Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Update Notes(October 13th, 2022)

Read on for the Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Crossover Update Notes.

Cookie Run Kingdom BTS Update Notes

BTS X Cookie Run Kingdom Crossover(October 13th – January 19th, 2023)


  • New BTS Cookies
  • BTS Cookies are playable
  • BTS Cookies can be obtained from the BTS crossover gacha
  • NEW EPIC Grade Cookie “Schwarzwälder.” Also known as Choco Werehound Brute
  • BTS Cookie Costumes
  • BTS Concert Rhythm Stage

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BTS X Cookie Run Kingdom Crossover(October 13th – January 19th, 2023) NOTES

(OCT 13 – JAN 19)
The whole Cookie Kingdom has turned purple: the BTS
crossover is about to begin.
Show your Kingdom to the BTS Cookies, participate in the
crossover events, and have fun together!

– Seven BTS Cookies join the Kingdom!
• Meet RM Cookie, Jin Cookie, SUGA Cookie, j-hope Cookie,
Jimin Cookie, V Cookie, and Jung Kook Cookie.
• All the BTS Cookies have the [SPECIAL] rarity and use the
“ARMY’s Wishes” skill.
– Skill Description: Thanks to ARMY’s sincerest wishes, the BTS
Cookies are Safeguarded and invulnerable to enemy attacks.
Use the skill for periodic healing and a buff providing immunity
to Stun and increased Debuff Resist for the entire team. If an
ally is suffering from a certain number of debuffs, the entire
team will additionally receive an HP Shield.

* Safeguarded
– Cookies with the Safeguarded ability cannot be attacked in
battles nor can they be defeated.
– As Cookies who are Safeguarded do not have an HP stat, they
will not be included in calculating the average HP in certain
battle modes.
– The survival of Cookies with the Safeguarded ability will not
affect the result of the battle: if all Cookies other than the
Cookie with Safeguarded have fallen, the battle will
automatically end.
– You can only place one Cookie with Safeguarded on your team.

– The BTS Cookies can only be obtained through the crossover
gacha and will not appear in the regular gachas.
– The BTS Cookies’ skill will be automatically upgraded with
level ups without the need to use Skill Powder.
– The number of Soulstones and Soulcores required for the BTS
Cookies’ and other Special Cookies’ promotions will be adjusted
as follows:

• Previously, a total of Soulstones x270 was required to
promote a Special Cookie to *5. However, with the release of
the BTS Cookies, the same number of Soulstones will be enough
to ascend a Special Cookie to *5A.
– With this adjustment, we will be delivering extra Soulstones
for the existing Special Cookies depending on their grade.
• *3 Special Cookie: Mileage Points equalling to the Cookie’s
Soulstones x20
• *4 Special Cookie: Soulstones x50 for the Cookie (enough to
promote them to *5)
*5 Special Cookie: Soulstones x100 for the Cookie (enough
to ascend them to *5A)

– Enjoy the special crossover play mode: BTS Rhythm Stage!
Complete a special quest to unlock it.
– Rhythm Stage is divided into the rhythm and battle sections.
– In Rhythm Stage, you can obtain the crossover currency “Army
Bombs” used in the crossover gacha.
– Concert Tickets are required to play in Rhythm Stage: Concert
Tickets recharge with time.
– At least one BTS Cookie is required to play in Rhythm Stage,
but you can play with all seven of them.

– The BTS Cookies get a total of 21 costumes.
– Just like the BTS Cookies themselves, the costumes will have
Special rarity.
– The BTS costumes will not be available for purchase with
Rainbow Cubes in the regular costume gacha: obtain them
through the crossover gacha and the crossover Mileage Shop.

Decorate your Kingdom with the new BTS-themed decors.
“We are Purple, We are Together!” theme.
• “BTS’ Happy Kingdom Life
“The Tales of Bangtan Kingdom” theme.
The BTS decors can be obtained through the BTS crossover
gacha and Mileage Shop.
Certain BTS decors will produce the crossover currency “Army
during the crossover.

– Obtain the BTS Cookies, decors, and costumes in the crossover
gacha and Mileage Shop.
© BTS Crossover Gacha
– Collect Army Bombs to use the crossover gacha.
– Receive BTS Mileage Points for pulling Soulstones and
duplicate decors and costumes from the crossover gacha.
* The remaining BTS MIleage Points will be converted to Coins
after the end of the BTS crossover.

@BTS Mileage Shop
– Use your BTS Mileage Points to purchase Soulstones,
costumes, and decors in the BTS Mileage Shop.
* There are purchase limits for certain BTS Mileage Shop items.
– Participate in the BTS crossover events, earn rewards, and
make fantastic memories with your favorite BTS Cookies.
© BTS Tour Daily Gifts
– Log in daily during the BTS crossover and claim various items
including Army Bombs.

@ Army Bomb Missions
– Complete missions and earn Army Bombs to use in the
crossover gacha.
© Map of the Kingdom Tour Stamp Event
– Complete missions, earn stamps, and claim rewards.
– Collect stamps to receive the
“Purple Stage of Fantastic
Memories” decor.
– Collect all stamps to receive the final reward: an Ancient or
Legendary Cookie of your choice.
® Cookie Kingdoms as Drawn by BTS
– Unravel the Cookie Kingdom stories envisioned by BTS,
complete missions, and earn rewards.

© BTS Crossover Purple Pass
– Clear missions and earn Purple Pass Points to claim rewards.
– Purchase the Purple Pass to unlock additional rewards.
© Braver Together! BTS Concert, Season 1
– Master BTS’ hit songs in Rhythm Stage and try the event
ranking: the higher the ranking, the better the reward.
– In Season 1, you will be able to play Dynamite / Permission to
Dance in Rhythm Stage; more tracks will be available in the
following seasons.

© Riddle Kingdom with BTS
– Enter the correct answer to the Riddle Kingdom Challenge and
get a chance to win the limited edition BTS x Cookie Run:
Kingdom Artbook.
• Find hints scattered across the world with the help of Cookie
Run: Kingdom social network pages and guess the answer to the
• The more players complete the challenge, the better the
rewards and more artbooks available for winners!
© BTS Ticket Book Missions
– Master BTS songs in Rhythm Stage, clear missions, and
complete the ticket book to earn rewards.

– Schwarzwälder is a Charge Cookie who uses the skill “Choco
Chip Hammer”
– Skill Description: Each Schwarzwälder’s regular attack has a
chance to stun the target. Upon using the skill, Schwarzwälder
will receive the Howling effect, increasing his own ATK, ATK
SPD, and DMG Resist. When the effect duration is over,
Schwarzwälder will charge at the enemies, strike them with his
hammer, stun them, and inflict the Hammer Shock debuff. The
debuff will reduce the enemies’ ATK and cause them to receive
more damage from the next Schwarzwälder’s skill attacks with
the hammer.

Wait, who’s that? These weird Cookies appeared out of nowhere
during the BTS concert in the Cookie Kingdom!
Find out who the new devilishly sweet new idols are on October
But wait, that’s not all: their outfits will become available in the
update after the October 13 one to celebrate B.A.D 4’s grand
debut! We’ll have the details on the next update in a separate

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