Peroxide Vollstandig Moves: List of All Vollstandig Moves

Read on for Peroxide Vollstandig Moves: List of All Vollstandig Moves.

Peroxide Vollstandig Moves List of All Vollstandig Moves
Peroxide Vollstandig Moves: List of All Vollstandig Moves

Peroxide Vollstandig Moves: List of All Vollstandig Moves

There is a variety of Vollstandig Moves available for the QUINCY race in the Peroxide game. Let’s have a look at the available Peroxide Vollstandig Moves:

Peroxide Vollstandig Moves: List of All Common Vollstandig Moves

Duality Vollstandig

  • Passives:

Dashing, employing heavy attacks (M2), and similar actions disperse additional Ink across the ground, enhancing the damage of moves. When situated within this Ink, you experience a 50% reduction in damage taken.

  • Move 1: Dark Sun

“Fashion a sphere composed of light particles and another forged from unadulterated darkness. Merge them to unleash a potent singularity of equilibrium, traversing down a lane before you.”

The potency of this move is influenced by your Spirit attribute.

Odyssey Vollstandig

  • Passives:

It possesses a distinct dash that grants invincibility frames throughout its entire duration.

  • Move 1: Destination: Ground Zero

“Streak forward in an instant and seize your target by the skull. Ascend swiftly with them and, at the zenith, plummet down, hurtling them towards the ground with tremendous velocity.”

The strength of this move corresponds to your Strength attribute.

Peroxide Vollstandig Moves: List of All Rare Vollstandig Moves

Apocalypse Vollstandig

  • Passives:

While in Vollstandig, your strikes will directly eliminate opponents instead of merely incapacitating them.

Apocalypse incorporates a specialized dash. Belligerent appendages materialize from the user, assaulting any nearby adversary. Your M2 Counters now impart Death’s Toll. After 20 seconds, Death’s Toll will trigger a bell, creating a brief window in which attacking the opponent results in their detonation.

  • Move 1: Death

“Summon a scythe of profound despair, its obsidian blade cleaving ahead. Should the struck foe possess less than 20% HP, the blow will automatically terminate them.”

The power of this move is governed by your Strength attribute and results in an automatic execution.

Eidolon Vollstandig

  • Passives:

Eidolon features a unique dash. Each M1 strike inflicts burns on opponents upon contact. While ablaze, they are unable to breach your guard.

  • Move 1: Fear

“Forge an arrow composed of pure terror and pierce it into your adversary upon successfully countering them. Subsequently, utilize the skill once more to trigger the arrow’s detonation, generating a column of dread.”

The potency of this move corresponds to your Spirit attribute, and it functions as a Counter.

Peroxide Vollstandig Moves: List of All Legendary Vollstandig Moves

Forest Vollstandig

  • Passives:

Utilizing Hell Spirit and striking an opponent results in healing for you. Additionally, being struck by an opponent’s ability grants you a modest amount of healing (the extent hinges on the damage inflicted by the ability).

  • Move 1: Spirit of the Forest Rage

“Invoke the might of the forest snake to unleash a blazing kick upon your adversaries.”

The strength of this move is linked to your Spirit attribute.

Oasis Vollstandig

  • Passives:

Jumping now bestows upon you the ability to bound like a stone skimming across a lake’s surface (Bunnyhop). Additionally, you become impervious to fire damage.

  • Move 1: Floodgates of Paradise

“Unleash the deluge of a concealed paradise onto the battleground, erecting a waterpark of comprehensive annihilation and entrapping your opponent within it.”

The strength of this move is dictated by your Spirit attribute.

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