LifeAfter – Camp Basics: Create, Join, Leave And Gold Bars

LifeAfter Camp feature lets you access more functions and benefits. Check out our LifeAfter Camp Basics guide to create, join, leave

Note – This is the basic guide and does not cover information like territory, trade city, camp pond, and strategies to grow camp. We will cover all these aspects in the next post. In this post, you will learn how to create a camp, how things work, about the contribution, and all the basics things that you need to know as a beginner. There are some tricky things, which are not easy to understand. If you have any question, please comment below. Let’s get started – LifeAfter Camp basics guide!

LifeAfter Camp – Creating The Camp and Joining The Camp

As soon as you pass the tutorial or enter the game directly by answering all the questions, required to skip the tutorial, you will land on the development zone. After completing the first few quests(In these quests, you receive the facilities from the mailbox and place it on the home foundation), a private camp quest will get unlocked.

In this private quest, you visit the camp administrator Billy, who works in the commerce bureau, 101. To visit the 101(town), head to the helicopter point(tap the mini-map at the upper-right corner of the screen – find the red color exit point) -> open -> zone -> 101. Once you reach the 101(town), open the mini-map again and find (i) mark(As shown in the below picture). That’s the commerce bureau. LifeAfter Camp

There you will see Billy, the camp application administrator. Interact with her and choose to talk. There you have four options;

  • I want to know about the private camps
  • I’ve prepared the 18500 gold bars, needed to create a camp. Please give me an application form
  • And, I want to join a camp. Do you have any camp info?
  • I have a few more things to do in 101

If you want to create a camp, choose the 2nd option. After that, you will see an application form. Here’s how to fill that form: –

LifeAfter CampFirst, keep in mind that you need at least 18500 gold bars to become a mayor or create a camp. And, you are paying only 60% of the amount. The game lets you pay up to 80% of the amount. If you choose 70% or 80%, the amount will increase(around 20,000 – 25,000).

In the camp name, name your camp.

Add Permissions; Free Entry, Approval Required. If you choose the free entry, other players will join your camp instantly without getting approval from you(mayor). If you choose the approval, you will have to manually approve the players’ applications(who wants to join your camp).

LifeAfter Camp Application – Crowd Funding/Service Charge ->

This is the tricky part. As we mentioned above, you can pay up to 80% of the amount yourself. The rest 20% amount will be funded by other players. When you pay the amount(60% or 70% or 80%), the camp administrator will approve your application. Once the application approved, your camp will be listed in the camp search where other players can support your camp. Now, 40% amount is still left(depends on personal funding). This amount is funded by other players. As soon as other players support or fund this amount, you will receive the notification in the chatbox and the game will grant you a camp.

So what is the service charge? It is the amount that you need to pay to collect funds from other players. You have three options; 1 day, 2 days, and 4 days. If you choose 1 day, the funds should be collected within a day. You can increase the time duration to collect funds by paying more service charges. 1 day – 500, 2 days – 900, 4 days – 1500. We would recommend you to choose 1 day. The game is new and lots of players are willing to fund.

LifeAfter Camp Application – Personal Funding Ratio

In this category, you have three options; 60%, 70%, and 80%. How much amount you can pay yourself? 60%, 70% or 80%. If you choose 60%, you will have to pay 18,500 gold bars. That’s the minimum amount. We would recommend you to choose 60%. Rest 40% amount will be funded by other players.

LifeAfter Camp Application – Crowd Funding Participants

In this category, you have to select the number of participants who will support your camp(fund). For example; In the personal funding ration, you selected 60%. Now, 40% amount is due. How many participants can pay this due amount(40%)? 7, 8, 9? These players will join your camp without approval. That’s how crowdfunding works. They will pay this amount(gold bars). At the bottom of the application form, you can check the amount that will be paid by per person.

Once you are done, tap the ⇒ option to go to the next page. Select the camp type(you can change it later). Add camp introduction. Tap the tick mark next to your name to confirm.

After that, if you interact with Billy -> choose view progress, you can check the progress. As soon as the funded succeed, the game will grant you a camp. Read the guide below for more details. Let’s learn how to join the camp quickly.

Choose the third option(I want to join) if you want to join a camp.

