Zoo 2 Animal Park Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Zoo 2 Animal ParkZoo 2 Animal Park is a brand new Zoo simulation game by upjers GmbH. Check out our Zoo 2 Animal Park guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Hello Animal Lovers! It’s time to build an awesome animal park and make some money by attracting visitors there. Zoo 2 Animal Park is a new simulation game for Android from the creators of Idle Kingdom Builder game. In the game, your objective is to expand your small animal park into a zoo and it can be possible if you manage all the activities intelligently. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Zoo 2 Animal Park guide and tips, cheats & strategy.

Zoo 2 Animal Park Guide To Game’s Basics⇓

Well, it’s quite simple as its controls, game mechanics are too easy to understand. In Zoo 2 Animal Park, you just have to take care of animals; feed them, play with them and expand your zoo by adding new enclosures & purchasing new properties. As you level up, you will be able to build more buildings, enclosures, animals, and much more. Without Leveling-Up, it’s not possible. Additionally, you have to attract more visitors to earn coins.

You can sell animals, buy new animals, unlock new buildings, and even breed the animals. Let’s start the Zoo 2 Animal Park guide and after it, check out Zoo 2 Animal Park tips, cheats & strategy below.

Zoo 2 Animal Park Guide⇓

In this part, we will learn how to expand your zoo, add more animals, build more buildings, level-up, breeding, and much more.

Leveling Up Guide⇓

To unlock new items such as decorations, buildings, animals, enclosures, and much more, leveling up is required. At the top-left corner, tap the star icon to check how much EXP is required to reach next level. To earn EXP, complete the quests, build unlocked items, feed animals, play with them, and there are many more ways such as selling animals(not recommended), watering plants, removing trash, and more.

Visitors Guide⇓

The main challenge is to increase the number of visitors. The more visitors you attract to the Zoo, the more will be your earnings. At the top-left, tap the visitor icon to check how much popularity points are required to attract a new visitor. You earn popularity points by adding new animals, decorations, buildings, facilities such as a toilet to the zoo.

Animals, Buildings, And Items⇓

In Zoo 2 Animal Park game, you need to add more animals, buildings and other items to the zoo in order to attract visitors. But you can not build or add an item an unlimited number of times. There is a specific limit and you can not exceed it. If you want to build more, then you will have to level up. And it takes time.

How To Sell Animals⇓

Once you save the zoo from being closed(when you successfully attract five visitors), you will be able to sell animals. Just tap the animal you want to sell and hit the last icon. You can release or sell; releasing an animal reward you EXP(required to level up), selling an animal reward you coins(required to build items or purchase new animals).

How to expand the zoo?

Once you reach the level 6, you will be able to buy a new piece of property. Look around the zoo map and find the flag. Tap the flag and purchase the property.

Path Guide⇓

You can not place an animal into an enclosure if there is no path provided to the visitor. And if it’s working, then no visitor will come there since there is no path. You will have to build path. To build a path, tap the shop icon at the right side of the screen -> select buildings -> head to the path(third icon) -> select the path type; sand, plank, gravel or more. Buy it and then go to the inventory -> select the path and drag it to the zoo map.

Enclosures Guide⇓

Enclosures are required to keep animals there. Without Enclosure, you cannot put animals and all enclosures are of different types and you can keep a specific species of an animal there.

Breeding Guide⇓

At level 12, you will be able to build a breeding center to the zoo. You will need a shelter of an appropriate level in the enclosure you want to breed in. Additionally, you also need mature animals(male, female) and enough space for the baby in the enclosure. After meeting these requirements, you can start the breeding process in the breeding center. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

So, this is the Zoo 2 Animal Park guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn some Zoo 2 Animal Park tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

Zoo 2 Animal Park tips, cheats & strategy⇓

#1.) Focus on completing the quests for fast progress

If you really want to build a zoo tycoon, then to progress fast, it would be better to focus on the main quests in the beginning. Completing the quests reward you coins, a huge amount of EXP/stars, and many more items. To check the quests, tap the old man icon at the top-left corner and tap the quest log icon(the first one). Read the quests and complete all to progress fast.

#2.) Build Buildings That Makes Money For You

By planting facilities such as ice cream cart, snacks cart, drink cart, drink shop, and more, you can earn coins gradually. Upgrade these buildings to earn more. Tap a building and hit the upgrade icon.

#3.) Decorate The Zoo With Decorative Items

These items add a bonus and keep the animals and visitors happy for a certain amount of time. To keep them happy, make sure to add these items to the zoo.

#4.) Hire Workers To Automate The Things

As you progress and build new enclosures, it would be difficult to manage the whole zoo alone. You can hire workers and they will help you. How to hire workers? Build an administrative building and hire workers. Sometimes, you get workers by completing the quests. Also, see – Best adventure games for Android

#5.) Friends are helpful

Friend feature gets unlocked when the player reaches level 6. Add friends, visit their zoo, help them to collect friendship hearts, and get a free friendship chest. It contains precious items.

#6.) Spend In-Game Currency Wisely

There are two types of currencies featured in the Zoo 2 Animal Park game; coins & diamonds. Don’t use diamonds to speed-up tasks, it would be waste. Instead of spending on this activity, save diamonds and use to purchase a much-needed item. Because some items can be purchased using diamonds only.

You earn coins from shops, stores, upon leveling up, completing quests. But you rarely get diamonds as a reward.

So, these are some simple Zoo 2 Animal Park tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Download Zoo 2 Animal Park For Android – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best simulation games for Android

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  4. Was wondering which shelters need diamonds to upgrade. Because I will probably not waste my time w them. Saw the mountain shelter needed a ton of diamonds to upgrade. So stupid.

    • It isn’t too bad yet for me I am at level 60, still have a lot of quests and progress to be made. The diamonds are a pain but have not been essential to me yet, you also get them in quests etc. My advice, save them all!! I wasted some getting greedy and regret it.

  5. Like the game but there is something I can not find.
    All Animal have diverend food. Can anybody tell my which Animal has which play item?

    • When u click on the enclosure there is a blue ‘i’ for information. I found it very helpful. It will tell u exactly what items the enclosure takes.

  6. Scrap means you turn your cards in to get more tickets (which can be used to complete other cards). Scrapped items are gone. Your ticket count should increase.

    If you choose to complete an item, it will go to your inventory. Open the tabs by pushing the green triangle in upper left corner. Your inventory is the top tab, which looks like 3 cards. Any items you complete, receive as a reward, or (even accidentally) remove from the zoo will be under this tab.

  7. Question for you which is: could you please let me know what or where do the items go after you have used Scrap to complete the item that you need as I have done it a few times now but just can not find where they went