins.

  • Summon Guardian

As mentioned above, you can not get the victory in next levels if you are going to fight alone. Summoning guardian benefits you in two ways; you can send guardian to collect gold or for the fight.

  • How to get gold for free?

Gold is one of the valuable resources in Dragon storm, used in many tasks; upgrading, buying the add-on, for summoning. The best way to gather gold is sending your guardian to the expedition. Head to the explore section and unlock new places for more rewards.

Another way to get gold is playing the level again and again or play tower mode. Next way is to watch an ad and you will get jewels for free, later you can covert your jewels into coins. For 2500 coins, you have to pay 5 jewels.

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Quick tips for Dragon Storm game⇓

  • Unlock new characters
  • Play tower mode to enhance your skills
  • Watch video ad for rewards
  • Unlock chests and you can get equipment, armor etc.
  • Equip high-level armor and weapon
  • Buy add-ons to the fight
  • Upgrade your character’s attributes

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Closing words on Dragon Storm game

Dragon Storm is a simple yet challenging game it is very addictive, the reason behind this is its simple gameplay, lots of stages, coins rarity. If you love simple offline Action RPGs, then you should give it a shot. Download Dragon Storm game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – top new android games today

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