SHADOVIS RPG Trello Link, Wiki & Discord(NEW) [May 2024]

Read on for SHADOVIS RPG Trello. 

SHADOVIS RPG Trello, Wiki & Discord

SHADOVIS RPG Trello & Wiki

Most Roblox games have a Trello, an official one, made by developers to help the players understand the game’s basics and cover every aspect of the game; better than one could cover in a WIKI. Unfortunately, SHADOVIS RPG Trello is not available. Devs have not made any Trello for the game; they instead share the guides, tips, tier lists, and more info on their official Discord. [Also, see – SHADOVIS RPG Codes].



SHADOVIS RPG Trello is not available; please check Discord for guides, tips, and more details –

[Also, see – SHADOVIS RPG Codes].


The FAQ is taken from the official Discord. The link has been provided above. 

As of August 30th, 2022, the game has 169 cubits. 

If you want to visit the sky store, you will need to jump across transparent clouds behind ‘Castle in The Sky’. 

Gygax would not drop anything on demise, instead, there’s a 33% odds to get his head when he rolls a 1, and you touch the dice.

You will find Kronos of Future past the monk, in front of the hall of rebirth. Kronos of Future drops a staff of mystic and mystic mage ring. 

Elemental Masters drop the Masters straw hat in the rebirth 2 area. Highest drop chance being the Ocean Masters.

To get to the depths before R5 you need the bathysphere, which drops from the Ocean Delver above Gygax.

There are 3 water holes currently in the game.

Some weapons and armor have unique boosts that will change depending on your luck while dropping the item.

Items like Bluesteel Sage Cap or Dice Hat can be shown as examples.

The Giant Golden Fishing Cap is dropped by the Almighty Fisherman in Rebirth 2 Area. He can be found behind the Flame Masters.

SHADOVIS RPG Trello & FAQ: Rebirth

You must advance to level 100 to use the rebirth function. The rebirth button depicted as the R Alphabet symbol will appear at the bottom of the screen. Rebirth resets your levels, but you keep the weapons. 

Ability Overwriting

Re-equip the ability. However, the game does not offer the same treatment to HAT abilities. 

For instance: If you want to use the ability Greatsword E rather than Holy Charm E. Unequip the greatsword, equip it again, and your E ability will switch to the Greatsword E ability.

Kronos of the Past

Kronos of the Past abodes in the sky portal (Black circle). Players must use Empyrean Ringlet and Valkyrie helmet in order to move into that area. It is recommended to onset your flight from the sky castle (on the left). Ring of Precision, one of the useful greatsword builds, is dropped by Kronos of the Past.

The Altar In The Rebirth Hub

The Altar in the Rebirth Hub area can help you store and restore your levels. Veteran players can use the altar to store their levels and get the boss drops that require a 1v1 with the boss.

For instance: Dice of Gygax, Teapot Hat.

There are X5 total XP Goblins:

  • 1 – Hub of Rebirth, Level 99 XP Goblin at Hub of Rebirth (Located at the Dummies)
  • 1 – Mines of Stamog, Level 99 XP Goblin at Mines of Stamong
  • 3 – Realm of Athenia, 2 Level 999 XP Goblins in Realm of Athenia
  • Level 9999 XP Goblin at Realm of Athenia (this one grants the most XP)


The new Super Boss Kronos of the Justice drops the Shining Armor Set and the Chronobonum helmet, is at this little white platform in the Rebirth 3 (???) Area.

To visit the said location, the player will need to use:

  • Atlantean Chestplate
  • Atlantean Leggings
  • Valkyrie Helmet (30+ Ascend Speed Bonus)
  • Darkmoon Ring
  • Valkyrie Lance
  • Hawk Shield
  • Empyrean Ringlet/Pixie Ringlet

Sprint for fast SPD.

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So that’s all we got in this post on SHADOVIS RPG Trello. [Also, see – SHADOVIS RPG Codes]

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