LifeAfter: How To Craft And Get Master Key?

Master Key in LifeAfter game is required to unlock the locked chests in the zones like Farstar City. Here’s LifeAfter Master Key FAQ – Craft, Get, Tips

LifeAfter Master Key Crafting Guide⇓

Especially, In Farstar City, you will find many locked chests. To unlock these chests, you need a master key. You can craft a master key with wood, stone, and iron ore. But, prior to it, you need to learn the master key formula. Without it, you can not craft the master key. To learn the master key formula, you will have to reach the crafting mastery level 13. At this level, the master key formula gets unlocked. You can learn it by spending skill points and the new dollar. Let’s learn in details: LifeAfter Mastery Key FAQ – Tips to reach crafting mastery level 13, crafting guide, and more.

Learning Master Key Formula

LifeAfter Master KeyAt the upper-left corner of the game screen, tap the home button -> tap abilities -> here you can check the crafting mastery level. Tap the crafting ability -> select master key formula -> learn. You must be on crafting mastery level 13.

How To Reach Crafting Mastery Level 13 Quickly?

One of the best ways to increase the ability level is to complete the quests. For example; Autumn Forest Quest, Sandcastle Quest, General Training Quests. From these quests, you earn a huge amount of mastery points. First, you need to visit these zones(through helicopter). The helicopter will drop you at one of the houses or shelters. Near the shelter or house, find the board -> check the quests -> complete the quests. For training quests, tap the training option at the top of the game screen -> general/training -> here you can see all the quests. Complete these quests to earn crafting mastery points.

LifeAfter Master Key Crafting

LifeAfter Master KeyOnce you have learned the master key formula, you can craft the master key. At the bottom-left side of the game screen, tap the make option -> In the simple crafting section, in the all tab, search for the mastery key(Scroll down) -> craft. It will cost you (100) wood, (50) stone, (1) Iron ore. Wood – Chop the trees. Stone – Break the rocks. Iron Ore – Break the rocks(Autumn Forest or Farstar City), through drilling machine.

Where To Find Chests In Farstar City – LifeAfter Game

LifeAfter Master KeyIn one of the quests, you will have to find five chests in Farstar City. We would recommend you to look into the houses. Or open the mini-map -> go to the high school building -> go upstairs/Terrace -> use the ladder -> there would be two chests. The college building has two or more apartments. You can find over five chests easily. But, keep yourself away from the zombies and enemies.

Do You Get Any Special Reward From The Locked Chests?

LifeAfter Master KeyWe opened many locked chests(super resource chests) but did not get any special item. These chests are similar to normal chests.

So this is the LifeAfter Mastery Key FAQ guide for beginners. Also, see –

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