Guardian Tales Nari: Eight Tailed Fox Nari Overview!

Wondering how good Eight Tailed Fox Nari is in Guardian Tales game? Find out everything about Guardian Tales Nari: Eight Tailed Fox Nari in this overview!

Guardian Tales Nari Eight Tailed Fox Nari

Guardian Tales Nari: Eight Tailed Fox Nari Overview⇓

Guardian Tales Nari Eight Tailed Fox Nari

Released in September 2020, In Guardian Tales English Global, Eight Tailed Fox Nari is a top-notch 3-star grade character that you would definitely want to have in the team – and why would not be; Nari has amazing stats, great abilities, and ranked one of the best heroes in Guardian Tales game! This Guardian Tales Nari overview aims to showcase her info for the player; evaluation, skills, stats, EX weapon, how to get, and much more. So without any further ado, let’s get straight to the main content!

“HOW TO GET NARI”: Guardian Tales Nari Overview

Eight-tailed Fox Nari is not a free/natural character, meaning; you can not obtain her by clearing some specific stage. There are two ways to obtain her: –

  • Character Summary: Nari is available in gacha/hero summon. Spend x300 for 1x pull or x2.7K gems for 10x pull and try your luck. You get random heroes from this method and there are very few chances of getting a 3-star grade hero. 
  • Mileage Shop: You can access the mileage shop from the summon screen; tap the purple color mileage shop button in the lower-right corner. Enter the mileage shop and there you will find Eight-tailed Fox Nari available to purchase in exchange for 300x mileage tickets. Should you spend it on Nari? Find out her evaluation!

Others: –

  • Ranged
  • Element: Basic
  • Compatible Equipment: Basket

Eight-Tailed Fox Nari Evaluation: – 

  • PvE: #Tier 1, 10/10
  • PvP: #Tier 1, 10/10
  • Colosseum: #Tier 1, 10/10

“Eight Tailed Fox Nari Exclusive Weapon”: Guardian Tales: –

Guardian Tales Nari Eight Tailed Fox Nari

  • Sage Bead is the exclusive weapon for Eight Tailed Fox Nari
  • Skills: – summons fox fires and hurls them continuously. Also, puts the enemies in a downed state

How to get: –

  • Equipment Gacha SUMMON
  • Mileage Shop

Eight Tailed Fox Nari Stats: –

  • Attack: 307
  • Health: 20, 232
  • Defense: 114
  • Damage Reduction: 18
  • Card Slot: 2
  • Light Resistance: 30%
  • Dark Resistance: -30%

Eight Tailed Fox Nari Abilities & Party Buff: –

  • Party Buff: +50% Ranged ATK, +18% Skill Attack
  • Special Ability: upon hit, defense increases by 8% for x8 seconds
  • Chain Skill: – casts fox magic to inflict DPS and increases party members’ CRITICAL HIT CHANCE BY 10% for 10 seconds
  • Normal Skill: – throws fox beads to inflict DMG. At the last shot, throws enhanced Fox Bead to reduce foes’ ranged defense by 20% for x3 seconds

So that’s all we got in this post on Guardian Tales Nari overview! 

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