Fishing Clash Tips & Tricks: Guide 2022

Fishing Clash is a popular Fishing game for Android & iOS. Read on for Fishing Clash tips & tricks guide to progress and catch the legendary upper-grade fish!

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Fishing Clash Tips & Tricks Guide For Beginners 2022⇓

First things first – Fishing Clash not only features casual fishing gameplay but also competitive PvP duel matches where two players clash together in real-time and compete for the top score to climb up in the rankings and get the rewards. Other than the casual fishing, PvP, Fishing Clash game release new events every month in which you can participate and earn tons of rewards. But do note that the game has p2w elements – so if you are f2p, get ready to grind. In this Fishing Clash guide, you will learn how to play the Fishing Clash game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Fishing Clash tips & tricks for beginners 2022: –

Get Started With Fishing Clash Basics⇓

(1) Fishing: to start the fishing, you tap the cast button and then tap the strike button once the fish has been trapped with your lure. Once the fish loses all its HP, you will get the fish. At the start of the game, you will be getting the common tier grade fish which are easy to get, but as you proceed further, things will change; you will discover high-tier/star legendary grade fish, special fish, mythical fish that are hard to catch. The bigger the fish, the more coins you earn. 

  • You earn coins by catching the fish
  • Each day, you can catch 50 fish(for coins). Later, you would not get coins
  • There are four things that determine the size of fish or rarity of fish or points or stars; power-ups, bonuses, rod, and lure

Fishing Clash Tips To Catch Bigger Fish⇓

To catch the bigger fish in the Fishing Clash, we would advise you to activate the power-ups, choose the best lure that you have(upgraded one), draw bonuses, and use a better quality rod. All these things; high-grade lure, power-ups, bonuses, and the rod quality will help you catch top-tier fish; legendary, epic, rare, mythical, and special. 

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Fishing Clash Guide To Power-Ups⇓

Fishing Clash

There are more than x3 power-ups in the Fishing Clash game; weight, catch chance, speed, luck, multi-hook, sonar, and more. Before you cast the lure, you can activate the power-ups. 

How to use power-ups?

Before you tap on the cast button, you need to activate them. Tap on a power-up on the main screen to activate. Here’s how(check the above picture).

Why should you activate power-ups?

  • It increases the chance of getting a rare, epic or legendary lure
  • To catch big fish
  • To catch fish faster than ever
  • Catch big fish

How do you get power-ups in the Fishing Clash game?

  • One of the best ways is completing the quest
  • Complete daily challenges
  • From special packs
  • Use these Fishing Clash gift codes

When to use power-ups?

  • In duel-mode

I think it’s enough for power-ups! Now, let’s learn about lures!

Fishing Clash Guide To Lures⇓

Fishing ClashThe lure is one of the most important items in the Fishing Clash game. The more powerful and rare lure is, the better fish you will get in duel mode or normal mode. Types of lures;

  1. Basic
  2. Common
  3. Epic
  4. Rare
  5. Mythical
  6. Legendary
  7. Special

Why is lure important?

  • It increases the chances of getting a better fish

How to change your lure?

Just above the cast icon, on the main screen, tap on the current lure icon.

Swipe left or right to change the lure and then tap on the equip button.

Fishing Clash Guide To Rod⇓

Fishing Clash

Rod is one of the Fishing Equipment that helps you catch the fish. In the Fishing Clash game, you get a free rod when you start the game; Florida Rod. As you move to the new locations or unlock the fishery by leveling up, you will get the new rods. On the main screen of the game, on the left side, tap the gear option -> there you can check the rods that you have. 

You can upgrade the rods by sacrificing the 1-5 star rods that you don’t use. Upgrading the rods will unlock new perks, increase combo bonuses, and instant catch chances.

Fishing Clash Guide To License Bonus⇓

At each location, you get a license and bonuses. Navigate to the gear menu of the game -> choose a location; i.e. Florida Coast -> go to the license tab; there you can draw bonuses with the pearls. And, in the lower-left corner of the license screen, tap “upgrade to the pro license” -> upgrading to the pro license will unlock more bonuses. 

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Fishing Clash PvP Duel Guide & Tips⇓

Fishing ClashIn the Fishing Clash Duel PvP mode, you compete against other players from all over the world. You earn trophies by defeating the opponent and once you earn enough, you get rewards; precious items.

The very first step you have to do is selecting the best lure; select the best one or upgrade it if upgrade available. Then you need to catch two types of fish; you can check at the top-right corner of the screen.

You need to change the lure to catch a specific fish. For instance, to catch hogfish, you need hogfish lure. To catch red snapper, you need red snapper lure. You can switch between lures by tapping the lure cards, at the bottom-center of the screen. The player who earns more points gets the victory. To earn more points, you need to catch better fish. And to catch the better fish, make sure you have upgraded lures, activate power-ups, rod’s perks, bonuses, etc. 

Tips To Earn Free Power-Ups⇓

Fishing Clash

Complete the fish collection, keep an eye on gift codes, from the spinning wheel, events, etc. 

