Haze Piece Operation Blade – How to Get

Read on for Haze Piece Operation Blade – How to Get.

Haze Piece Operation Blade – How to Get
Haze Piece Operation Blade – How to Get

Haze Piece Operation Blade

Operation Blade is one of the swords attainable in the Roblox Haze Piece game. And it’s one of the most coveted ones by the players. The basic requirement to attain this sword or blade is to first reach level 1000 and accumulate 250K beli. If you meet these requirements, head to the level 1450 island called Half Hot/Half Cold Island, shown on the map below, and find Magma Minion. On this island, head to the magma area by navigating to the hot part of the island[once you are there, up the cliff, look for the opening in one of the walls, and you will encounter Magma Minion]. To reach the top of the magma area, you might want to use fruits like Sky Walk or any other fruit that offers high jump/fly/speed ability. You can check the Haze Piece Fruit tier list here, where we have listed all the fruits. Once you are there, look for the Magma Minion, an NPC who sells Operation Blade Sword for 250K Beli. Talk to him and make a trade. 

The above details should be enough as we have explained everything in straightforward language. Here’s a full guide:

Unleashing the Inferno: Obtaining Operation Blade in Haze Piece

In the expansive world of Haze Piece, where the allure of power and legendary swords beckons, one blade stands out—the Operation Blade. For those daring pirates seeking to wield this formidable weapon, a quest awaits. Here’s your guide on how to embark on this adventure and claim Operation Blade as your own.

Prerequisites for the Operation Blade Quest:

Before setting sail on this perilous journey, ensure you meet the prerequisites:

Character Level: Ascend to a level beyond 1000, proving your mettle as a seasoned pirate.
Beli Reserves: Amass a wealth of at least $250,000 Beli in your in-game wallet. The road to Operation Blade demands a hefty fee.

Setting Sail to Half Hot / Half Cold Island:

The quest unfolds on the Half Hot / Half Cold Island, a Level 1450 haven etched on your Haze Piece map. This dual-natured island poses both fiery challenges and icy landscapes. Your destination lies within the magma-infused terrain.

Navigating the Magma Terrain:

1. Reaching the Summit: Traverse the treacherous terrain of the Half Hot region. Sky Walk or Fruit transformation abilities might be essential for ascending to the summit, where the quest’s heart lies.

2. Locating the Magma Minion: Amidst the volcanic fury, seek out an opening within the fiery walls. Here, you’ll encounter the elusive Magma Minion, guardian of the coveted Operation Blade.

Conversing with the Magma Minion:

Engage the Magma Minion in conversation, a pivotal moment where your destiny intertwines with the legendary sword. To unlock the Operation Blade, be prepared to part ways with a substantial sum—$250,000 Beli.

Embracing the Operation Blade:

With the transaction complete, Operation Blade is now in your possession. This fearsome weapon, adorned with the essence of magma and fire, becomes an extension of your pirate prowess.

Embark on this quest with caution, for the Half Hot / Half Cold Island harbors not only the allure of Operation Blade but also the challenges befitting a pirate of your stature. As the flames of the magma illuminate your path, may the Operation Blade become a symbol of your conquests in the boundless seas of Haze Piece.

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