This is another tricky part. When you choose to join a camp, the game will show you the list of camps. There are two types of camps; In progress, already created. In Progress – If you have read the above guide(to create camp), then it would be easy for you to understand. These are the camps, which are looking for supporters to pay due amount. If you support these camps by paying a small number of gold bars, you will get the approval directly. Already Created – These are the established camps. You will have to apply for these camps. You don’t get direct approval(if permission is set). It would be in the hand of the mayor of the camp whether to accept your application or not.

LifeAfter Camp – How To Quickly Join The Camp?

LifeAfter CampAfter choosing the second option(join), you will see the list of camps. Tap the filter button -> uncheck the box next to can join. Now, you will see the camps, which are looking for supporters. If there is no camp, wait! Pay a small number of gold bars -> support -> that’s it. LifeAfter Camp

How to earn gold bars in LifeAfter?

At the top-right side of the game screen, tap the daily option. It will show you the list of events. Complete these events to earn gold bars. If you are a beginner, we would recommend you to complete the autumn forest event. It will reward you 500 gold bars. If this event is not available, wait! At the top of the event screen, tap schedule -> autumn forest. If you have any question, comment below!

After Creating and Joining!

In LifeAfter, as soon as you create or join a camp, you will be able to move your manor to the camp. Visit the development zone(through helicopter) -> In the dev zone, find Rachel and interact -> move house. After that, you will get a gift from NPCs. In the camp’s town hall, you can access bank, target training, data center, merchants, and more features.

How To Leave A Camp?

LifeAfter CampIf your camp is not active, you should leave it and join an active camp. Keep in mind that you can not leave it within 24 hours after joining the camp. To leave the camp -> go to the town hall(camp’s town hall, not 101) -> find city hall -> enter city hall -> go upstairs -> on the first floor, you will see Crazy Huntress. Talk to her -> Leave. You will need to pay a small amount of fee(gold bars). After that, your manor will be moved to the development zone(including all facilities, except crops).


In the camp’s town hall -> find bank -> go inside -> go close to the vault(looks like an ATM) -> use -> resources -> donate.

So this is the LifeAfter Camp basics guide. We will cover the rest aspects such as the camp pond, territory, and more in the next posts.

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149 thoughts on “LifeAfter – Camp Basics: Create, Join, Leave And Gold Bars”

  1. Thank you! this post is really helpful. Can you also post about the camp permission settings? I am a Mayor, but I’m still confused on granting permission to my officials.
    I know how to do it, but I do not know what each of the permission does.


    • @Bari Accept New – Accept new members request, Kick Out – Kick Out members from the camp, Increase Period – Upgrading camp to the next period, Start New – It is related to starting new territory, Apply/Modify – It is related to the events, Research – To give permission to research(R&D), Adjust Tax Rate – It is related to the camp tax(you can adjust the tax rate if you have this permission – tax on food, wood, and other items). Set Honorary – Honorary members can move and visit any unoccupied manor. Change Camp – It is related to the camp name. Set – It is related to achievements. Set Camp – Related to the schedule. Customize – Customizing the camp. Fill Benefits Box – You can make changes in the benefits box(near the smart shop in the town, there is a vegetable shop) – there you can share resources(Almost every resource). Citizens can claim the resources from this facility. I am not sure about the vault permission

  2. As a mayor, do you know of a way to allow different resources to be donated directly to the vault? It doesn’t allow for donation of wood, stone, fish or many of the basic resources.

    • @Mooshu Basically, you don’t need to donate those basic resources. You have to donate the resources, which are required to upgrade the camp’s prosperity level. You can check it in the mayor hall -> data management(the map project in entrance) -> prosperity -> upgrade. If you are a mayor, tell your member to donate these resources. Additionally, you need to pay camp operation cost(you can check it through the vault). This cost is collected through the tax; on food, wood, hemp, and stone. The tax deducts automatically(when a member brings resources from outside). The mayor can adjust the tax rate and put the resources stored in the vault on sale.

    • @denis To be honest, I have not tried it yet as I don’t want to lose my camp. I don’t know whether it will work or not;

      first, make that member an official and then leave the camp. You can do it by visiting the mayor hall in the hall -> manage camp -> members -> add official -> give all the permissions -> save. After that, leave the camp(Read the guide above how to leave).

  3. With regards to the passing the mayorship to another, when our mayor left us, the title was transferred to the person with the highest tax contributed. He was not even a member of the officials.

  4. hello, i’m a mayor in a new camp, how can i take the resources stored in vault? its always says that i cant take the resources out even though i’m the mayor. did it actually possible for the mayor to take out the resources that stores in vault?

