Superfarmers Game Guide, Cheats, Tips And Overview

Superfarmers gameSuperfarmers is a brand new farming game for Android by HeroCraft Ltd. Here’s all you need to know about the super farmers game; our guide, tips, and cheats will help you in building a super farm in Superfarmers game

Superfarmers, HeroCraft’s latest game for the mobile devices has just released on Google Play Store. As the name says “superfarmers’, in the game, you work as a super farmer and fulfill superheroes orders and expand the farming empire overseas. Let’s take a look at Superfarmers game overview, cheats, tips, and guide.

Super Farmers Game – Get Started

Superfarmers gameThere are lots of farming games available for Android on the Google Play Store, this one(Super Farmers) comes with a unique style; a combination of modern and traditional things; bus, secret bunker, superheroes, festive events, and much more. Superfarmers game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to plant, harvest, sell, fulfill orders, and much more. After the tutorial, you can independently take care of your farm and as a super farmer. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

Let’s start the superfarmers guide: –

In this superfarmers guide, we will cover almost everything; the process of farming you have to follow, all types of factories, plants, trading, superheroes, super farmers, and much more in detail.

  • The Process of farming you have to follow in the superfarmers game

To become a super farmer and complete all the orders in time, you should know about the process of farming. It’s not different from other farming games but still, you should know: –

The very first step you have to do is sowing seeds, because, the raw material is necessary to make more items. For instance, to make bread, we need wheat. To make biscuits we need wheat and eggs.

Just tap on the bed/yard and sow your seeds. Just drag and drop a particular crop you want. You can unlock more items; sugarcane, carrot, corn, and many more by leveling up your profile.

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Keep an eye on your crops and harvest instantly without wasting time. After harvesting, use them to fulfill orders, to make new items.

  • Orders

You can keep track of your orders under the order section of the superfarmers game. If your order is ready, just tap on the bus icon and send it to your customers. For each order, you will be rewarded with coins and EXP.

  • Level-Up

At the beginning of the superfarmers game, most of the features are locked and you are restricted to have more factories and items on your farm. To unlock new buildings, features, and add more factories, the bed to your farm, you should level-up your profile. You need EXP to level-up your profile and it can be obtained by completing orders, trading, building new items.

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  • Factories

The superfarmers game features lots of factories and each factory is for a unique task. For instance, Milk factory produces cheese, butter, sour cream, and much more. Fooder factory produces food items for your animals; cow, hen. Here’s the list of factories featured in the superfarmers game and you can unlock them by leveling-up your profile

  1. Bakery
  2. Fooder Factory
  3. Milk Factory
  4. Sugar Factory
  5. Spinning Factory
  6. Sewing Workshop
  7. Snack Bar
  8. Grill
  9. Forge
  10. Paper Factory
  11. Ice Cream Shop
  12. Furniture Factory
  13. Smeltery
  14. Confectionary
  15. Jam Factory
  16. Rubber Factory
  17. Jewellery Workshop
  18. Plastics Factory
  19. Juice Factory
  20. Candy Factory
  21. Canning Factory
  22. Soup Cookery

Animals In Superfarmers game

This game is rich in terms of content; the animals featured in this farming game are: –

  1. Cow – Cow Shed required
  2. Hen – Henhouse
  3. Sheep – Sheep Pen
  4. Pig – Pig Pen

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Superfarmers game cheats, tips, and tricks

Superfarmers game1.) Upgrade Your Barn

Barn aka warehouse is the place where your items; raw material, secondary items are stored. Your barn has limited storage capacity and you should upgrade it in order to store a decent number of items. If you are ignoring this, then you might face difficulty in completing the orders. To upgrade it, you need material and it can be obtained by trading. Head to the boat station, load your items and send the boat. Once you have enough material, go to your barn -> enlarge -> confirm. You can also increase its capacity by watching a video ad.

2.) Complete Orders Fast

It is not an idle farming game, so you have to manually take care of all things. Focus on your orders and follow the process to make the items as fast as you can. You can easily do it if you are paying attention to all the factories, animal shed, bed, and barn.

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3.) Add More Slots To Produce More

There are a fixed number of slots and you are restricted to produce endlessly. Go to your factory and you can see the number of slots. You should add more slots to increase the production rate of items and you will be able to complete the orders. Watch a video ad and add one more slot to it.

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4.) How to level up fast in Superfarmers game?

As mentioned above, you need EXP to level-up your profile. To do it fast, just follow these steps: –

  • Complete orders as fast as you can
  • Build more factories
  • Upgrade your barn
  • Do trading – Boat Station
  • Plant more
  • Follow the process written above

5.) Chest

If you see a balloon or chest on your screen, grab it. It might contain crystals or other useful items. For this, you have to watch a video ad.

6.) Expand Your Farm

You have limited land for the farming, you should buy more to expand your farming business. Just tap on that area, watch a video ad and farm on!

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So these are the superfarmers game tips, cheats, and a beginner’s guide. It is a nice farming game and features lots of content. If you love farming games, then you should give it a shot. Download superfarmers game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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