LifeAfter – How To Get Lime And Sandstone?

Here’s the step-by-step walkthrough and instructions(with pictures) to buy lime and sandstone in Furniture Shop in LifeAfter game.

In our previous posts on LifeAfter game, many players questioned how to get lime in LifeAfter game. Instead of replying to every same question, we have decided to post the instructions in today’s post that teaches you how to buy lime in LifeAfter game. Let’s get started!

1.) Visit 101, Town Hall

LifeAfter LimeThe very first step you have to do is visit the 101, town hall. In the town, you can interact with many merchants at various shops and purchase various kinds of items in exchange for in-game currency.

-> To visit the 101, town hall, visit the helicopter point. (Tap the mini-map at the top-right corner of the game screen -> find the red color exit icon and visit there). Once you are close to the helicopter, tap the open button -> a mini-map window will open -> on the top-left side, expand the pact zone/zone and choose Hope 101.

2.) Visit Furniture Shop In The Town

LifeAfter LimeOnce you have reached the 101, town hall, tap the mini-map again and find the hammer icon. Visit that location. There you will see the furniture shop.

3.) Talk To The Furniture Shop Manager

LifeAfter LimeInside the furniture shop, there is a furniture shop manager. Interact with him(go close) and choose to talk. After that, you have to make a choice; do you have any special items? Then he will show you the items that you can buy with in-game currency new dollar.

LifeAfter LimeSelect lime -> choose the quantity and buy. Similarly, select the sandstone -> choose the quantity -> buy.

If you are one of the camp’s citizens, you can also buy these items from the camp’s town hall. There is also a furniture shop. Visit there and talk to the guy and follow the same steps as shown in the above picture.

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