TYPE SOUL Soul Reaper Guide Wiki: Soul Reaper Progression

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TYPE SOUL Soul Reaper Guide Wiki

TYPE SOUL Soul Reaper Guide Wiki: Getting Started

In the Roblox game “Type Soul,” to become a Soul Reaper, your first objective upon spawning into the game is to find a way to die. This can be achieved by engaging in combat with other players or NPCs.

TYPE SOUL Soul Reaper Guide Wiki: How To Become A Soul Reaper?

After becoming a lost soul, you will need to explore Karakura Town to locate the Kisuke NPC[Here’s the video link where you can learn the location of Kisuke in case you don’t know where is Kisuke; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGeWiz3ooO8] Interacting with him will transform you into a Soul Reaper. 

As a newly transformed Soul Reaper, you will start as a trainee and spawn in Rukongai. To progress further, create a party by using the button on the left side of the screen and queue for missions by finding a mission board.

TYPE SOUL Soul Reaper Guide Wiki: Trainee

It is crucial to learn flashstep in the speed skill tree for 0 skillpoints to enhance your abilities.

Once you rank up from Trainee to Grade 5, you will gain access to the Senkaimon tool in your inventory, allowing you to travel to the Soul Society. There, you can discover division markers by pressing the comma key (,) and choose a division to join by interacting with the respective captain NPC.

During your journey, the progression requirements vary based on your rank:

– Trainee to Grade 3: Mission EXP is the only type of experience needed.
– Grade 3 to Grade 2: You need both division EXP and mission EXP.
– Grade 2 to Semi Grade 1: Shikai EXP becomes crucial. To acquire it, interact with your Shikai spirit in your inner world, while also gaining division and mission EXP. It is important to defeat your Shikai before advancing past Grade 2.
– Semi Grade 1 to Elite Grade: Raid EXP, grip EXP, shikai EXP, mission EXP, and division EXP are required for these ranks.

Once you reach Grade 2, you can obtain your Shikai by starting the Shikai quest. This involves meditating three times for 20 minutes each. After completing the meditations, your fourth meditation will initiate the Shikai fight within your inner world. Pressing J while your sword is out allows you to activate your Shikai.

If you lose the Shikai fight, you have two options to challenge it again: wait for 1 hour or reset the cooldown by gripping a player or an Arrancar NPC, with each grip reducing the cooldown by 1 hour.

Embrace your destiny as a Soul Reaper and master the powers of the Shikai in Type Soul!

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