Exos Heroes Shufraken Guide: Overview, Skills, And More

Shufraken is a tank-role fated character in the Exos Heroes game. Read on for Exos Heroes Shufraken guide to get know about his skills and strengths

Exos Heroes ShufrakenExos Heroes Shufraken Guide: –

  • Role – Tank, Defense
  • Element – Darkness/Purple
  • Type of DMG – Physical
  • Top Parameters – HP and DEF
  • Strengths – Self-Healing Skill, Freezing Effect, AoE DMG to back-row enemies
  • Best Position – Front Preferred
  • Tier – S
  • How to get Shufraken – Door to Creation or Recruitment
  • Passive Ability – stun effect, removes mana from the target(at certain health), grants mana to front-row allies, affects the enemies with “Fear of the Abyss” effect. Ramge and Valentina can get the benefit from this passive skill

Shufraken Overview And Skills: –

Shufraken is a pretty good tank – one of the top-tier ones; but not as good as Garff. If you have Shufraken, don’t hesitate to develop him. As a tank, he would not disappoint you in the battles. Better to pair him with Ramge. With Ramge in the team, Shufraken can unleash more damage with S2 skill. 

Ramge can affect enemies with self-harm effect – only if the target is affected by “Fear of the Abyss”. Fear of the Abyss effect can be unleashed by Shufraken’s passive ability. If that happens, Shufraken will inflict bonus damage to the target(Affected with self-harm effect). 

Without Ramge, Shufrkane would not be able to do this bonus damage. His first active skill is pure self-healing. With the 2nd active skill, Shufrken can unleash damage to back-row enemies and apply freeze effect, which is awesome. 

Exos Heroes Shufraken Conclusion: –

A good tank with decent HP and DEF attributes + skills that heals him over time + freezes the target. 

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So that’s all for now in this post on Exos Heroes Shufraken guide for beginners. 

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