Haze Piece Scroll – How to Get Raiu

Read on for Haze Piece Scroll – How to Get Raiu.

Haze Piece Scroll – How to Get Raiu
Haze Piece Scroll – How to Get Raiu

Haze Piece Scroll – How to Get Raiu

In Roblox Haze Piece, Scroll is one of the items that the player would require to unlock the Raiu. To obtain this scroll, players will have to defeat Shiryu; there is a 5% chance of attaining the Haze Piece Scroll upon eliminating Shiryu. Once you have acquired the scroll, you can exchange it for Raiu Sword from the Scroll Merchant. Both Shiryu and the Scroll Merchant are located on Skull Island. Open the in-game map and look for the 1750-level island with a skull symbol. You will find Shiryu in the front of the Giant Skull on Skull Island. And the scroll merchant behind this Giant Skull. Make sure to accumulate 75K Beli; you will need to spend 75K Beli and hand over the scroll to the scroll merchant to acquire the Raiu Sword

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Full Guide:

Getting Started

Your journey commences on Skull Island, a Level 1750 haven teeming with challenges. Seek out the formidable Level 1850 boss, Shiryu, stationed near the imposing Giant Skull landmark. Prepare for an arduous battle, for the Scroll has a modest drop rate of 5%. Multiple encounters with Shiryu may be necessary before the coveted Scroll graces your inventory.

Scroll Merchant

Once you have Scroll in hand, your next destination is the Scroll Merchant, discreetly stationed behind the Giant Skull on Skull Island. Dressed in distinctive blue attire and boasting a long beard, the Scroll Merchant awaits your arrival. Initiate a conversation and, in a ceremonial exchange, surrender the hard-earned Scroll along with $75,000 Beli. In return, the Raiu sword shall be bestowed upon you.

Raiu Sword

Raiu, now in your possession, is not just a blade but a manifestation of your journey’s trials. Its power and significance elevate your status among pirates in Haze Piece. The Raiu sword, with its exceptional capabilities, becomes an indispensable companion for any swordsman navigating the perilous seas.

Embark on this epic quest, face the challenges imposed by Shiryu, and let the Scroll unlock the tremendous power within Raiu. In the ever-expanding world of Haze Piece, where legends are forged, and treasures won, Raiu stands as a testament to the courage and tenacity of those who dare to pursue the extraordinary. May your sails catch the winds of fortune as you wield Raiu and carve your name into the annals of Haze Piece history.

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