Exos Heroes Jinai Guide: Overview, Skills, And More

Jinai is a chaos-type character in Exos Heroes game. Read on for Exos Heroes Jinai guide featuring the overview, skills, and more useful info

Exos Heroes JinaiExos Heroes Jinai Guide: –

  • Role – Chaos
  • Type of DMG – Magical
  • Element – Nature
  • Fated
  • Top Parameters – HP and ATK
  • Best Position – Back Prefered
  • Tier – S+
  • How to get Jinai – recruitment gacha or door to creation
  • Passive ability/mark – affects the enemy with the “Charm” mark. 
  • Strengths – Debuff, AoE DMG, Charm mark

Jinai Overview & Skills: –

Jinai is one of the top-tier fated characters in Exos Heroes with the debuff and DMG skills. Her passive removes buff and mana from the enemy + grants mana to back row allies + affects the enemy with the “Charm” mark and reduces the attack speed. She possesses amazing active skills; Dark Night Glow and Welcoming Shirosaku. With Dark Night Glow skills, Jinai unleashes AoE DMG on enemies and poison them – this skill requires less mana. With Welcoming Shirosaku, Jinai inflicts massive AoE DMG and poisons the target for continuous damage for a few turns. 

It would be better to pair Jinn or Shell with Jinai; Jinn will be able to silence the target affected with charmed mark. And, Shell will be able to unleash Hallucinate skill. 

Exos Heroes Jinai Conclusion: –

Jinai is a great character – her passive is amazing; gives mana, affects the enemy with charm mark, and removes mana/buff from the enemy. The two active skills give you an AoE and debuff poison effect. If you have got her, don’t hesitate to develop. 

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So that’s all for now in this post on Exos Heroes Jinai guide for beginners. 

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