    • @Bayu Nope. However, you can sell the extra resources(not recommended though). Additionally, if you are a mayor, you can add the vault supplies to benefit box. In your camp’s hall, near the smart shop, there is a food point. Go there -> an option(“open”) will appear -> settings -> add camp benefits -> select the resources.

  5. Hi, I’m new to this game and i joined a camp. I’ve been assigned as a deputy and been given different tasks. I was wondering how the stones, woods, and bars are donated? where do this resources comes from? I’m a little bit confuse of it. Because i want to claim a territory and I already saw some resources is complete and ready, except for the stones that still a little bit lacking. I want to know how i will gather the remaining stones needed so i can finally claim a territory.



    • @Denoa Wood, Stone, Hemp, and other Food items are supplied to camp through tax. The mayor can adjust the tax rate in the mayor hall. The tax deducts when the member of camp ships resources from other zones to the camp/manor. You don’t need to donate these resources(wood, food, hemp, stones). Just tell the members to collect these resources and send to the manor(the tax will be the income).
      If you want to donate gold bars, you can do it through the vault. Also, keep in mind that every day a certain amount of supplies is used to pay camp operations. So if you see a drop in the camp treasure(wood, food, hemp, stones), don’t get confused.
      Since you don’t have stones, you can increase the tax rate on stones(make sure to tell members).

  6. H,i I just became Mayor of my own camp and I cannot figure out how to donate resources.. I got to the Bank and hit the resource tab but everytime I try to select resources from my bag, it says they cannot be donated. What am I doing wrong? Lol

  7. Hi, do you know how to increase members in camp? and the taxes I really2 confuse on this. I’m the mayor but i don’t understand being mayor roles 🙁 Can explain to me please! 🙁

    • @Nyna You can increase the members maximum limit by raising the camp rank. To raise the camp rank/level, you must meet the minimum requirement. The requirement includes the prosperity level, MGT points and a certain amount of resources. In your camp’s private hall(town hall), enter the mayor hall building. In the middle of the mayor hall room, there is a camp data center. Aim over it and choose to manage the camp. After that, you will see six options; members, period info, fiscal info, manage camp, latest schedule, and technology info.

      Tap period info -> tap upgrade -> here you can check the prosperity level requirement, management points requirement, and resources required.

      Prosperity level increases as the members participate in the patrol quest, gather resources(tax income).
      Tap Fiscal Info -> here you can adjust the tax rate and set the goal(the goal will be highlighted in the vault). The ideal tax rate is 10%. You can increase it if you want to gather the resources quickly. The tax will be used to pay the camp operation cost.
      There are many more things such as private buildings, territories, trade city – we will cover all these aspects in the next post!

  8. What are the benefits of joining a camp?? The only benefit I can see is that I can fast travel within and it has become easy to visit different shops, and fishing, except that nothing. Instead the tax has increased, had to pay lot of gold bars to move my manor, cannot collect resources from nearby, etc. The disadvantages outweigh the gains. So what are the benefits??

    • @Shane You can participate in the camp events and earn gold. For example; Patrol Quests, Camp Boss, Infected Invasion, and more. Also, there are some shops/merchants exclusive in the camp. For example; you can buy drill engine oil from the guy outside the bank. In the camp’s weapon shop, you can make add-ons for the guns. You can craft level 3 Backpack in the camp’s armor shop. As the camp grows, you get more benefits from all the sources. Also, it lets you access the roommate feature. Outside the manor in camp, if you kill zombies, you will get some docs that you can sell for the new dollar. Also, you have other quests or events like trade city, territory, private building, and other stuff.

  9. There’s a notice pop out saying “few soldiers snuck into camp be careful” many times , where can i fine that soldiers? and why at the middle mayor townhall says that management on risk 48% . What so i do? Please help advise 🙁

    • @Nynaa Management-Risk or stat is affected by the camp’s activity in paying operation cost and patrol Quest. If it’s 0-59, it’s not good. 60-94 – normal. And, 94+ = Safe. You can increase it by completing the patrol quest daily. Also, check the daily camp operation cost in the vault and complete it.

    • @Dsash There is no such feature. If the current mayor leaves the camp, then the member with the highest contribution becomes the mayor.

  10. Hey, it’s me again, how can you obtain Lvl 1 Enriched Vein Gathering Talent?? I have already got Miner certificate but need this to collect lvl 2 tin ore.

