Utopia: Origin Pets’ Production Guide; Milk, Eggs, Wool

In Utopia: Origin, pets can produce useful items for the player. All you need to do is feed them. Let’s have a look at Utopia: Origin Pets Production Guide

Utopia: Origin features a wide range of animals. Some of them are wild while some of these animals can be your friend. Mount type animals let you explore the whole Utopia: Origin map. Combat type animals help you in combat. And, the pets can help you in the production of useful items. In today’s post, we will show you how to produce eggs, milk, and wool with the help of Hearth Animals(Pets); Sheep, Chicken, and Cow. The dog, cat animals do not produce any item. While silkworms produce silk. Let’s learn step-by-step in our Utopia: Origin Pets’ production guide 😀

The Requirements

The very first step you have to do is tame these animals; cow, chicken, and the sheep. The feeding recipe for all these creatures is the same; wheat. You can read the rookie taming guide by clicking here. Once you capture these animals, you will find them in the bag/inventory. Visit your hearth -> tap the bag -> tap the pet and place it inside the hearth. If you don’t know how to build a hearth, you can read the guide here.

Utopia: Origin PetsItems – You need wheat feed and the basket. For the wheat feed, you will have to gather wheat from the fields. Then use the workbench to make wheat feed. Go close to the workbench -> tap the hand icon -> make -> go to the items tab -> select wheat feed -> make. The wheat feed will be used as the fuel.

And, you can craft basket with straw and plant fiber. It will cost you 20 straw and 50 fiber. Plant fiber can be obtained from the green bushes. Cut the trees to get straw. Once you have enough resources, go to the crafting menu -> hand -> items -> select basket under functional items section -> make. You can use a basket multiple times.

The Final Production Step

Utopia: Origin PetsNow you have full resources. In Utopia: Origin, pets take time in producing items. So keep patience. To start the production, go close to a pet(Hearth Animal – Cow, Chicken, Sheep) -> tap the hand icon -> tap the produce button -> add fuel(use wheat feed as the fuel, 1 wheat feed lasts long for about 1 hour). After adding the fuel, tap the basket in the bag menu(left side). Now you are done. If you want more items, add more fuel and baskets. Now, wait for a few hours. Utopia: Origin Pets

After an hour(approx.), you will see the basket with items in the second slot. For example; milk basket, wool basket, and eggs basket. Tap that basket to collect. Now tap the bag icon at the bottom of the screen -> tap the basket -> use. Voila! You just got the items. It’s pretty simple! If you have any query, drop in the comment section below. Utopia: Origin Pets

So this would be all for now as Utopia: Origin pets production guide for the beginners. Also, see –

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