LifeAfter: Equipment Tip(Durability, Sturdiness, Long Usage)

In LifeAfter, excessive use of equipment decreases the durability and eventually, use lose sturdiness. Check out LifeAfter Equipment tip for long-term use

LifeAfter Equipment Tip- Crafting rare equipment takes too much of time. You visit multiple zones to farm the resources, face elite zombies, manage inventory while traveling to different-different locations and the hard work grants you cool equipment to strike down the infected and dominate the hell game modes; Miska university, stronghold battles, and more. But the equipment that you are using is not permanent. Its durability decreases as you use it. There are two ways to recover the durability; repairing is one of them. But when you repair the weapon, it loses its sturdiness. When the sturdiness of equipment reaches 0, you would not be able to repair it. On the other hand, if you don’t repair it, you may lose it. Another way to increase the durability is using is the quit feature. In today’s post, we have shared some tips to use the equipment for a long time. Let’s get started: LifeAfter Equipment Tip – Durability, Sturdiness!

LifeAfter Bed – Use The Quit Feature To Recover Durability

LifeAfter Equipment Durability SturdinessSince you can not recover the sturdiness, you will have to increase the durability of a weapon to use it. But as you know that if you repair the equipment, its sturdiness attribute stats will decrease eventually. So, it’s better to make use of the quit feature. It will increase the durability of the equipped equipment/armor without losing the sturdiness.

All you need to do is go close to the bed in your manor, there you get the two options; sleep and use. Tap the use option -> quit game. By using this feature, the game will kick you out from the game and your character will go offline and take rest. Meanwhile, the durability of armor and weapon(Equipped) will increase. LifeAfter Equipment Durability Sturdiness

So we would strongly recommend you to use this feature every day. In LifeAfter, there is a durability limit that can be restored. After that, this feature will not work. Try again the next day.

Avoid Excessive Use Of Main Gun

We would recommend using the main gun when needed(In hard quests, patrol missions etc). You can use normal weapons(machete, bow, Mondragon rifle) for normal missions or in hunting. These weapons are easy to craft. On the other hand, weapons such as UZI SMG, Expert Compound Bow takes hours of farming and rare resources. So use these weapons only when there is a need.

It always feels annoying when you have to craft the weapon from scratch. But that’s the game mechanics. In addition to that, there is a fixed limit for valuable items and rare items to ship through mailing service. These things may irritate you. That’s why it’s better to take care of all the weapons; don’t use them on useless things; hunting, killing normal zombies(autumn forest), and more.

Don’t Die – LifeAfter Equipment Tip

We’re not fully sure on this tip. When the character dies or you gave up, armor and the equipped weapon’s durability also decreases (Sometimes). So it’s better to stay alive all the time. Always keep bandages, torch, and cooked items in your bag.

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11 thoughts on “LifeAfter: Equipment Tip(Durability, Sturdiness, Long Usage)”

  1. My sniper rifles doesn’t want to restore its durability is it because i got it through my formula bench?

  2. Yup, I died and lose 10% both weapon and armor durability. But not sure if it is by chance or something necessary to lose it when your character died. By the way, any information on how much time it is needed to fill the durability bar when using the ‘quit mode’? Say wooden bed have a limit of 30 and garden bed have a limit of 40