LifeAfter: How To Get Potassium Nitrate And Make Plastic?

Potassium Nitrate is a rare item in the LifeAfter game, which is used as a material to craft plastic. Here’s how to get Potassium Nitrate in LifeAfter Game

LifeAfter Potassium Nitrate Farming Guide⇓

In one of the survival manual quests, the players have to craft (6) units of plastic and (6) units of Iron Casting. To craft the plastic, you need resin, potassium nitrate, cloth, and hemp stem. Among all these resources, potassium nitrate is an item that is rare and hard to get. Today’s post will teach you how to get potassium nitrate for free(through crafting), about the camp ore extractor, drill engine oil, and much more. Let’s dive in!

The Two Ways To Get Potassium Nitrate In LifeAfter

There are two ways to get potassium nitrate; you can buy it with gold bars, you can extract it using the alloy drill bit and mining machine. We would strongly recommend you to not to go with the first method. In the trade counter, players are selling this item (1 unit) for over 100 gold bars. The last option is to craft it. Let’s learn both methods.

LifeAfter – How To Buy Potassium Nitrate?

LifeAfter Potassium NitrateGo to the town hall(101). Find the central market. Go inside the central market and take the left turn. Point to the table and you will get the option to trade. Tap the trade option. A new pop-up window will open. On the left side, you can see the categories. Expand the resources category -> choose mine resources -> there you will see the potassium nitrate sale. Tap it -> choose quantity -> buy. If you are going to buy, make sure to analyze the selling price. It would be different. You can also sell your items there. Go to the sell in the same window -> select the resources that you want to put on sale -> choose the price -> sell.LifeAfter Potassium Nitrate

Players are selling potassium nitrate for over 100 gold bars. That’s a big amount. We would not recommend you to buy this item. As the quest mentions, you need (6) units of plastic. And in each unit, you need (2) units of potassium nitrate. So 2*6=12. It will cost you 1200 gold bars. It’s crazy.

LifeAfter – How To Craft/Get Potassium Nitrate For Free?

To craft potassium nitrate, you need: –

  • Camp Ore Extractor
  • Drill Engine Oil
  • Alloy Drill Bit

Camp Ore Extractor

LifeAfter Potassium NitrateCamp Ore Extractor is the mining machine that you need to extract the resources(ore). First, you need to craft it. Go close to the material bench -> craft -> In the formula tab, scroll down and find camp ore extractor. To craft it, you need wood, stone, and hemp. All these items can be obtained from the autumn forest. Once crafted, you need to plant it in the farmland.LifeAfter Potassium Nitrate

Farmland – This is where you plant crops; sow seed, place livestock pen. If you are in the development zone, find the farmland and remove stones and other stuff(it will cost you gold bars). After that, tap the plant option -> farmland options will pop-out, go to the mine tab -> choose ore excavator -> place it. If you are in camp, farmland is just near the manor gate.

Drill Engine Oil

LifeAfter Potassium NitrateDrill Engine Oil is the fuel that you need to run the mining machine in LifeAfter. How to get it? You can get drill engine oil from the wilderness chests, from the trade city, and from the camp vault merchant. If you have joined a camp, visit your private town hall and outside the camp vault/bank, there would be a merchant -> interact with him and look for the goods he has in his bag. From this merchant, you can get drill engine oil. Also, see – LifeAfter Camp FAQ

Alloy Drill Bit

LifeAfter Potassium NitrateAlloy Drill Bit is the item that you need to extract the ore with mining machine(ore extractor). If you go close to the ore excavator, you get the extract option. After that, you need to select an alloy drill bit. How to get alloy drill bit?

LifeAfter Potassium NitrateYou get the (1) unit of an alloy drill bit by completing the new area quests in chapter 3(Newbie Quests). If you are not following these newbie quests or want more alloy drill bit units, you need to farm it in the sandcastle. You can also get this item from snow highlands, Charles town. In these areas, you have to search for chests. From these chests, you may get an alloy drill bit. We would recommend you to search in the sandcastle. How to find chests in sandcastle?LifeAfter Potassium Nitrate

Most of the chests in sandcastle is in the abandoned houses. Open the mini-map(In sandcastle). Around the castle area, there are many abandoned houses. If you go to their roof, inside the room, you may find the chest. Also, keep in mind that there are many zombies in these houses + keep yourself away from the castle(those machine gun holders can kill you). It may consume some time, but it’s better to farm rather than wasting the gold bars.

Extracting The Potassium Nitrate – LifeAfter

LifeAfter Potassium NitrateOnce you have placed the camp ore extractor in the farmland, go close to it and choose to extract. Use the alloy drill bit. After that, add fuel -> cool it. And, wait. The machine takes time in digging out ore. Come back after a few hours. After that, you will see the ore in the drilling section. Go close to it and use the pickaxe to mine potassium nitrate. You will get stones as well.

So this is how you can get Potassium Nitrate in the LifeAfter game. Apart from the plastic, you need potassium nitrate to make leather, smokeless gunpowder, fertilizer, and drone chips. If you have any questions, please comment below!

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9 thoughts on “LifeAfter: How To Get Potassium Nitrate And Make Plastic?”

  1. Hi,
    I was able to extract potassium nitrate from the first 2 stones I got with the excavation machine, I got another drill bit but no potassium in the other 2 stones I got…
    I can’t move on from my newbie quests without plastic, don’t know wether or not I should buy another drill or just buy some potassium

    • @Aridza Did you use the alloy drill bit or cast iron drill bit? Extract Alloy drill bit to get potassium. If you extract cast iron drill bit, you will get iron ore/stones.

  2. Hi! I have a question, if I bought alloy drill to the market and produced potassium nitrate and I used it to produce armor or guns will it still tradeable or could I still sell it?

    • @Ejnyl In my case, I was able to sell it. As far as I know, you can’t sell the items that you got from the trade stall. Since you are getting from the mall, not the trade stall, it should work.

  3. ^ One drill bit will last for 2 harvests so you can install a new drill when the last one is used up. Also, the excavator will last for 5 drills and after that, it’ll be destroyed. Nothing in this game lasts forever. And that keeps the economy alive.

    • @PsyEnz If you are struggling to find alloy drill bit, you can purchase it in the market. (Training -> Market). It will cost you 200 gold bars or some training medals. I found it’s the best deal. If you go to the mall, it will cost 800 gold bars. However, I managed to find 2-3 alloy drill bit in the sandcastle. It took many hours though!