    • @Shane did you upgrade the cert’s ability? Tap the home icon -> abilities, on the left side, you can check the cert-> tap the eye icon next to it -> In the Miner I, there would be first ability Enriched. Upgrade it.

  11. Can i ask? About other player attack other player camp/house, care you explain it? Because this first time i play this game.. How to avoid other player attack my house?

    • @Alerize You can add defensive facility next to the manor gate; barricades. Or if someone sneaks into your house(and you are online), you may get the notification.

  12. So I was given the title (active Mayor) of a camp I joined. The camp Mayor hasn’t been active for 11 days. Is it possible for me to aquire the true Mayor title?

    • @Iphexia Yeah, the game gives this title to the highest contributor. And, you get some rights; accepting requests etc. But, to be honest, I don’t know whether it will give you the Mayor role or not. In other games, the game automatically transfers the leadership to the most active player. You should wait for a few more days. I will update his comment once I get full information on this.

  13. Hi, so I was wondering, I plan to create a camp for my other 2 friends, and the rest public players, is there any chance that we don’t get attacked, i was thinking of maybe growing first or just be a neutral camp and doesn’t want trouble. And what happens if they (attackers) totally trashed our manors? Do formula shards (and any similar valuable items) gets stolen? Also, is there any requirement we need to achieve if we want our camp to stay active? (I asked this because the camp may automatically disband if slow/no progress) These are my worries of getting/creating a camp.

    • @EKA To avoid being looted by others, you can add defense to the manor; barricades, electric fence, and more. Other players can visit your camp and break walls, doors, chests etc. They can even harvest crops from your farmland. So, it’s better to add defense and stay active. You can kill them before they loot. One of my camp members claimed he got an alloy drill bit from someone else chests. So maybe you can lose the formula shard too. If the camp is not active or active members or you are not paying the daily operational cost, the management points will reduce. Basically, you would not be able to upgrade it or participate in the trade city or bidding events. In that case, you can merge with another camp. To keep the camp in active status, you need active members and tell them to donate, complete patrol quests, participate in the camp events, gather resources from the maps.

    • To kick a member -> enter the city hall in private camp -> camp data center -> manage -> members -> tap the member name -> kick out.

  14. Sir i have an issue.
    I do raise the tax to 20% for each source.
    And im very often sending a sources to manor , but the camp operational cost is still zero, espesially wood, stone and hemp.
    I really confusing try to find out that problem.
    May you can help my problem.
    Thank you very much.

    • @anton If you become manor, you will have to take care of many things. Do it if you want to take responsibility. If you are in someone’s camp, make sure to be active, participate in all the events, team up with members, and enjoy!
      Vault donation = +Camp Resources/Treasure.
      Taxation+donation = Camp Contribution
      To check the taxation stats, go to the mayor hall -> data center -> manage -> fiscal -> go to the taxation tab. Here you can check the taxation stats.

    • @Kaitlyn Craft the enhancement item in material bench and then tap build option in manor – tap enhance – tap enhancement – point to door and floor. It will upgrade the door and floor (defense and look).

  15. @Nick does your manor level have to be higher than 3 because I’m still only getting the option to craft a simple wooden door and simple wooden floor

  16. @Nick it will not give the mayor role. If the mayor goes missing, the highest contributor gets acting mayor until the mayor signs back in. The acting role has fewer permissions.

    • If you are on charles twon server and looking for camp’ please send request to our camp with soul word message

      camp name is soulfan
      make sure to be active
      you should be above manor level 3

  17. what’s individual tax rate? everytime i’ve brought things from outside of the camp, beside the camp tax, i’ve also got an extra 2% individual tax rate (it said because of my manor got raid)
    is there any way to get rid of this individual tax rate?

  18. Hello! I have many golds in my vault ( I use to trade my extra resources). Is there an way to buy resources that I need to upgrade my camp using the Camp Golds?

    • @Anonymous_Delete_Official You need to delete the official from the official list and then you can kick him/her out(if you are mayor). Tap the official in the official section(camp data management center -> members) -> delete.

  19. Good day sir
    I want to know about combining the camp
    Do you know how to do that and what is the conditions for doing that.?

    • @Sarden Sorry, I have not tried this feature yet. If you are going to try it, make sure to check the camp activity points. Camp with high camp activity points will get dominance over the camp with fewer activity points. You can check it in the camp data management center.

    • @anton No need to craft to increase crafting mastery level. Just complete the daily duties tasks and you will get loads of crafting mastery points. Also, complete the resource points quest daily, win in nancy city battles.

