Talking Tom Camp Beginner’s Guide, Tips, And Strategies

talking tom campTalking Tom Camp is a new strategy game for Android in which you build your camp with lots of defensive units and resources and loot other camps with your best troops. Here’s all you need to know about Talking Tom Camp game – Beginner’s guide, best attack and defense strategy for Talking Tom Camp game

After Talking Tom Pool, a match 3 game for Android, Outfit7 has released a new strategy game for Android “Talking Tom Camp”. The game is similar to Clash Of Clans, but the characters, gameplay, units are different. In the game, the player has to take care of plenty of tasks like building and upgrading, managing resources, attacking, defense, placement, and more. Talking Tom Camp is super addictive and one of the best strategy games for Android of 2018.

Get Started – Talking Tom Camp

talking tom camp guide tips strategyThe game starts with a tutorial in which you learn the basic of Talking Tom Camp game; how to play, upgrading, defending, deploying, troops, buildings, resources, and much more. After it, the player independently handles all the things. This is the beginner guide for Talking Tom Camp game, help you to play the game easily and basic tips & strategy(attack and defense) to protect coins and loot camps. Also, see – Best addictive games for Android

#1 Talking Tom Camp Guide

talking tom camp guide strategy tipsAs mentioned above, you have to build your camp in this game. The camp includes treehouse, defensive units, resources units, mini-van. Treehouse is one of the main units in Talking Tom Camp game. Without upgrading treehouse, you can not add more buildings to your base. Defensive units protect your coins, buildings, treehouse by attacking enemy troops. Resources units include coin factory and produce coins, defensive units are sprinkler, tower, catapult, and more. Among all these, the treehouse is the main unit and to protect it, you place defensive units. Also, see – Best Action games for Android

In short, your camp includes many buildings and number of coins which can be protected with defensive units. Your enemy will attack your base/camp to steal your coins, you have to choose the best strategy to defend your camp. Let’s begin the detailed guide for Talking Tom Camp game: –

  • Tasks

Your task is to grow your camp and earn more coins than others. To grow your camp, you have to build buildings. You need coins to build these buildings. To earn coins, you loot other players’ camps or produce coins by building the coin factory. So coins are valuable and much needed, the best way to earn coins in Talking Tom Camp game is attack other players’ camps. To attack, you have to train troops(train shop building is required). Quick Process: –

  1. Train troops
  2. Attack Camps
  3. Loot Camps
  4. Gather Coins
  5. Spend coins to build buildings
  6. Upgrade buildings to enhance the defend power of your camp
  7. Repeat

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The Main Screen

talking tom camp guide strategy tipsFrom the main screen, you can customize your base, go to attack, and access to all features.

  • Base/Camp

Tap on a building and hold down your thumb on it, and drag where you want to move. To get more information about a building, tap on it and choose (i) option. Also, see – Top new best Android games

  • Buildings

Buildings are of many types:- defense, production, for training, for heroes, storage, and more. Let’s take a look at all: – [Tap on the hammer icon at bottom right to access to buildings]

  1. Coin Factory – This factory produces coins for you, the number of coins per hour can be increased by upgrading it.
  2. Troop Shop – Troop shop in Talking Tom Camp is the building where you train your troops. To unlock new troops in Tom Camp, you have to upgrade troop shop.
  3. Research Lab – You will not be able to win the match against powerful camp if you have low-level troops. To upgrade or level-up troops in Talking Tom Camp, you have to build the research lab. You can build after you upgrade tree-house[TH] to level 3.
  4. Evaporator – It creates a big dome over the buildings, attackers have to destroy the dome to get the buildings within it. It is one of the best defensive building in Talking Tom Camp game.
  5. Cannon – Cannon targets air troops.
  6. Mine – Mine is another defense unit, it creates a problem for attackers with its slippery platform.
  7. Bird House – Birdhouse attacks air troops
  8. Puddle – This small unit can do serious damage to ground troops
  9. Tower – Attacks both type of troops; ground and air
  10. Sprinkler – The damage attribute of this unit is really great. Placing it around treehouse means a step towards the victory.
  11. Storage – You can not store an unlimited number of coins because storage capacity is limited. Upgrade storage to store more coins.
  12. Tactics Fort – Do you want spectacular tactics? Then build it
  13. Catapult – It is a great long-range device, attack enemies from a range. Also, see – Best Offline games for Android
  • Troops

[table id=13 /]

Best attacking units in Talking Tom Pool – Airship. Best HP(unit with maximum health points) – Mecha.