Guide To Leveling In Fishing Clash⇓

By upgrading the lures, you will gain EXP, which would be needed to advance to the next level. The new level gives you free pearls, power-ups, and unlock new destinations. 

Upgrade The Lure Cards⇓

As stated above, the lure is one of the main items in fishing. If it’s of poor quality, then you can not catch a big or rare or legendary fish. So it would be better to upgrade the lures. 

Use Power-Ups To Win Duels⇓

Getting a victory in duel mode is very important, to unlock special packs. These packs contain better lures, power-ups, and other items. But how to win in duel mode in the Fishing Clash game?

  • Level-up and draw bonus – In rod section
  • Upgrade your lures
  • Use Power-ups
  • Don’t waste time and catch until you get a fish with high points

Getting Freebies In Fishing Clash⇓

There are two types of packs; free pack and special pack. A special pack gets unlocked when you earn a set of trophies. And the free pack unlocks after every few hours. Don’t forget to open it(at the bottom of the screen).

The Daily Homework⇓

Fishing Clash

  • Complete the daily challenge
  • Catch 50 fish daily
  • Don’t waste your pearls; collect them by achieving achievements or by completing a set of fish collection
  • Play duel mode, earn trophies, and unlock special packs
  • Participate in the events

Use Codes For Freebies⇓

In the upper-right corner, tap the menu button. This will open the menu. From the menu list, tap gift code. Enter the gift code and get rewards. You can check the Fishing Clash gift codes 2021 here

Fishing Clash Skill Tree Guide⇓

Fishing Clash Skill Tree Tokens

The new skill function has recently been added to the Fishing Clash game. Players can get bonuses by upgrading or mastering the skills or building the skill tree. Each location in the game has its own skill tree that a player can build and master. To upgrade the skills, players need to have a certain amount of skill tokens. Skill Token is the latest in-game currency in Fishing Clash. 

Players can get skill tokens from the token shop(it costs pearls and gold to buy the tokens), events(keep an eye on the events; complete the event goals to get free rewards – some events grant skill tokens). You can also get skill tokens from the wheel of fortune

To upgrade the skills, navigate to the gear menu of the game -> go to the skill tree tab; choose the location at the top-left to check its skill tree -> select a skill -> unlock/upgrade. 

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So these are some useful Fishing Clash tips & tricks guide! Got more tips? Comment below. 

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  1. When you hit a lure & fishery’s come up on left side, what are the little red circles with numbers in it? All mine have different numbers & cannot match them up to anything. Thanks!

  2. When it comes to duelling, is there a way to guarantee you’re at fisheries you need for events? Need to duel at Cape Town, but only managed to get one there in the last 50 duels. Am I wasting my time or can I do something?

  3. Some “Special Fish” end up breaking the line every single time at the last minute. How do I stop that from happening?!? Thank you!

  4. When the challenges come up for the duels and it says win with 2 heavier fish. How do I make sure I choose the heavier fish. I’m not sure what the heavier fish are. Thank you for sharing this information lots of thing I didn’t know.

    • It just means win the duel and both your fish must beat both of your opponent’s fish. Your fish must be heavier than theirs, you’ll know because both your fish scores will b green instead of red.

  5. I am spending more and more money and catching smaller fish. I use the bonuses but still doesn’t give me bigger fish and I only use more of them trying to catch bigger fish. Anybody else having this problem also?

  6. How do you get back to level I was on. I was in loch nest and played a duel. Got stuck in level one. Accidentally hit dual on level 3 on my phone. Stuck in level. Any suggestions

    • I’m needing newer codes cuz all the ones that s*** does not work and I’m looking for a cold any clothes that helps with more pearls more everything and you guys never send anything new it’s always

  7. I have: L1 common 3.2% heavier fish
    L1 common 4.3% h/f
    L1 legendary 2.9% h/f
    L1 rare 2.9% h/f
    L2 common 4.4% h/f, Luck 20%
    L2 rare 3.5% h/f, Sonar 20%
    L2 epic 2.5% h/f, Sonar 40%
    L2 legendary h/f 2.9%, sonar 50%
    L2 rare 2.0% h/f, sonar 60%
    That is in Mediterranean Sea, please help with decision.

  8. Yes you haft recycle rods of the same value. But be careful doing it. Make sure your not recycling a rod that you need for specific class of fish. If you recycle 4 rods for one rod that’s a epic fish rod you lower your chances for other classes of fish perks.
    Ex: 1 star rod(common)
    1 star rod(common)
    1 star rod(epic) upgrade= 2 star rod(common)
    1 star rod(mythical) *you kill your epic and mythical rods
    Best to just do a draw on rods till you have enough to cover
    each class especially if you dual alot like I do.

  9. To win the badge you have to place in top 1000 players in the rankings this does cost money on average it costs 100 dollars to place in top 1000 in an event and that is when you are a high level player

  10. Thanks for the tips. I would like to know how to earnna badge. I’ve been playing for nearly two years. And my little badge space is empty.