  20. Hello 🙂 is there a full guide in managing a camp, and a detailed elaboration of the responsibilities of each officers and members? I’m really confused about it. And also about its features and all.

  21. I am the Mayor of my own camp and I want to move my Manor to the island but it states I need to Revoke my Honorary? Does that mean I wouldn’t be Mayor anymore?!

  22. Hihi, i am a loner and just wanna create my own camp and have my other toons in the same account join in. Is that possible?

  23. Hello. I have a camp on life after. And a friend and i jave descided to. Merge are camps. Problems. We are running into. Is we cant find eatchothers Camp name. So we can combined. If anyone. Knows how to do this. Please let me know. Thank you in advance

  24. Hi, I’ve just joined the camp, and I want to move my manor closer to the main city. But I cannot find out how to move my manor!!

  25. If i leave my camp does my farmland i opened lost? Back to originally farm when i join new camp? Please answer.. i want to leave my camp, but I’m already opened my farmlands..

    Thank you

  26. In quest at “camp profile” theres this “concrete Dam” where it says “need lime 50 pcs and to hand in at least 10 per person”, How do you hand in the 10 limes? Pls help I already checked all npc in camp

  27. Hi, i make a new camp. It needs 9 supporters. I already have 1. What if until the time limit i still dont have 9 supportter. Does it mean i cant make the camp without all 9 supporters? Thanks

  28. While a memeber of a camp can another player steal resources locked in my house? Could another camp member steal from another members house? Just curious.

    • @Null, No but they can steal RSS that is stored in Charles Town Locker. Enemies can travel to CT on Tues, Thursday, and Saturday

  29. What are the pros and cons of living in the island camp vs. living near the city?
    Is there a difference ? Which site is more likely to be raided?

    • @bitsy I guess, random houses get raid over time. In terms of pro; If your manor in any camp territory, it will be easy for other members to figure out your manor. Sometimes, it helps in patrol quest(quick travel – quest area), etc.. There is no con though.

    • @Oleileie Only Mayor can change the name. To do that, go to city hall in camp -> camp data management -> manage camp -> camp set. It will cost you around 2000 Gold Bars.

  30. We have been collecting thousands of wood and it still says 0/6720 in the camp vault and it in the city hall. PLEASE HELP

    • @Michelle Ohh sad! If you are collecting woods but it’s not counting, that seems to be a bug! I would recommend contacting their support team. Here’s the email address; [email protected] or Try adjusting the tax rate(Set high).

  31. @Zanawar the mayor has to do this.. city hall -> manage camp -> fiscal info -> adjust rate
    you can adjust it as low as 5% and up to 25% 🙂 hope this helps

  32. We have collected thousands of wood and it still says 0/6720 in the camp vault and city hall for wood… PLEASE HELP

  33. tax rate is set to 25%, we have been collecting all day and still nothing. ughh. emailed, hopefully i will get a response sooner rather than later with it being a holiday and sunday.. thanks for the response!

  34. Sorry bad English how I gain tax points faster than other cuz 1 my friend is way forward and also he joined the camp later.. help

  35. My camp has become super weak to the point I need to leave. I have made two good friends that want to leave with me. Is there a way we can request for a camp to accept the three of us?

  36. How to visit a friend’s manor in the same camp? I’m in the island 6 and my friend’s manor in the island 2.

    • @Monic Open mini-map and on the left side, chose island entry point -> quick travel -> talk to the guy -> choose Island 2 -> go ahead over the bridge -> open mini-map again and find the friend manor.

  37. Hey Nick. Can I visit my friend on the other camp or can he visit my camp when he’s another camp? When we can, how?

  38. Is there any other way to pay the camp operation cost for food and stone other than teling the camp to farm? We cant event fill the Stone and food cost even after we increase the tax 🙁 the tax number for both food and Stone are too many 🙁
    And how R&D Machine actually works? What type of camp is better? Is it nature type? Industry or band of Brother? Do you mind explaining about these?

    • @KK Yes, by donating rare(secondary resources) of stone, you can contribute to the camp operational cost. For example; donate tin ore, iron ore and it will count as stone. And, donate food items through the camp vault for food cost.

