Fishing Clash Cheats, Tips, Guide To Catch Legendary Fish

Are you still struggling to get legendary fish in Fishing Clash game? Not getting 10 stars fish? Are opponents defeating you in multiplayer battle? Then come here and check out some fantastic Fishing Clash Cheats, Tips, and Fishing Clash guide to earn more coins, catch legendary fish, get more pearls and much more

Fishing Clash is one of the best fishing games for Android. The gameplay is simple and it also features real-time multiplayer mode in which you fight against other players from all over the world for trophies. In this post, we have covered everything about the Fishing Clash game and sharing the best Fishing Clash guide and Fishing Clash cheats, tips to catch legendary fish, defeat opponents, and much more secrets. Let’s start the Fishing Clash guide first;

Fishing Clash Guide;

In this part, we will learn about everything in this game you need to know. And this is important if you really want to catch legendary fish! Why is legendary fish important? If you catch big fish or legendary fish, you can earn a huge amount of coins & pearls. And these in-game currencies are very much important. Let’s start the Fishing Clash guide without wasting time.

As usual, it starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Fishing Clash, about lures, and much more. You just tap on the cast button and wait for the fish. Once you get it, you can use it as the lure.

Some basic things you need to know;

  • You earn coins and EXP by catching the fish
  • Each day, you can catch 50 fish(for coins). Later, you would not get coins
  • There are four things determines the size of fish or rarity of fish or points or stars; power-ups, bonuses, rod, and lure

Let’s learn about everything;

1.) Power-Ups – Fishing Clash Guide

Fishing ClashThere are three types of power-ups in Fishing Clash game, used to increase the chances of getting a rare or high star fish. At the beginning of the game, you have limited number of power-ups. You can earn power-ups by completing the quests, collection, from cards, and using pearls.

Three power-ups;

  • Weight
  • Catch Chance
  • Speed

How to use power-ups?

Before you tap on the cast button, you need to activate them. Tap on a power-up on the main screen to activate. Here’s how(check the above picture).

Why should you activate power-ups?

  • It increases the chance of getting a rare, epic or legendary lure
  • To catch big fish
  • To catch fish faster than ever
  • Catch heavy fish

How do you get power-ups in Fishing Clash game?

  • One of the best ways is completing the quest
  • Complete daily challenges
  • from special packs

When to use power-ups?

  • In duel-mode

I think it’s enough for power-ups! Now, let’s learn about the lures!

2.) Lures – Fishing Clash guide

Fishing ClashThe lure is one of the most important items in Fishing Clash game. The more powerful and rare lure is, the better fish you will get in duel mode or normal mode. Types of lures;

  1. Basic
  2. Common
  3. Epic
  4. Rare
  5. Mythical

Why is lure important?

  • It increases the chances of getting a better fish

How to change your lure?

Just above the cast icon, on the main screen, tap on the current lure icon.

Swipe left or right to change the lure and then tap on the equip button.

3.) Rod – Fishing Clash

Fishing ClashAt the beginning of the game, you have Sunset 350. To upgrade it to pro, you need 50 pearls. The pro version of rod helps you in catching a big or legendary fish. Tap on the rod icon, on the main screen to check your current rod level and its bonuses.

What is rod bonus?

You earn EXP by catching the fish and EXP levels up the rod. Level up unlocks new bonuses. Bonuses such as; duel bonus, yellowtail snapper, and more.

These bonuses are passive skills; increase the fishing mastery points.

Tap on the draw button next to it[under rod menu] and draw your bonus. If it’s already there, then don’t draw. Save your pearls fro the pro version of the road.

4.) Multiplayer Battle Guide

Fishing ClashIn this mode, you compete against other players from all over the world. You earn trophies by defeating the opponent and once you earn enough, you get rewards; precious items.

The very first step you have to do is selecting the best lure; select the best one or upgrade it if upgrade available. Then you need to catch two types of fish; you can check at the top-right corner of the screen.

