Peroxide Abarai Clan

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Peroxide Abarai Clan
Peroxide Abarai Clan

Peroxide Abarai Clan

  • Abarai Clan
    • 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x)
    • 20% Vitality multiplier (1.20x)

The Abarai Clan boasts a distinctive combination of perks that endow its members with remarkable advantages.

Members of the Abarai Clan benefit from a potent 15% Strength multiplier (1.15x), which enhances their physical power and prowess in combat. This augmentation empowers them to deliver more impactful attacks and showcase impressive feats of strength, setting them apart as formidable contenders in physical confrontations.

Moreover, the Abarai Clan offers a significant 20% Vitality multiplier (1.20x) for its members. This unique perk bolsters their physical endurance and overall health, making them more resilient and capable of enduring prolonged battles and challenging situations. The Vitality multiplier contributes to their ability to withstand attacks and recover swiftly from injuries.

Peroxide Clans are categorized into three rarity tiers: common, rare, and legendary clans, each characterized by different probabilities of acquisition. When rerolling, the majority, accounting for 89%, results in a common clan with moderate perks. The rare clans, comprising 9% of the possibilities, offer more impactful advantages, providing members with a noticeable competitive edge. The zenith of prestige is represented by the legendary clans, obtainable at a mere 2% chance. These legendary clans confer unparalleled benefits and are fervently pursued by those aiming for supremacy.

In the given context, the esteemed Abarai Clan is classified as a rare clan. With the 15% Strength multiplier and 20% Vitality multiplier, Abarai Clan members possess potent advantages in physical power and endurance. While not as rare as legendary clans, the Abarai Clan holds a significant position within the Peroxide Clan hierarchy, offering its members formidable physical capabilities that are advantageous in various physical challenges and confrontations.

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