Haze Piece Ice Ore Location Guide – Snow Harpy

Read on for Haze Piece Ice Ore Location Guide – Snow Harpy.

Haze Piece Ice Ore Location Guide – Snow Harpy
Haze Piece Ice Ore Location Guide – Snow Harpy

Haze Piece Ice Ore

Just like Lava Ore, Ice Ore is another one of the ores in the Roblox Haze piece game. By default, ice ore itself has no use, but if you have a sea beast core and an ice ore, the blacksmith NPC can use these material items to forge the SeaBeast Armor and SeaBeast Helmet Accessory. In this post, we have shared a detailed guide on how to find the ice ore in Roblox Haze Piece. 

How To Get Ice Ore In Roblox Haze Piece?

By defeating the Snow Harpy Boss on the Half Cold Island, players can get Haze Piece Ice Ore. Snow Harpy Boss is located on the Half Cold Island, accessible at level 1450. You can check the Haze Piece map here if you want to know more about the location. We have shared the map below as well[see level 1450, that’s the half cold island]. NOTE: before you encounter the Snow Harpy, you will need to defeat the Super Boss SeaBeast. By defeating the SuperBoss SeaBeast, you will acquire SeaBeast Core; take this to the BlackSmith, who resides on Starter Island. Once you have completed these steps, go back to the half cold island and encounter Snow Harpy. Defeating this boss guarantees Ice Ore a reward. 

The above details should be enough as we have explained everything in straightforward language. Here’s a full guide:

Mastering the Chill: Obtaining Ice Ore in Haze Piece

In the vast seas of Haze Piece, where challenges abound, and treasures await, one coveted item stands out—Ice Ore. This valuable resource can be the key to enhancing your arsenal, but obtaining it is no simple feat. Let’s unravel the secrets of acquiring Ice Ore and delve into its significance in the world of Haze Piece.

Quest for Ice Ore: The Snow Harpy Challenge

The journey to secure Ice Ore commences on Half Cold Island, a Level 1450 haven marked on your in-game map. The guardian of this frozen realm is the formidable Snow Harpy, a boss whose defeat holds the promise of Ice Ore. However, success is not handed out freely, and a series of prerequisites must be met.


1. Defeat SeaBeast: Before confronting the Snow Harpy, you must first overcome the Super Boss, SeaBeast. Conquer this mighty adversary to acquire the SeaBeast Core—a vital component in the quest for Ice Ore.

2. Visit the Blacksmith: Take the hard-won SeaBeast Core to the Blacksmith on Starter Island. Entrust this essential item to the skilled craftsman, setting the stage for the unfolding saga.

3. Return to Half Cold Island: Armed with the SeaBeast Core, return to Half Cold Island. Here, the Snow Harpy awaits, its wings carrying the promise of Ice Ore.

The Snow Harpy Showdown:

Engage the Snow Harpy in battle, showcasing your prowess and determination. Upon emerging victorious, your spoils will be grand—the coveted Ice Ore. However, heed a crucial caveat: without delivering the SeaBeast Core to the Blacksmith, the Snow Harpy will guard its treasure jealously.

The Blacksmith’s Craft: SeaBeast Armor and Helmet

With the triumphant acquisition of Ice Ore, the journey takes you back to the Blacksmith on Starter Island. Entrust this skilled artisan with your newfound treasure, and witness the transformation of raw materials into formidable gear.

SeaBeast Armor:
Bestow the Blacksmith with the Ice Ore and SeaBeast Core, and in return, receive the mighty SeaBeast Armor. This coveted armor brings substantial benefits to the wearer:
– +1500 Health: Bolstering your resilience against the dangers that lurk.
– +15% Speed: Swiftly navigates the seas with newfound agility.

SeaBeast Helmet:
The SeaBeast Helmet emerges as another masterpiece from the skilled hands of the Blacksmith. Laden with benefits, this accessory becomes a symbol of your triumph:
– +100 Stamina: Enhancing your endurance for prolonged adventures.
– +15% Speed: A testament to the swiftness bestowed upon the wearer.

In the vast expanse of Haze Piece, the quest for Ice Ore is a testament to a pirate’s mettle. The Snow Harpy and SeaBeast may stand as formidable foes, but the rewards—a shimmering treasure trove of Ice Ore and the formidable SeaBeast Armor and Helmet—are well worth the challenge. As you traverse the seas adorned in your newfound gear, let the legacy of conquest and craftmanship be your banner in the ever-evolving tale of Haze Piece.

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