Elemental Dungeons Frog – Wise Blind Toad Quest Guide

Read on for Elemental Dungeons Frog – Wise Blind Toad Quest Guide.

Elemental Dungeons Frog – Wise Blind Toad Quest Guide
Elemental Dungeons Frog – Wise Blind Toad Quest Guide

Elemental Dungeons Frog – Wise Blind Toad Quest Guide

If you want to get the ability to double jump in Roblox Elemental Dungeons, you need to complete the quest given by the frog NPC named Wise Blind Toad; the frog will ask for food. He, however, does not mention what food he wants. Tip: The NPC Frog wants to eat five frog legs. How do you get frog legs? You get frog legs from the merchant. The merchant in Roblox Elemental Dungeon sells Frog Legs. You can read the merchant guide here. Once you give this frog the five frog legs, he will reward you with double jump ability. 

Where Is Frog [Wise Blind Toad] In Roblox Elemental Dungeon?

The Frog NPC, Wise Blind Toad, resides at the top of the hill, which is on the left of the Leaderboard [or in front of the summon portal]. Go to the hill behind the house, jump from there to the tree, and hop onto the hill where he is located. You can check the video walkthrough here

The above instructions should be enough to understand how to complete the frog NPC quest in the Elemental Dungeons.

Full Guide:

Locating the Frog in Elemental Dungeons

As you step into the town, your eyes will immediately fall upon the Blacksmith to the left. Adjacent to the Blacksmith stands a rocky structure, atop which the Frog patiently awaits. To ascend to this vantage point, follow these simple steps:

Climb the Tree: Positioned next to the Blacksmith, a tree serves as your gateway to the rocky structure. Ascend its branches to reach a higher elevation.

Hop onto the Structure: From the tree’s pinnacle, make a deft jump onto the rocky structure. The Frog will come into view, ready to impart its unique ability.

Fulfilling the Frog’s Culinary Request

The Frog harbors a peculiar appetite, desiring five Frog Legs for sustenance. To procure these savory limbs, embark on a journey to the elusive Merchant, who materializes in specific locations for a brief period. Seek out the Merchant in a hole near the Alchemist or on a path adjacent to the PvP gate.

Visit the Merchant: Engage with the Merchant during the opportune windows when he appears. Purchase the coveted Frog Legs from the Merchant’s stock.

Offer the Frog Legs: Return to the Frog bearing the delectable Frog Legs. Present him with this culinary delight to complete his quest.

Reveling in the Double Jump Power

Upon satisfying the Frog’s gastronomic desires, he bestows upon you the power of the double jump. This newfound ability enables you to gracefully navigate the varied landscapes of Elemental Dungeons, overcoming obstacles with unparalleled agility.

As you embark on your adventures, relish the whimsy of double jumping, and savor the camaraderie with the enigmatic Frog. May your leaps be boundless, and your journey in Elemental Dungeons be filled with marvels and magic.

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