You need to change the lure to catch a specific fish. For instance, to catch hogfish, you need hogfish lure. To catch red snapper, you need red snapper lure. You can switch between lures by tapping the lure cards, at the bottom-center of the screen. The player who earns more points gets the victory. To earn more points, you need to catch the better fish. And to catch the better fish, read our Fishing Clash cheats, tips

So this is the Fishing Clash guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn some Fishing Clash cheats, tips to catch legendary fish.

Fishing Clash Cheats, Tips

#Tip 1.) Earn Power-Ups by completing the missions

Fishing ClashOn the main screen, at the right side, check out the task you have to complete. Check out the task and change the lure according to it and then cast. For instance, there is a task; catch yellowtail snapper, then select yellowtail snapper lure from lure menu(check the guide above).

Completing a quest reward you power-ups, and lure cards. What is lure cards? These cards used in upgrading the lures.

#Tip 2.) Upgrade the lures to win duel modes or catch big fish

As stated above, the lure is one of the main items in fishing. If it’s of poor quality, then you can not catch a big or rare or legendary fish. So it would be better to upgrade the lures. Don’t upgrade common lures, it’s waste. Upgrade rare, epic, mythical lures! You need lure cards, can be obtained by completing the quests.

#Tip 3.) Use the power-up strategy to win duel mode

Getting victory in duel mode is very important, to unlock special packs. These packs contain better lures, power-ups, and other items. But how to win in duel mode in Fishing Clash game?

  • Level-up and draw bonus – In rod section
  • Upgrade your lures
  • Use Power-ups
  • Don’t waste time and catch until you get a fish with high points

#Tip 4.) Claim free packs and get precious items for free

There are two types of packs; free pack and special pack. Special pack gets unlocked when you earn a set of trophies. And the free pack unlocks after every few hours. Don’t forget to open it(at the bottom of the screen).

#Tip 5.) Catch the legendary fish using this tip

To catch a legendary fish;

  • Upgrade a rare lure to its maximum level
  • Once you reach the max. level, then use all the power-ups+rod bonuses

It’s the easiest way to catch a bigger and legendary fish in Fishing Clash game.

#Tip 6.) The daily does to level-up fast

Fishing Clash

  • Complete the daily challenge
  • Catch 50 fish daily
  • Don’t waste your pearls; collect them by achieving achievements or by completing a set of fish collection
  • Play duel mode, earn trophies and unlock special packs

#Tip 7.) Use the codes for freebies

In the upper-right corner, tap the menu button. This will open the menu. From the menu list, tap gift code. Enter the gift code and get rewards. You can check the Fishing Clash gift codes 2020 here

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  1. I am spending more and more money and catching smaller fish. I use the bonuses but still doesn’t give me bigger fish and I only use more of them trying to catch bigger fish. Anybody else having this problem also?

  2. How do you get back to level I was on. I was in loch nest and played a duel. Got stuck in level one. Accidentally hit dual on level 3 on my phone. Stuck in level. Any suggestions

  3. I have: L1 common 3.2% heavier fish
    L1 common 4.3% h/f
    L1 legendary 2.9% h/f
    L1 rare 2.9% h/f
    L2 common 4.4% h/f, Luck 20%
    L2 rare 3.5% h/f, Sonar 20%
    L2 epic 2.5% h/f, Sonar 40%
    L2 legendary h/f 2.9%, sonar 50%
    L2 rare 2.0% h/f, sonar 60%
    That is in Mediterranean Sea, please help with decision.

  4. Yes you haft recycle rods of the same value. But be careful doing it. Make sure your not recycling a rod that you need for specific class of fish. If you recycle 4 rods for one rod that’s a epic fish rod you lower your chances for other classes of fish perks.
    Ex: 1 star rod(common)
    1 star rod(common)
    1 star rod(epic) upgrade= 2 star rod(common)
    1 star rod(mythical) *you kill your epic and mythical rods
    Best to just do a draw on rods till you have enough to cover
    each class especially if you dual alot like I do.

  5. To win the badge you have to place in top 1000 players in the rankings this does cost money on average it costs 100 dollars to place in top 1000 in an event and that is when you are a high level player

  6. Thanks for the tips. I would like to know how to earnna badge. I’ve been playing for nearly two years. And my little badge space is empty.


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