Mini-Van – You can not train an unlimited number of troops, there is a fixed limit. To increase the limit, you have to upgrade mini-van so that you can train more troops for the fight.

Tap on troop shop, then + and choose the best troops for the battle. Check the box next to retrain to automatically train troops. Also, see – Best 3D games for Android

#2 Tips – Talking Tom Camp Beginner’s Tips

If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, then these tips will help you: –

  • Tree-House

First of all, upgrade your tree-house, so that you can add more buildings to your camp. Without upgrading tree-house, you are bound to add and upgrade buildings. Also, see – Top new best platform games for Android

  • Upgrade Storage

Upgrading tree-house requires a huge amount of coins, you need to upgrade the storage to meet this requirement. For example; You need 15,000 coins to upgrade TH, and your storage capacity is 10,000. To complete this task, you need to increase the capacity by upgrading storage.

  • Buy Beaver

Beaver is your builder who builds buildings for you. You need gems to buy beaver. Tap on the + button next to beaver icon[at top of the screen] and buy him. If you have two beavers, then you can build or upgrade two buildings at a time. Similarly, if you have three, you can build and upgrade three buildings at a time. Also, see – Best Idle games for Android

  • Your Target Buildings

You have limited coins, don’t spend them blindly. For example; you have 15,000 coins and you spend all to upgrade tree-house, ignoring other buildings. Before upgrading tree-house, build all the unlocked buildings and upgrade all of them. Also, see – Best escape games for Android

  • Level-Up

Upgrading buildings rewards you XP, XP used for leveling-up the player profile/camp level.

  • Defense Base Strategy

The opponent will get the victory if he/she damages 50% or more of your camp or only tree-house. As you know, you can deploy troops on the road only. So place your short range defensive units[tower, sprinkler etc.] first, then long-range defensive units[catapault, tower etc.]. Your treehouse should be covered from all sides[place it in the middle]. Also, see – Best game guides

  • Battle Guide And Strategy[For Beginners]

You have low-level troops at the beginning of Talking Tom Camp. Each troop has some pros and cons, analyze all the pros and cons, compare each troop with another and choose the best ones. For example, Ballooner has more HP than Blaster, Blaster can attack from a range but his HP is low. Choose the best combination and then continue.

Before the battle starts, analyze all the units placed by the enemy and deploy your troops according to it. You can skip the camp by taping on the next button if you think the loot is low and you will not get benefit from it or your troops cannot destroy it. Also, see – Best survival games for Android

Quick Tips: –

  • Use flare to target a specific building or a defensive unit
  • Don’t deploy all troops at one place
  • Target defensive units first
  • Getting a two star is not a bad thing, you need only 1 star, your primary task is to loot camp by destroying storage and coin factory
  • Open gifts by watching video ads and you might get coins and gems for free
  • Cut trees and bushes for free space and you might get gems for free in Talking Tom Camp game
  • To make your defense stronger, upgrade them
  • Level-Up your troops by building research lab
  • Upgrade buildings and build all unlocked buildings before you upgrade tree-house

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So these are some tips and strategies for Talking Tom Camp game and a helpful Beginner’s guide for Talking Tom Camp game. This post will soon get the update with more strategies, tips, and cheats.

Closing words on Talking Tom Camp

Talking Tom Camp is a great strategy game for Android and if you are a Clash Of Clans fan, then you should give it a try. Download Talking Tom Camp – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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