      Refer to the mayor post for R&D info. Link – Here

  39. @Nick Hi a newer camp resident has sent an application for “Transfer Station Building Permissions to make use of their great construction potential for the camp” What does that mean? Is he asking to be an official with permissions? Asking to be an honorary? Asking to move his manor? Or does it have something to do with Charles town transfer station and building a stronghold house?
    This is our 8th day of camp and we are still new players, we’re having to google so much! Thanks for your help!

  40. @Nick thank you that clears it up!
    Also we have had to kick several inactive residents out of our camp lately and we’ve noticed that we have notifications for new camp applications, but the applications aren’t there. Is this a glitch? Did we kick too many people out? Thanks!

  41. @Nick I have another question. I may be confused by the honorary citizenship because we had multiple available lots on the main island (after inactive players were kicked) and the mayor planned to have a few honorary citizens move to those spots. However, within 5 hours there are newly accepted applicants who appeared in those spots instead. Those new applicants are not honorary, how is it possible for them to move to the main island? Is there anything the mayor can do to move them without just kicking them out of the camp?

    • @Maegan Nope. Without honorary, citizens can not move to the territory regions. You may need to re-check manually.
      Instead of kicking them out, you can remove the honorary tag(camp mgt -> members -> tap the member -> revoke). After that, they will be moved to the Island.

      And, the notifications thing – players send the request to multiple camps. And, all those camp receive a notification. It might be possible that other camp accepted that citizen before you, that’s why it’s not showing application.

  42. @Nick thank you! It’s really weird that new people have the opportunity to jump on the main island. But thank you for explaining that and the application notifications!

  43. @Nick – How to effectively increase camp activity to medium or high. Currently my camp is in low activities, active player is roughly 8 to 10 player. Please help, wanted to merge with other camp while maintaining the Mayorship.

    Thanks in advance

    • @Rimmy Merging feature is available to the camp with medium or low activities. In this process, the low activity camp merges into the medium activity camp. To do so, the medium activity camp must have enough space for low activity camps. For example; If there are (10) members in the low activity camp, then medium camp should have (10) slots.
      After that, both the mayors initiate the merging process from the city hall. You will get notified. The whole process takes 24 hours to get into effect. You can cancel it within this period.
      After that, low activity camp members become the citizens of medium activity camp. A small part of the vault resources will be transferred to the medium activity camp.
      And, to increase camp activity: –

      It’s not clear though as the game does not have an explanation. As per our information: –
      It increases on the basis of members’ activities; attend events, donate RSS, do patrol, camp drill, etc.

  44. Hi! We’ve got a serious issue paying stone daily op costs, 3 days ago the op cost for stone was about 10,000 & yesterday’s was 33,845 & now today is over 35,000! Is it going to continue to increase exponentially every day? Is there a limit? We are steam period now but still weeding out inactive players, about 15 out of the 78 players are regularly active. It’s like the game doesn’t want camps to succeed 🙁

    • @Maegan Are you using any technologies? And, yes… it happens in every game(Few active players). Players become inactive after a few days. I remember the day when I created my camp and one of our members was playing the whole day and suddenly he becomes inactive after manor level 5. If you want to retain the players in the camp, you must add all of them in a group – chat, share videos, etc. In my case, we use Discord, FB group, WhatsApp. And, as I said before, people quit the game when they get bored with it. Not all have the same preference; Some people play for a long time while some play for a few days. We have around 70 players; out of which ~50 players are active. And the numbers are decreasing day by day.

  45. @Gary thank you for your response! Yes we are using technologies now; it seems the op costs have gotten much higher this past week since we started using the R&D machine. Is there any way to discontinue use of the R&D machine/technologies? We set up a discord but are new to it and don’t really know how to get people involved, we can try to invite people to it again. We have about 65/80 residents with approx 10 who participate and another 10 who are online often but don’t bring in any taxes or contribute to the vault.

  46. Hey there i wonder what are the tasks of the staffs in the camp? Do they have certain responsibilities? If so can you give example. Thanks in advance!

  47. Hi I created a camp but failed as I only got 6 supporters (missed by 1) now it says expired. how long should i wait to create new one and if i cannot do i get refunded and when?

  48. What if the camp that i created does not have enough supporters within 24 hour? Will it just be deleted and how much gold bars will Billy return to me(if the camp was deleted)? And this article is helpful.Answer me thank you.

  49. Hello am new in the game lifeafter and i just created my camp and no one to fund it, please guys help me fund my camp and i will make you a honorary citizen in my camp, my camp name is fearles, you can search it up at the camp list, thanks guys


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