Arcane Odyssey Wind Magic Guide[May 2024]

Read on for Arcane Odyssey Wind Magic Guide.

Arcane Odyssey Wind Magic Guide

Arcane Odyssey Wind Magic Guide

Wind Magic is a type of magic in Arcane Odyssey that is ranked below average in terms of damage. However, it possesses unique and powerful characteristics that make it a valuable addition to any mage’s arsenal. One of its most notable features is its ability to eliminate the Poisoned, Soaked, and Burning status effects from targets when its attacks make contact. This is especially useful in battles where multiple status effects are in play, as Wind Magic can quickly clear them and give the mage an advantage.

Moreover, Wind Magic’s projectiles are able to lessen the size of area poison clouds when they land inside them, eventually causing them to disappear entirely. This makes it an excellent tool for combating poison-based attacks, as the clouds can quickly spread and affect a wide area. Additionally, Wind Magic is capable of freezing targets that have been struck by Ice Magic, imposing the Frozen status effect on them. This effect locks the target in place, making them more susceptible to heavy magics like Metal.

In terms of synergy, Wind Magic is most effective when used in conjunction with Ice and Ash Magic. These combinations can create devastating effects that can quickly turn the tide of a battle. Wind Magic is also good when used with Plasma, Explosion, and Snow Magic, as these types of magic can further amplify its knockback effect and increase its damage output.

Despite its unique features and synergies, Wind Magic has certain disadvantages when it comes to clashing with other types of magic. It has advantages against Snow, Sand, Lightning, and Poison Magic, but is neutral against Acid, Water, and Fire Magic. Wind Magic has disadvantages against Light, Plasma, Explosion, Shadow, Ice, Glass, Magma, Wood, and Crystal Magic, as well as Earth and Metal Magic. These disadvantages must be taken into account when using Wind Magic in battles and when choosing which types of magic to clash against.

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