Disney Heroes Cheats: Tips And Strategy Guide To Win All Kinds Of Battles

Disney HeroesDisney Heroes Battle Mode is a new strategy game for mobile devices in which the player assembles a team of Disney heroes for the battle and defeat the waves of enemies using heroes’ skills at the right time. Here’s all you need to know about Disney Heroes cheats, tips, guide, best heroes, and much more

Finally, we have got the Disney Heroes game, the game which we reported at the beginning of this month. In today’s post, we are sharing a quick Disney Heroes Battle Mode overview, cheats, tips, and strategy guide to build a powerful team of heroes and win all kinds of battle. Disney Heroes features a variety of content; chapters, arena, missions, lots of Disney heroes, and much more. Let’s begin the Action!

Disney Heroes Battle Mode Game – Get Started

Disney HeroesAs usual, it starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Disney Heroes, use skills, upgrading guide, level-up, and much more. Your heroes attacks automatically, things you have to take care are choosing the right Disney Heroes, upgrading, using skills at the right time, increasing the power of your whole team as well as of each hero, and grabbing all kinds of free rewards.

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Disney Heroes Gameplay

It is not a Woah! type game, gameplay is a little bit dull in my opinion because of your heroes attacks automatically and you just have to use skills when they are fully charged. Before you start the battle in Disney Heroes, you have to pick your best heroes. After the battle starts, they will start attacking automatically, each attack increases the energy of hero and once your hero is fully charged, you just tap on it to unleash the skill. That’s it. After the end of a battle, you will receive rewards such as crafting material for badges, energy drink/EXP booster, and much more. It becomes challenging after a certain level and you need to increase the power of your heroes and team.

Let’s start the Disney Heroes Guide

Disney HeroesThere are lots of things you have to manage in order to win all kinds of battles in Disney Heroes game. Especially when you are going to fight in the Arena mode. You have to focus only on the power of your heroes, a powerful team of heroes increases the chance of getting the victory in all kinds of battles.

  • Heroes Guide

Disney HeroesIn Disney Heroes, each hero has own unique skill and attributes; basic damage, skill power, HP, armor, energy, and more. At the beginning of the game, you have only three heroes in your team.

How to unlock new heroes in Disney Heroes game?

Hero chips are required to unlock new heroes. For example, to unlock Mr. Incredible in Disney Heroes game, you need 30 Mr. Incredible chips and you can obtain these hero chips by completing chapters; just play the campaign mode and start playing levels. To get more information; go to the heroes tab, select a hero you want to unlock, and tap on the + button, there you can check out the chapters to get these chips.

How to promote heroes?

You can promote a hero after completing a set of badges. Badges can be obtained by getting victories in the campaign or other stages. Go to the badges section of a specific hero and tap on a badge to know more about it.

How to level-up Disney Heroes?

Leveling up heroes is one of the important tasks in Disney Heroes game, because, without leveling up, you can not access more features and also you will not be able to increase your team level[Indirectly]. Get victories by playing levels and you will earn EXP. Once you earned enough, your hero will be level-up. You can also use XP drink to level-up heroes.

Level-Up heroes -> Increase the team level by completing quests.

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Disney Heroes Game Guide – All Types Of Features

At the beginning of the game, most of the features are locked and to unlock, you need to increase your team level and for this, you have to level-up your heroes, complete quests. Here’s all you need to know about all features: –

  • Market – It unlocks by completing chapters. Here you can buy and sell badges, hero chips, and other items.
  • Coliseum – Here you can prepare your Dinsey Heroes.
  • Trials – To earn extra blue and purple badges, it unlocks at team level 20.
  • Guilds – Here you can hire Mercenaries, unlock powerful perks, battle in the creep Surge and more! Guilds unlock at team level 15.
  • Missions – It unlocks after you level up hero friendship to level 5.
  • The Port – It unlocks at team level 14 and here you battle for tons of XP and gold each day.
  • Surge – It unlocks at team level 30 and here you work with your guild to clear the city before time runs out.
  • City Watch – It unlocks at team level 25 and it is the best place to earn gold, tokens, and more. You will battle against powerful enemies.
  • Campaign – The key to unlocking everything
  • Crates – Claim your free crates; Gold, Diamond, Guide, and VIP
  • Arena – Fight against other teams
  • Enhancement – It unlocks at team level 35 and here you can power up your badges with big stat boosts!

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All Heroes In Disney Heroes Game

  1. Ralph
  2. Frozone
  3. Elastigirl
  4. Vanellope
  5. Yax
  6. Violet
  7. Jack-Jack
  8. Dash
  9. Mr. Incredible
  10. Chief Bogo
  11. Finnick
  12. Nick Wilde
  13. Judy Hopps
  14. Felix
  15. Calhoun

Disney Heroes Tips And Cheats

  • Unlock Everything

At the beginning of the game, you are restricted to access most of the features; black market, arena, missions, and more. And also you have limited heroes. So what is the best way to unlock everything in Disney Heroes game?

In one sentence – Play Campaign Mode

You should complete all the chapters of campaign mode before you try out the arena and all other battles because completing chapters in campaign mode reward you hero chips, items, XP drink, EXP, and much more and you will be able to build a powerful team of heroes.

Don’t play arena mode before building a powerful team of Disney Heroes and to build the powerful team, you should level-up all the heroes and it can be done by completing chapters under the campaign mode.

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  • Increase The Power Of Your Heroes

You earn a number of items after completing a stage or mission, these items can be used in increasing the power of heroes. Just head to the heroes section -> tap on a hero ->

  1. Stats – Under this sub-section, you can level-up your hero using XP drink. Increase the number of stars using hero chips.
  2. Badges – Equip all the badges and complete the set to promote your hero to a next level.
  3. Skills – Upgrade your hero skills by spending coins and boost up the power.

⇒ You can check out all the items under item tab of the game.

  • Sell Items

If you need gold, then you can sell items such as gold credit, silver credit, and more. Head to the item section, tap on an item -> sell and confirm. Don’t sell useful items.

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  • Complete Quests

You can increase the team level by completing quests. Complete Quests -> Earn Team XP -> Level-Up Fast. Go to the quest tab of the game and check out all the tasks you have to complete in order to gain team XP.

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  • Claim Free Crates and rewards

Go to the main screen of Disney Heroes game and head to the crates section. Claim your free crates and get useful items; hero chips, badges, and much more.

Complete events and you can earn a huge amount of diamonds and gold for free. To check events, go to the main screen ->tap on the calendar/event option(at the bottom right) and check your tasks.

Mailbox – Sometimes you receive the reward under this section. So do check this section always.

Medals – This is another section where you can claim you free rewards after completing the mentioned tasks.

Claim daily login reward.

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So these are Disney Heroes cheats, tips, and the beginner’s guide. The game is currently in beta and might get some changes in future. Download Disney Heroes Battle Mode game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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