Ragnarok: Click H5 Battle Manuals Guide For Rookies

Battle Manual is one of the in-game currency in RO: Click H5. Read on and check out Ragnarok: Click H5 Battle Manuals guide – how to get and use?

Battle Manuals are mainly used for two purposes; transcend and cards. In transcend, you transcend the adventurers by spending battle manuals. And, the other way to use them is for cards; you can summon cards with battle manuals. Also, upgrade the summoned cards using the battle manuals. In this post, we have shared everything you need to know about Ragnarok: Click H5 Battle Manuals. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Ragnarok: Click H5 Battle Manuals: –

The number of battle manuals that you own in the current time is displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen. The player can use these battle manuals for transcending the adventurers or summoning/upgrading the cards. Unlike other in-game currencies in Ragnarok: Click H5, Battle Manuals are hard to get and you should think twice before spending them. Let’s learn how to get battle manuals in RO: Click H5.

How To Get Battle Manuals: –

  • Daily Login Reward
  • Online Time Reward
  • From the tournaments
  • By performing rebirth
  • From the free shop

Daily Login Reward: –

Just like every mobile game, RO: Click H5 also grants valuable rewards to the players regularly. All you have to do is log in to the game daily and claim the reward. In the upper-right side, tap the cone and then tap the present box. This will take you to the daily login reward menu where you can claim the rewards including battle manuals, Emperium, Zeny boxes, consumable items like reset scroll, Hyper-attack and much more.

Online Time Reward: –

If you play the game for 1 hour daily, you can earn up to 30 battle manuals. Tap the cone icon in the upper-right side menu -> tap the medal option -> this will take you to the login screen where you can claim the online time reward; play for one hour daily to get 30 battle manuals for free.

From The Tournament: –

Defeating other players in the tournament gives you loads of rewards. So make sure to apply for the tournament and try to be in the top 50% for the battle manual reward. Tap the cone icon -> trophy -> this will take you to the tournament screen where you can apply for the tournament.

By Performing Rebirth: –

By performing the rebirth, you can obtain battle manuals. Although, the game gives only one battle manual for every 2,000 adventurer levels. So the farther you progress, the more battle manuals you get.

From The Free Shop: –

Ragnarok: Click H5 Battle Manuals

If you have performed the rebirth once, you can earn free battle manuals by watching the video ad. Head to the shop -> scroll down to the free shop section -> there you can watch the video ad for (5) battle manuals.

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