Dream Hospital Game Cheats: Tips And Strategy Guide

Dream Hospital Game Cheats Guide TipsDream Hospital is a great hospital simulation game for Android by Yboga in which you manage your own hospital, take care of all patients, hire doctors, and manage all kinds of activities. Our Dream Hospital cheats, tips, and strategy guide will help you in increasing the reputation of your hospital

Dream Hospital is one of the best hospital simulation games for Android. It features almost all content which should be in a hospital simulation game. Its characters, gameplay, lots of tasks, challenging activities makes it even better. However, managing the whole hospital is not an easy task, these Dram Hospital cheats, tips, and a beginner’s guide will help you to play it like a Pro!

Dream Hospital – Get Started

Dream Hospital Game Cheats Guide TipsLike other Android games, Dream Hospital game also starts with a short tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play dream hospital, hire doctors, nurse, add more facilities, give medicines, and much more. Once the tutorial ends, the player independently handles all kind of activities. Let’s start the dream hospital game guide first. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

Dream Hospital Game Guide; How To Play – Gameplay – Part 1

In this part, we will learn about the gameplay; what type of activities you have to do in it and how do you manage the hospital. In the dream hospital game, you have to manage these activities: –

  1. Hiring Doctors
  2. Managing Doctors; rest, boost, fire, and more
  3. Add or upgrade facilities; Pharmacy, Reception, Laboratory, and more
  4. Manage direct visitors; give them medicines or other items; bandage, herbal tea, antidote, painkiller, and more
  5. Clean Hospital
  6. Layout
  7. Managing Patients
  8. Add other items; plants, benches, and more
  9. Research
  10. Boosters
  11. Attract VIP Customers
  12. Expand hospital
  13. Build and maintain hospital reputation

So there are plenty of things you have to take care of and it would not be easy. But this guide will make it easy for you and you will be able to progress fast in this game as well as earn a decent amount of gold coins, equipment.

The process; Your doctors and nurses treat patient, your task is to maintain their happiness and cure them fast. There are some tips and tricks to maintain the happiness of patients in dream hospital game[listed below]. Before we start these cheats and tricks, let’s complete the dream hospital game guide.

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Dream Hospital Game Guide – Part 2 – All Sections

In this part, we will talk about all sections featured in the game, about the game currency and how you will get it for free, how to level-up, the easiest way to earn regular, super, and epic box.

  • Doctors and nurses

In Dream Hospital game, after you buy a facility(say laboratory), you have to hire a doctor. Just tap on the facility ⇒ doctor or nurse ⇒ hiring list ⇒ select a doctor or nurse. You have to pay coins to hire doctors and nurses. These doctors and nurses work on two attributes; happiness and stamina, you have to maintain these attributes to progress fast.

  • Unlock new resources

You can unlock new resources such as office, reception, ENT office, Psychiatrists’ office, and many more by leveling up your profile. These new offices and centers help you in expanding your hospital and you will be able to help more patients.

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  • How to level-up

To level-up your profile in dream hospital game, you need XPs and XPs can be obtained by completing the quests, by giving cures to patients, and by building new centers/offices. Leveling up unlocks new features such as booster, research center, VIP patients, and much more. So to access new features, level up your profile as fast as you can. There are some tips mentioned below for this action.

  • In-Game Currency

Coins used in building new resources, to purchase useful items from the medical store, and in many more tasks. You can earn gold coins by completing quests, from the boxes, and automatically when your doctors treat the patients. Diamonds used in completing things faster, to add more slots in medical store, and in many more tasks. You can obtain diamonds free by completing the quests.

  • Advisor List

Under this list, you can see all those tasks which you have to as fast as you can. Take this list seriously in order to maintain the reputation of your hospital. Check out all the tasks or warnings and fix them.

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  • Layout

You can move an item or office by holding your finger on that item and swipe up. In order to maintain the hospital easily, you should set up the similar type of offices closely. For instance, utility items at one side, reception centers closely. So that you can figure out small requirements easily.

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So this is the dream hospital game beginner’s guide. Now let’s start the dream hospital game cheats, tips, and tricks to manage the hospital like a pro!

Dream Hospital Game Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

Dream Hospital Game Cheats Guide Tips1.) Doctor – Cheats

If you have noticed, some of your doctors automatically come out of their office for the rest. This will delay the treatment process for patients and it might hurt your hospital reputation. So whenever you see the doctor or nurse resting, tap on them and cancel their rest. Keep in mind that this action will reduce their happiness. So it would be better to use the booster. Tap on a doctor, then choose boost option, select the booster to increase their stamina and happiness. Use booster time to time in order to enhance their workload.

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2.) Patients – Tips And Cheats

In Dream Hospital game, your patient should be happier. You can keep track of each patient in your hospital by taping on them. Take a look at their status and if it is not good; health and happy status are red, then give them boosters. Keep in mind that, use right boosters; check red and green sign. So it is the best way to avoid angry reaction of patients in Dream Hospital game. Check out all of your patient’s status; if there is a long queue, then only boosters can save you.

3.) Earn Free Boxes

There are three types of boxes; regular box, super box, and epic box. Regular box contains money, diamonds, and blueprints. Super box contains diamonds and blueprints. Epic box contains room and staff equipment. You can obtain these boxes by making your patients happy. If patients get all treatment fine, then they will give you happy reaction. So try to complete their needs before they lose their happy status. Check out the above tip to make them always happy.

4.) Attract VIP Customers

VIP Customers gives you a decent amount of coins and other rewards. To attract them towards your hospital in dream hospital game, you have to build the reputation.

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5.) Miscellaneous tips and cheats for Dream Hospital game

  • Upgrade your office
  • To keep your patient happy, add props items to your hospital; benches, plants, statues, and more
  • Go to the medical store and keep all the slots busy
  • Grab the daily offer in medical store to get the room or staff equipment
  • Use room equipment to make the patient happy; tap on an office, then tap on empty slot under equipment section and equip

So these are the top best dream hospital game cheats, tips, and tricks + dream hospital beginner’s guide. Download Dream Hospital game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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  1. the VIP patients has 3 stats.
    1. Cross for Health
    2. Flower is for what?
    3. Smiley Emoji for happiness
    What is the flower for? How can I fill that to 100%

  2. the VIP patients has 3 stats.
    1. Cross for Health
    2. Flower is for what?
    3. Smiley Emoji for happiness
    What is the flower for? How can I fill that to 100%

  3. Hi! I have two GP and two labs, but only one gp and one lab are attending to the patients. How do I fix this? Thank you!